Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Sunday, May 20, 2012

First time in a very long time....

Where are we today ?
New Hamburg Ontario

        Well here we are Sunday of the May 24th Long weekend in Canada. And the weather is absolutely awesome! Sunshine 31c (87f) loving it. The amazing part is we are not in a campground somewhere, we are here mainly because Suzie's mom is in the hospital, certainly a place we need to be.

        So for the "First time in a very long time" I am in the area and my Mother wants to take us out for lunch or supper for my birthday. It always falls on this long weekend and for almost ever I have not been around to celebrate this special day for both of us. Now she remembers much more of this day 63 years ago than I do. At About 6 o'clock in the morning I made my entry into this world and have been a morning person ever since.

        My choice for this celebration was a Boston Pizza Location  just around the corner from her house. So we picked her up and were there shortly before they opened 11:30am. Mom never eats much so I choose a caesar salad, and a medium pizza with pepperoni, mushroom and bacon that we could share. Not her favourite but I did not know until after we got served. Coffee for ma, water for Suzie and a small draft beer for me (lol !)
Ma and me
         Just happened to mention it was my birthday so they brought me this complimentary  chocolate brownie addiction ( two warm brownies with ice cream, chocolate and carmel drizzled all over the top). So decadent and so good , but we got three spoons to share. Thanks Ma!
oh yeah its good!
        Well after this a tasty lunch and left overs to take home we stopped back at Ma's for a short visit then headed off to St. Mary's Hospital to visit with Suzie's mother. She is just waiting for the weekend to be over and get her double bypass heart surgery over with . we had a nice vistt there chatting in the visitors room with other heart surgery patients and relatives. This appears to be a pretty serious, but straight forward operation.
St. Mary's
        Now coming up to 3 o'clock we opted to head out from here and back to the farm to relax in the shade with out books, Omer, the computer for research and a book all about the heart surgery for us to read. Oh and of course it my birthday what time is it this afternoon?  Beer 30 of course!
yep its Beer 30
computing in the shade
        Now just enjoying this wonderful summer time day, our books and cold brew in the shade it sure is a wonderful life. Then we get to watch Omer suddenly get up and slowly stalk, creeping along the grass. His eyes are on this squirrel collecting nuts on the lawn. Slowly sneaking and watching he gets closer and closer, then of course the squirrel scurries up the tree and Omer just lays down and watches. He has never caught a squirrel yet and probably never will.
and sneaking
        That was it for my birthday celebrations today, it was great and we were able to spend time with our parents for a while. 

        No supper tonight after such a filling lunch, we just snacked on a few unsalted peanuts.
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  1. Happy birthday to you! Looks like we changed places in the weather pattern. You got our sunshine and we got your rain.

    1. Well thanks for the sunshine we are enjoying it! Sorry about the rain.

  2. glad you got to visit with parents...enjoy them while you can :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!

  3. Happy Birthday George! and we wish you many more. Glad to see you got to spend it with your Mom it sounded like a nice day. Sure nice to hear your getting such nice weather for the Victoria Day weekend. Have a Great Day!

  4. great pic of you and your mom... Happy Birthday...

  5. Nice for your Mom to be able to spend quality time with her baby on the special day. Happy 63rd!!
    Cute photos of Omer stalking the squirrel.

    1. Mom always has lotsa time, its us that's usually busy, we did have a nice visit.
      That's Omer doing his thing.

  6. Glad your day was great and especially with mom,s!! Yes enjoy them while there here!! Cheer,s!!


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