Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Love this weather, wash our dirty coach and doggie fixes for Suzie.

Where are we today ?
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         So nice to be here with full hookups for a while again and some warmer sunny weather. Got a nice walkabout this morning then ran a few errands. 
          Outside for a bit and Suzie got her first doggie fix here. Tucker stopped by with his Dad this morning, and we did some catch up.
he is so glad to see Suzie again
          Then I whipped a huge pot of chicken noodle soup from a bunch of chicken bones and leftover chicken I had in the freezer. Nothing quite like homemade soups. Made for a great lunch, and a few more as well.
oh so tasty-
           After lunch with this great warm sunny weather I gonna give our coach a good wash job outside. Has not been washed since last October in Benson Arizona. Mind you it did not get dirty all winter until we got back to Canada.
needs a good bath 
Now all nice and shiny again,
good wax sure helps keep it that way
         Relax for bit more and enjoy our e-readers in the afternoon shade and clear blue skies. Tucker came by again for another visit with his mum. More doggie fixes.
Mum wants to go for a walk but he wants to stay
what a perfect sunny spring day.
temps into the mid 60's
         Time for supper, fire up our Weber Q 100, preheat, whip up a salad and a grill a small pork loin roast about 40 minutes 150f internal temp.  Perfect tender and juicy. More leftovers. Love leftovers.
Marinated with olive oil and But Rub
our friend George gifted us 
yup sure was tasty
          Really liking the weather here now. After supper a walkabout and read out side until almost 8 pm. And still daylight, WOW, love it.
          Thanks for checking us out today and hope the sun was shining on your camp site, house, backyard, balcony or wherever you are. Tis the season ya know.
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  1. Beautiful days here is Langley too, got the house pressure washed, tomorrow the car is due. Enjoy the sunny days!

    1. Nice to get things all spruced up with this great weather.

  2. Crikey ..... your house sure looks shiny and new now, aye? I hope you didn't give that Tucker bloke any of your supper. He sure looks as if he likes his tucker a LOT!! S'pose that's why he got called Tucker!!!

    1. No Charlie Tucker did not get any food here just lotsa petting.
      Think he eats well enough at home. With his short legs he can't run like you.

  3. Your rig looks very nice... good job! But it's the chicken soup that catches my eye... looks delicious!

    1. Thanks Sharon, the soup is so tasty, gave me energy to wash the coach.

  4. Mine coach is going to get a bath on Saturday.

  5. Thank goodness lots of folks have their dogs with them. That's how we get our doggie fixes too. One of these days we might get another one but not right now.

    1. Yep we can enjoy other peoples dogs, without all the responsibilities, like Grandchildren


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