Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

More of the Q, great weather and met another Blogger today.

 Where are we today ?
        Began another desert morning with coffees, walkabouts, blue skies, sunshine and warm temps, looking good.  
         Around 9 am Suzie and I headed out to explore vendors one the north side of main st. The main event, that has kind of died over the years, but still a few vendors we like to explore.
some antiques too look at
old cars to buy
not busy right now perfect to explore
love to check things out without the crowds
perfect weather to explore
good deals to be had
       Lots of discount places to explore, but really need to look real close to find these places.
           Them we checked out the Dollar General, new in town 2 years ago. Looks like a booming success.
then a Beals Outlet, but no deal for us. Family Dollar
 next door, still nothing we need.
        Heard from Barb, that La Mesa Rv has free lunch today, So being lunch time we wandered on over. Stood in line for about 20 minutes until the doors opened at 12 noon. Then the line went real quick. Qe outta there by 12:20. Kinda fun we chatted with lots of other like people. Rvers that enjoy a free lunch.
no line when we got there
Every morning a free breakfast here too
some good deals to be had here too
we near the front of the line
         Over the years we have been to a few of these free meals put on by La Mesa Rv and not too bad. Its a free meal, and bonus is we get to meet other like minded rv'ers and socialize while waiting in line . It moves pretty fast.
Hot chicken, mashed taters, gravy, salad, fresh bun
 and beverage of your choice.
 sure hit the spot for a spur on the moment deal
the ride of choice here in the Q
          Now back home for most of the day. But wanted to pick up an LED bulb. So hopped on my bike, road on by Beer Belly's, Lively entertainment going on there, looks like a real hot spot. People dancing on the walkaways.
live band
more vendors setting up for the show
       Eventually we relaxed with a social hour, we have all done our exploring today. Chatted and got caught up with what we have been doing today.
       Another fellow blogger and follower John and Aileen stopped by to say hi again today. Met him about two years ago after meeting up with the Bayfield Bunch just north of the Q. Such a small world out here in the desert
John and his puppy
      Soon time for a bite to eat. Tonight just heated up some very tasty left over ribs from our Weber Q, a fresh salad with leaf lettuce and and some Chinese noodles hit the spot.
tasty yes
      Then as the sun set the full moon was rising and we finished up another awesome day here in the desert.
nice full moon rise
          Glad you had time to stop in for a peak and hope ya'll had a great day too.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. haahahaa... fun day, George et al... FREE fooood yay ... standing in line is something I will not do but in this case, with all the fun people... it's a social thing and looks fun.

    You sound sooooo happy... ;)

    1. It was a fun line to stand in all rver's enjoying the warm weather and great bargains to find.
      Everyone has a story to tell.
      Everyday is a happy day (I believe the day is as happy as you want it to be) we are so blessed to be able to enjoy this lifestyle.

  2. There is something to do every day around here. There are lots of people to visit with, vendors to take a look at and then even time to enjoy just being out in the gorgeous Arizona sunshine. Glad to see you're making the most of it.

    1. Even just being here is making the most of it always a fun place to explore.

  3. I always wonder how many RVs sales it takes to make up for all those free meals. They must be making money or they probably wouldn't do it.

    1. I am sure they sell quite a few rv's here always see people out test driving new rigs and always looks like great prices as well.

  4. Good moon rise shot. You have to take Suzie into Gem World, lots of great jewellery for extremely low prices plus lots of other neat items. One of my favorite stops.

    1. I offered to take her to Gem World but she is not a jewelry kinda gal. We looke through there a few years ago, not her cup of tea.

  5. You're right a real fun day for you. Wish we were there.

  6. Heck... who has to go to Q. when we can follow along and see it all (and a lot more than I'd ever see) through your photos! Better than being there!!!! What fun.

  7. Sure have enjoyed the all the pics from Q and can see why you make it one of your southwest stops. I wish I had some solar to be enjoying it also. I think that I could get by with a setup like yours, hopefully next year, got to start saving. Been a great winter for meeting friends and bloggers. George it doesn't matter leftovers or freshly made you have a way of making all your dinners look so YUMMY and I know they taste as good as they look! Wishing you and suzie another awesome day!

    1. Thanks you guys have a great day too!
      They are selling portable solar panels here with a controller, quite reasonable.
      And an alternative to dry camping is that there is about 70 rv parks in town with hookups as well.

  8. Looks like a great day, even with the crowds:)

    1. The day was awesome but no crowds, yet !
      We do all this stuff before the crowds.


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