Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Friday, June 03, 2011

Thurs. June. 2nd 2011, On the road again.

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       Early morning sunrise but it is cool and windy. Today we are on the road again. First stop is 8:00am at Pettigrew's Garage in Plattsville, for an oil change etc. Once Dale was done with our coach I called Suzie at the farm to bring along the car and we can hook up here.
Todays Journey 157 kms (97.3 miles)
a nice drive
       Then we head out thru Kitchener to Guelph and fuel up our coach here, its been six weeks since we put any fuel in and was still half full. From Guelph we headed north to Fergus east thru Orangeville then North on the scenic rolling hills of Airport rd to Stayner Ontario. Its been a few years since we have travelled this route and its amazing how the towns and villages have expanded and grown.
Hockley Valley, Airport Rd
Dufferin County Museum
       We are in the area for a wedding on Saturday night, so I thought that It would be nice to camp here for a few nights and see how much things have changed. From about 1954 to 1967 my family had a cottage not far from here and my sister and I had spent pretty well every summer and most weekends here with our grandparents and parents. We got to explore the whole area on our bicycles right from Wasaga Beach to Collingwood. I doesn't seem like 50 years ago but wow how time flies.

       We stopped at the Stayner arena and made lunch trying to decide where to camp. There is not a lot of choices for campgrounds, just two that were here long ago Jelly Bean and Cedar Grove Campgrounds. Both their rates were very expensive (close to Toronto and no competition) and neither one too exciting so we choose Cedar Grove, I had ridden my bicycle thru here many times way back when.

Cedar Grove Campground

Cedar Grove Dance Hall, heyday in the 1960's

old store
       We pulled in front of the Cedar Grove Dance Hall (now empty) and made our way thru the bushes to the office. This elderly woman behind a desk piled with papers, can I help you? She has been here at this campground since 1944 and her husband as well since 1954. She managed to get a golf cart and show us around and we choose a site for two nights. The roads are very narrow, trailers old, the campground old, (but new electrical service), and the buildings old, just like I remembered it. I think time stood still here, a very busy and crowded campground. But we found an open sunny site and checked in for two nights. Almost everything was the same, no computers, no credit cards, except for the price!! How does $60. a night grab you? We weren't too happy about that but its only two nights. (Thats six weeks camping on Arizona BLM Land)
We were surrounded by Lilac bushes, can you smell them?
      Once got set up, we chatted with a neighbour and the husband who has been here since 1954, updating me on interesting information. A walkabout the campground and down to the beautiful sand dunes and sandy beach. Checking out some of the older buildings, and remembering riding thru here as a child on my bicycle. We could of had a site on the beach but the narrow roads, no sewer connection and the very strong cold wind coming off the Georgian bay we decided a sunny site with no wind to be much nicer. And we were able to sit outside and read for a while before supper and enjoy the sites.
nice and sunny
yummy chicken
Supper tonight was a rotisserie chicken we picked up in Fergus with boiled potatoes and broccoli, then another walk to the beach and an early night after some reading and a bit of tv.
Nice beach
Sand Dunes
Campsites on the beach
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  1. Wow - down memory lane. You should have gone back to old cottage & maybe parked on Doreen McKellars site! She would love to have seen you I'm sure.
    Have a nice day - Mom

  2. Hey Mom:
    We gonna tour today and maybe drop by there! So Much to see again!

  3. A campground with a sandy beach and water sounds like a $60.00 price but too bad the actual campground hasn't spiffed up a bit.

  4. You aren't to far from my sister's place. She lives in Dundas.

    $60, ouch that hurts. The park looks like it is in a nice location though.

    Have fun at the wedding.

    Kevin and Ruth

  5. Kevin and Ruth:
    Dundas near Hamilton? Yeah nice area but too much city for us.
    Yes $60.00 does hurt but we found 6 other parks and all the same price, so other than try a parking lot further away, we just bit the bullet for two nights. We don't very often pay for camping year round and we do have authorization to park at the reception hall on Sat night thou.

  6. Contessa:
    our site is nice as is the beach, but we are busy anyway, its worth it for the convenience. All the others are further away and same price.

  7. I thought some Florida campgrounds were pricey but $60. But hey you got to travel down memory lane and believe it or not I have paid just as much for a worse looking site. Looked like a nice area to walk around and enjoy seeing the area.

  8. Jim Hill:
    Yes Jim is convenient and quite scenic, really enjoying our time here.


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