Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

What a way to start the new year !

Where are we today ?
         The beginning of a brand new year 2014, I can hardly believe those numbers, kinda make me feel like WOW.
         And WOW the weather is sure starting off right, just more blue skies and very warm temperatures.
       So out and about walkabouts the resort,and readied the pavilion right behind us that the resort said we could use for our New Years Day Dinner we plan on having with the 6 other friends that are here from Ontario.

nice pavilion right behind our rig.
the pavilion is just to left of this pic
          Rob and Pat had picked up a nice 13 lb turkey for 78 cents a lb and thought this would be a great time to cook it up.
        So we all chipped in they made the Turkey, dressing, gravy, stuffing turnips and carrots, I made fresh cranberry sauce with orange zest (recipe here) and smashed potatoes, John made home made dinner rolls, Barb a cherry cheesecake and Emile and Monique brought some veggies and dip.
        But first thing Suzie sorted the laundry and I let the machines do their magic while enjoying my book in the shade.
Suzie enjoy the shade here and her book
Pavilion ready to go and we hooked up our sunscreen,
 to blockout the hot afternoon sun
nice spread of food
everything was ready on schedule to eat at 3pm
Ladies first
so tasty! 
yummy cheesecake
Gum drop cake, made by Pat's daughter
           Well I tell you we had a wonderful feast, excellent home cooked meal, the price was right, and we had great company too.
            Supper done we had time to tidy things up, and then relax in the sun for a while until the sun began to set. Rob, Pat, John and Barb are heading out in the morning and we get to hang out here until Friday morning. The resort gave us two more free days here (14 in total).
            So that was the beginning of a new year for us, and looks like it is going to be another awesome one.
           Thanks for stopping by for a visit and hope you enjoyed your day too.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. Sounds like a lovely day with good friends and good food. Happy New Year. We've been busy with our son and probably won't connect with you this time round.

    1. Thats great you can enjoy the time with Daniel, never know when we might run into you again, safe travels.

  2. The HEB here in Houston had turkey for $.25/pound. Just about passed out when I saw the price.

    That Gumdrop cake looks very interesting. What did it have it in?

    1. I like to pick up a Turkey too at a good price, really hard to turn them down.
      Best price we got a few years ago was $.39 a pound in Willis Texas.
      It was like a christmas fruit cake very moist and tummy.

  3. Wow! How fun and what are really good looking meal - a little jealous. I would have never thought to put gum drops in a cake but it actually looks good!

    1. We had a fun time, now we separate and head on out.

  4. oh, my …. gumdrop cake… what a wonderful day! Happy New Year to you and Suzie ...

  5. Happy New Year George & Suzie . . . looks like its off to a great start!

    Big hugs to both of you.


  6. I agree, a great way to star 2014. So nice that Yuma is having nice temps at this time of year. So often is is very cool/

  7. There's nothing like a great Turkey dinner!

    We're getting the same beautiful weather as you are over here in Palm Springs.

    1. Sure loving the southwest this year, really missed it after the gulf coast last year.

  8. I'm heading out to Internet land to find a recipe for gumdrop cake - never heard of it before. Wow! I love gumdrops. Looks like a wonderful way to usher in 2014 - Enjoy George and Suzie!

    1. It was very tasty all I know is it had gumdrop, applesauce and I think some dried fruit.

  9. I thought you were writing an RV blog, but it seems to have turned into a foodie blog! ;c)

    1. Well sorry that is something this full time rver does.
      We have been there done that and do enjoy good food.
      That is part of our days.


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