Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Friday, June 17, 2011

Thurs. June 16th Relaxin..

Join us as we travel North America in our
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       A nice sunny morning and warming up but it only got to about 72f (24c). Morning coffees, computing and the usual walkabout. Chat with few neighbours and into Arkona for a some groceries. Then before we knew it was lunch time and more walkabouts until I remembered we need to do laundry. Suzie sorts it and I can transport to our outdoor laundramat put in the machines, push buttons and let the magic begin while I sit under a shade tree with my book. What a deal, $5.00 and a hour later all our clothes are clean again while I read a book in the shade.

       Back home now Suzie can stop reading for a bit to put the laundry away. Then a bit more relaxin, under our awning as the dark skies opened up with a heavy 15 minute rainfall. Love sitting outside with a nice warm rainfall its so relaxing. After the rain stopped the sun shone brightly and winds subsided. Time to fire up the barbie and our Fry daddy for some hot buffalo wings, fries celery carrots and dip..
we do like our wings and fries

       So relaxed after supper we were just chatting and chilling and didn't realize the time, quickly do the dishes and down to the clubhouse for darts! We haven't played here since last summer. Always a fun night with 24 players from the resort on four boards, set up our teams with the women as captains.
havin fun

       Now with Judy as our captain Ron and I tried our best but we won only 2 out of six games. Suzie and her team cleaned up, they won all six games winning three dollars each, and she also won the 50/50 draw  $8.00 a total of $11.00 in winnings for three hours of socializing. What deal we had a free day, six dollars to play darts, five dollars to do laundry and win $11.00 we broke even!

       After a great relaxing day time to stroll home and call it a night.
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  1. sounds like a fantastic day...

  2. 11 for 11, yep a good day indeed!

  3. Yes it was a really nice day, need more of them, thanks for stopping by.


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