Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Monday, June 27, 2011

Sun.jun 26, Pinery Flea Market

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       A lovely bright sunny morning and perfect weather for the day but only 24c (74f), I would have liked warmer. After the required coffees, computing and walkabouts we took Rob and Pat for a nice country drive to the Pinery Fleamarket in Grand Bend. Now this is one of our favourite outings, just the friendly atmosphere and a stroll thru the woods.
nice day

not too crowded
      After a few hours of browsing, we checked out all the goodies, Suzie exchanged 8 books for 5 at her favourite book vendor here and we sampled various foods the finally stopped for a refreshment, relax, listen to Brian Dale sing a few tunes, and a slice of pizza for lunch. On our way out we saw a couple we knew in line for food. They used to be neighbours in Plattsville over 10 years ago, (Don and Donna) enjoying their first visit here, small world.
free popcorn too

       After a fun time browsing we hopped in the car just to take a drive down into town and cruise the strip down to the beach, before the place turns into a zoo next weekend for July 1st celebrations.
to the lake

lotsa people

traffic circle at the beach

boardwalk to the beach and lifeguard

       It was perfect beach weather but we are not stopping, everyone was dressed too warm (except me) so we  just showed them the sights. Back to the highway and down the other side of the river to look at all the yachts and sailboats, we found the fish market was open and they had some lovely looking pickerel fillets, we have not had that for quite a while.

       So now back home, to the quiet of our resort, after a fun day we can relax in the sunshine with our books for a while. Then happy hour to chat for a bit before firing up the barbie to grill a 1/2 chicken we had thawed out, swiss chalet dipping sauce, some boiled new potatoes, a corn on the cob (thanks to Rob and Pat for the corn).

       When the dishes were done Rob had started a nice campfire so we joined them for a bit for a nice evening chat, while lady girl sat on her chair, with a jacket on, to keep the chill off. Spoiled dog? yes.
you like my jacket??
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  1. Sounds like a nice peaceful kind of day. Love all that blue sky.

    Kevin and Ruth

  2. A perfect location for a flea market! Next time I want to see beach photos...please!

  3. Kevin and Ruth:
    Yes just beautiful, hope you guys are getting some as well.

  4. Contessa:
    We did not park the car to take pictures, because it's very expensive and they were busy writing out tickets for violators. We drove to a different beach today thats free, but did not stay.


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