Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day !

Where are we today ?
New Hamburg Ontario

        Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there. Especially my Mother, Suzie's Mother and Suzie's Gramma all such wonderful woman who have influenced our lives in so many ways. We are so lucky to have them in our daily lives.

        The day starts with a bit of light rain then the sun comes out and brightens up everything. It's gonna be awesome. (mind you every day is Awesome for me). After coffees and computing in the house to check with Sandy, she is making a couple pies with spelt flour, one apple and a rhubarb pie with a few strawberries. Fresh Rhubarb from the garden.
pie crust with spelt flour 
fresh apples cut up
        She needs a few things from the store so armed with a list I head into New Hamburg via Plattsville (gotta check out the morning gossip there at the garage). Stopped at the No Frills for a few things and who do I run into here but Jimmy Chaves. Ok you don't know him but I used to work with him at a tool and die shop in Cambridge from 1999 until 2006, and have not seen him since. Nice to chat and get caught up for a while, seems every time I go to the stores in the area I run into people we have not seen for a while, kinda fun.

        Now back to the farm with supplies, and Sandy had these wonderful looking pies out of the oven. I chopped up a few onions for her and made a tossed salad, and with everything cooking all we had to do was wait until 1 pm when all is done and everybody is here.
the pies are done
Suzie and Omer on the south patio
        About 1 o'clock everybody is here so I can mash the potatoes, carve the 10 lb chicken (from a local farmer) carrots, cauliflower and gravy that Sandy had prepared and we are good to go. Eleven of us here for a wonderful Mother's Day lunch with lotsa great food.
lotsa food
soo tasty
small piece of strawberry Rhubarb and apple pie, ice cream too.
        Now a nice small family gathering with Dennis and Sandi's first grandson there. Suzie's and Dennis's Mother and father, their two children and spouses and nice time. Suzi's Dad (Levi) gets to hold his namesake Benjamin Levi just one month old, as Suzie's Mom looks on.
Suzi'e Dad, Mom and little Levi (as I call him) 
Omer is blocking the door, does not want anyone to leave 
        Well shortly after 4 o'clock everyone left and Dennis, Greg and Shelly head out to the barn for chores and milking. So we take advantage of the nice weather to brush Omer and this wonderful sunny day with our books.
I think Omer is spoiled 
A nice sunny spot
        We kept moving to stay warm in the sun until finally this spot and relaxed here in the warm sun until almost 7:30 when it started to cool down. Just lovin that this weather is warming up.

        Hope you all enjoyed Mother's Day in your own special way, tomorrow will go visit my mother, for a nice get together.
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  1. Being back in the old stomping grounds probably feels great. Enjoy your time there.

  2. Glad you had a great Mother's Day and didn't go hungry!!

    I'm not too sure what Spelt Flour is but whatever - those pies looked delicious!!

    1. Spelt flour is for Suzies brother, has a wheat allergy but can tolerate spelt, it has a slightly sweet, nutty flavour, very tasty.

  3. Wow... no one went hungry there... that is for sure. We had the same weather here in Woodstock, and it sure is nice to have it warming up during the day! Enjoy!

    1. We sutre had o feast, just lovin this spring time weather!

  4. Nice to see that you had a nice Mothers Day. A ten pound chicken don't think I ever saw one that big before. The dinner and pies looked delicious. Hope you and Suzie have a Great Day with your Mom today. Omar sure has the good life with Suzie around.

    1. Was a really great day, a local farmer raises these, for the people who prefer them over turkey. An nothing quite like homemade pies.


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