Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Two days at the Mennonite Relief Sale Friday and Saturday amazing !

Where are we today ?
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This is a long posting with lotsa pics
I cut out as many as I could... but covers 2 days
       Friday was a non stop day for us, starts off nice and quiet just us 3 rigs here, walkabout watching all the volunteers setting up their tents and displays.
hey That's us !
        We took this opportunity to take Rob, Pat and Barb for a bit of a tour in and around Plattsville,and a stop and the home farm where Suzie grew up. A Nice country drive and stop at Mountain Oak Cheese to sample and purchase some very tasty Gouda. Madde from their own high quality milk. Their website is HERE.
Where they age the cheese
        Then back to the fairgrounds many more people coming in to camp all day long. Suzie's Dad grabbed her for a bit to wipe down some tables, when I went to help her she was done, got there just in time.. lol.....
         But her dad came back and asked for my help to repair a broken table leg, and help him move a few tables around that some vendors needed.
fixing the broken table leg, I had my tools.
before heading back to happy hour I picked up a baker's
dozen t-balls for happy hour.
check their website for recipes
4:30 Friday lots rv's here now
       Then whip up supper, a couple turkey burgers, fresh asparagus and our salad.
      Then at 6 pm parking lot getting full so we wandered over to check out the quilts (over 200) that will be auctioned Saturday. And some of the other venders as well. Forgot my camera, but that's ok enough pictures here anyway !
6 pm lots cars coming in
      Back home and chat outside for a while even Suzie's brother and sister in law stopped by to chat for a bit.
         That was a late night for us, so crashed.

          Saturday Morning

          After a good nights sleep up early so quiet here right now. Walkabout the fairgrounds and is a beehive of activity. Each vendor doing their thing, some started at 3 am to be ready for the crowds'
nobody here right now
        The donut project is very busy getting things ready for the long lineups.
getting the dough ready
frying the donuts
cooling the donuts
glazing the donuts
        Then a bit later wandered by the pancake breakfast tent a busy place for sure.
       By 7:30 am  rthe fairgrounds are filling up young people parking the cars and enjoying the whole process.
this guy here is having a Ball !
entertaining everyone around
and parking cars
        About 8;30  Suzie and I headed into the crowds, have been here for  many years so our first stop is breakfast Pork on as bun,(Canadian Peameal bacon) love it !
cooking the bacon
love it a tasty treat
no apple fritters for us this time
had ice cream last night
     Love to taste these Fleisch Piroshki, like a buns with meat filling, very different and tasty, we shared.
       For all the people here not really crowded except some on the line ups we managed to avoid, we wandered about checking out all the vendors etc..
love this shirt
"This is how Mennonites bare arms"
        Wandered over by the kids play area.
line up for the egg rolls
making the egg rolls
summer sausage
fresh bread etc..
long line up for Spring Rolls
singers in harmony they were excellent
       Then the outdoor auction sat on the grass for a while and enjoyed this lots of deals to be had.
this antique John Deere sold for $2,800.00
good price  ! 
         Th9s is the 50 years on the Mennonite relief sale here in New Hamburg, And Suzie was here for the first one and many in between as well, Her Dad every year !
      Now we were in and out of the arena quilt auction and fresh made strawberry pies going on all day at least till they sold out around noon.
nice strawberry tart we shared one
       Over 200 quilts to be auctioned off starting at 8:30 am.
quilts on display
always a good crowd for the auction
Nephew Greg auctioning his shift, 25 quilts
       Then I took a break, walkabout, for a bit the BBQ'd chicken legs are ready (gotta have them too) Suzie has had for every year she has been here for the last 50.
chicken BBQ
fresh cut fries and chicken leg, yup was excellent
       This paint of the Auction by Peter Etril Snyder was auctioned off sold for $5,000.00
Going once going twice sold !
this is the feature quilt this year,
         After this Gym "Praise God from Whom all blessings flow" and was some amazing to see and listen to a couple thousand people in the arena sing this in harmony so moving.
singing the hymn
        By now it was just afternoon and we had had our fill so across the fields to relax in the shade for a while. Then about 2 pm Suzie's Dad asked for some help for a bit. Back over there we folded up 125 chairs from Menno Cafe time for cleanup, and stacked for the clean up crew, grabbed some deals of left over Back bacon and chicken, Pat and Barb did too and helped folding the chairs.
lots of hand makes for quick work
Happy hour fun, and relax 
3 pm all the cars gone
love Paul's t-shirt
5pm all the tents gone 
quiet once again
small pork loin for supper, apple and fresh asparagus
perfect light supper
Piper on Suzie's knee
       That's it we done, busy few days, now to hang out here and relax tomorrow the vacate the premises.
       Thanks for stopping in again, if you are ever in the area last saturday in May it is worth a visit.
Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this summer


  1. Thank you! I have tried to explain to my Prince George friends that I met in Puerto Penasco about Canadian "Peameal" Bacon. (We just call it Canadian Bacon here and it's the stuff you get on an Egg McMuffin at McDonald's.) Several years ago while traveling in Canada I stumbled upon a "Peameal" festival...

    1. Your welcome Cheryl, nothing quite like peameal bacon is there very much different (tastier) than the Canadian bacon tiy get in the states.

  2. That was a mouth watering post! ;c)

  3. What a huge event that was for sure. I understand the picture taking and sometimes it is difficult to cut out ones you want to keep. Looks like you sure enjoyed yourselves too. What great fun you probably had! The place was packed !!

    1. We sure had a ball, and was so nice to be camped here no fighting the traffic.

  4. Very fun days. Looks a bit like our Ardingly shows. Glad you had a good few days.

    1. This is mostly raising funds by auction or food sales always a fun event.

  5. Looks like a great place to spend time - we would really enjoy this event - I would had to end up with a couple of warm donuts.

    1. Was wonderful, I actually bought a dozen donuts near then end and shared with our friends here.

  6. that sure looked like a fun time

  7. I sure would have like to see more pictures of the quilts instead of the food but then I know what your preference is, lol

    1. The 200 quilts were displayed in very narrow rows covered in plastic I took some pics but glare from the plastic and too close they did not turn out. And could not get close enough to the stage to get good pics either.
      You really need to view them in person. Or on their website.

  8. My daughter is a quilter, she'd be there all day taking notes on the patterns. Me - I'd be checking out the peameal BACON!, looks like a foodie delight. We had the opportunity to hit the swapmeet in Shipwhewana, don't recall there was peameal bacon, buts lots of talent in the handmade goods.

    1. Lotsa quilts, food and auctions. Think Peameal bacon is a Canadian thing have never found it in the states.

  9. that is a couple of very full days. It would be a blast to be there. You made me so hungry. I would love to see all those quilts. I bet there was tons and tons of beauty in that barn.

    1. Was very full days, so nice to be camped right here and come and go as we please and no traffic to deal with.
      The quilts are amazing, so much love and work goes into them too.

  10. I would have gained way too many pounds during those two days! Everything looked yummy!

    1. It was all yummy, but I musta walked 5-6 miles at least those 2 days and just snacked in moderation.

  11. Crikey ...... that was a fun day, aye?? All those people and all that food. Fair dinkum ..... I got fat just lookin' at all that good stuff. I sure would have liked to try some of Grandpa's home made icecream!!!

    1. Oh Charlie I thought of you when we shared some ice cream Friday night.

  12. Another successful event. I am sure that Suzie's Mom was missed by many.

    1. It was very successful and yes her mom was missed by many.


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