Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Finally in Quartzsite ! Time relax and explore!

Where are we today ?
         On the road again! We packing up and heading from the Hot Springs to Quartzsite Arizona. Ready to go at 8:30 this morning and said so long to our friends, "see you guys later, on down the road". We had too much fun here.
138 miles today
the forecast for Quartzite looking good
       Taking the back roads SR 33 then 78 to Blythe California. A nice drive through the sand dunes and Glamis.
hay piled on the roadsides everywhere
amazing the irrigation that is done in this area too
huge cattle operations in the middle of nowhere
pass through the dunes recreational area,
amazing to see all these sand dunes
Sand toys in the desert
got stopped by a LONG train, 144 cars, 
I counted them, three engines in front and one pushing
then the roller coaster ride, about 15 miles
of up and down DIPS
        Now a stop near Palo Verde Rest area, right beside the Colorado River. We  can boondock here for a week or maybe more, free, right beside the river, awesome! We did it for a couple nights a few years ago. Maybe we come back for a few nights.
fishing on the river
peaceful stop
a couple fishermen right outside our door
nice small village
      Next stop was the Flying J in Blythe to fuel up and top up our propane tank. Saw of friend John there from Ontario , stopped in to check the fuel prices, ( Cheaper In Quartzsite John!)
        Pulled into Quartzsite and stopped at Carl's Jr for a quick bite. They have special parking for Electric vehicles and plug ins. State of the art. Too bad their service inside was not state of the art. I waited 5 minutes or so in a line of about 25 people that did not move. One cashier and two people cooking.  So much for fast food! All we wanted was a quick one dollar burger. So gave up here and moved down the street to Mc Donalds, quick service and two one dollar burgers there. We don't often do these fast food places but needed a quite bite before we hit the dump station and water fill before we found the perfect campsite for us in Quartzsite.
parking for Electric vehicles
here we are
La Posa West is our destination
       But before that dump our sewage and fill our fresh water tank. Then now we can find the perfect spot to call home dirt.
dump station no lineup
nice old bus conversion
we found the perfect spot for "Home dirt" lotsa room
and we can walk to most places from here too
        All set up and relaxing, gonna fire up our Weber Q to grill the last of the REAL cheap pork ribs we picked up in Yuma!
Think we will get two meals out of $6,11 worth if back ribs
        While reading our books, we noticed this lady drive by walking her Greyhounds beside her car. Looks like the same lady we noticed here in 2006.

Walking your dogs
moon rising
Q mountain behind us
a pretty nice sunset too
        For supper baked a few butter rolls to add to the ribs, sauerkraut, taters and broccoli I whipped up on the Weber Q.
        This can cook up on the Q while we are enjoying our books on a perfect afternoon.
yep hit the spot
       Thats it, we are here in Quartzsite and can enjoy exploring the many vendors here, it this warm sunny weather, maybe even spend a dollar our two never know. We do enjoy wandering about here checking out the deals and junk for a bit and especially the eccentric small town here with about a million other like minded people. We prefer to get a handle on things before the crowds show up.
       Hey thanks for stopping by for a visit and if you are in the Q look us up not far from the big Tent in La Posa West. We choose this expensive camping area ($40.00 for two weeks) so that we are handy to lotsa stuff.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. Looks like we both arrived in "Q" on the same day! We did drive through town just to check it out but ended up turning in early. I'd love to check at that place on the river around Palo Verde. Never been there and never heard of it but it sounds like a great place to spend a few days.

    1. I kept my eye open for you, but not sure where to look.
      Nice area just south of Palo Verde, lotsa room right on the river, be nice for kayaking.

    2. You'll see our rig around town I'm sure. It is a Jeep with two reddish kayaks on top!! We're at La Posa South just north of the dump. Where are you?

    3. I just sent you an email with directions La Posa West just south of the tent close to the road. Our car is a gold color Saturn with ontario Plates 2campn. We were at the dump station yesterday afternoon. I have been looking for the kayaks on the roof. We here for 2-3 weeks anyway, lotsa time

  2. Looks like you got yourself a bit if shade with your bit of dirt!! Enjoy!

    1. A nice little creosote bush for shade and privacy. Gotta park between them.

  3. The ribs look tasty. Time to scout up some bargains in the Q.

  4. What a great travelling day, ending with another wonderful dinner.
    Is your weber q hooked up to your rv propane?

    1. Was a great day, Yes the Weber Q is hooked up to the large tank on our coach, works great.

  5. i think we will finally visit the Q next year for our first trip there... enjoy!

    1. We really enjoy it here, not for everybody, it is like a different world for some people.

  6. We will definitely miss being with everyone in the Q. You enjoy the atmosphere for us. Looking forward to seeing what great buys you make.

    1. Not much we need but enjoy looking, always have fun here.

  7. We were planning on going to Q this year until circumstances wrote off this idea. Next year for sure, we always stay in LaPosa South, easier to get a jump on the dump station when necessary. Enjoy!

    1. Plans always change. We missed it last year.
      We like to be able to get to things without driving when the crowds are here.
      Dump station, no problem for us we good for 10 days or more and have a good idea when and when not to go, mis the lineups.

  8. I enjoyed the drive from the hot springs to Q especially all those sand dunes - pretty spectacular.

    Looks like I'll be enjoying the Q this year through all your blogs - way too many people for me.

    1. We like that drive too, its been a few years since we travelled that route.
      Camping here we cam miss the crowds before next week, and just walk to everywhere from our spot.
      Enjoy the journey with us.


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