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Our Awesome Travels
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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sat. Jun 25th, Everybody Loves a Parade

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       Saturday morning, and the resort is a little busier, but not nearly as busy as next week the long weekend. Shortly after 9 am Joe was on the tractor grading the roads after the heavy rains that we have had.
regrading the roads

        A few walkabouts and chatting with some new faces as the weather is trying to decide what it wants to do today. I think it will clear up. A bit later I went to town and when I came to the four way stop, there was the beginning of a parade heading down the road towards the store .
looks like fun

       So I did not have much of a choice (whats the hurry?), I may as well pull over and enjoy the parade along with everybody else, too bad Suzie wasn't with me. Two bands, some funny cars, tractors, smiling faces, fire trucks and candies thrown on the sidewalks for the children, we have a parade. Gotta love small towns.
notice the last slide, the old firetruck ran out of gas

       Now back home and by the middle of the the afternoon the skies cleared and let the sunshine thru. The temperature rose and it was quite comfortable the rest of the day, got our books out and indulged in them for a while until happy hour evolved shortly after 4pm. Now just after 5 we headed down to the clubhouse with Rob, Pat, Trish and Jordan for a delicious roast beef dinner with all the trimmings including cherry cheesecake for desert, prepared by Phylis and her crew of volunteers.
hungry campers

tasty meal

       Now back home we gathered at Rob and Pats for a while with the dogs, chatted and watched the kids on the wagon rides and playing, just enjoying the warm dry evening.
relaxing after supper
wagon ride heading out

       While chatting and solving the problems of the world, Rob dug out some firewood and we added this to the mix to round off a near perfect summer day.
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  1. Small town parade and not even July 1st. Did you ever find out the reason for the parade?

  2. Contessa:
    There is a ball tournment this weekend and fireman's breakfast this morning too, I think that was the reason for the parade, do we need a reason, a parade anytime is fun!

  3. You are right as usual, no reason needed.

  4. Contessa:
    Oh no not usually right, just my point of view.


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