Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Family stuff, mowing the lawn, watching the bunnies and enjoy more amazing weather !

Where are we today ?
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          Sunny and very warm again to today. Got up to over 80f (26C +) sunshine and no wind, what's not to love about that?
        Took our car to Pettigrew's Garage for 8 am to check the "service engine light" again, diagnosed intake manifold gasket, so Dale will order it in and possibly do the repair tomorrow.
       Then dropped Suzie at her Dad's in New Hamburg shortly after 9am (computer stuff) and I ran a few errands. Picked her up again at 10:30 and home for a light lunch.
        Next for me was to finish mowing the lawn here while she went to her brother's to sort through a few more things, clothes and quilts etc.. of her mom's, along with her sister and sister in law.
      Lawn done in 90 minutes then I can relax in the shade enjoying a good book on my e-reader. Did I say we love this weather?
looks nice all freshly cut
looking to the back of the lot
2/3rds the way back
looking to the front,
you might spot our coach
in the middle
           Suzie home shortly after 4, gave me some updates, now I can whip up supper. Tonight gonna pan fry a couple of fresh water trout fillets, gifted to us from Rob and Pat.  Their son Trevor the Turkey hunter and fisherman and his better half Belle snagged these in February this year. Used our Fish Crisp and they fried up wonderfully, oh so tasty. Thanks Trevor and Belle !
love this for pan frying
            Also grilled some fresh local asparagus and added to our salad.
nothing like wild caught fish, local asparagus
and a fresh made salad.
         Then with a wonderful warm quiet evening, outside to read and listen to the bird chirping (actually making a heck of a noise, but that's ok), watching the bunnies running around, even a few chipmunks and squirrels, while I finish up today's blog posting. So many interruptions, but I am not on a deadline. The pay is the same no matter when it's done, lol...
Charlie you have a ball chasing these guys
          Thanks for dropping by and hope your weather was as wonderful as ours.

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  1. CRIKEY!!!!!!!! Bunnies ..... did I see BUNNIES ..... I wanna get 'em so bad!! Did you chase 'em??????? You didn't??????? WHY NOT??? Oh My!! Look at all those bunnies. If I were there you'd be having them for supper not some wild caught fish. You so need ME!!!!!

    1. Lotsa bunnies, for sure Charlie, they are way too fast for me to chase. You would sure get your exercise here. It is been a long time since I had a good tasty rabbit. You having winter there now why not come here for the summer?

    2. Crikey I would like to but if I did I'd have to go into quarantine for 2 months to get back home again. Unless Johnny Depp would escort me in his private jet and not tell the authorities like he did with Pistol and Boo. Nah ..... I think I'll stay here ... we have bunnies too and our winter is not cold at all. We can still swim most days.

    3. Oh yeah forgot about the quarantine for you, that's a bummer. We don't like to cold either that's why we head south from here in the winter.
      We would love to tour down under some day.

  2. Fresh trout sounds delicious - nice gift.

    1. It was a wonderful gift and very tasty.

  3. Sounds like another great day and beautiful weather to go with it.

  4. Another perfect day. And dinner looks wonderful. Much better than tube steaks!

    1. Tube steak are a nice treat for a change.


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