Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Pancake breakfast, potluck dinner, dance at "The Ranch" a fun "FREE" day all round..

Where are we today ?
        Another sunny warm day and we are on a mission first thing this morning. Heading in to Holtville at the Barbara Worth Resort and Country Club for the 29th annual Snowbirds Breakfast. We hitched a ride with Oscar and Judy at 8:15 am. This is a free pancake and Ham breakfast including coffee and orange juice. Lots of draws for free prizes and social time with hundreds of snowbirds here, I think mostly from Canada. This is sponsored by the El Centro Chamber of Commerce in appreciation to everyone wintering in the Imperial Valley and supporting the local economy.
         Had a very filling meal and the weather could not have been more perfect. We do like free, bet you do too.
the lines move quickly
lotsa cooking going on and everyone
is happy and friendly
huge portions
then we wandered about, chatted with a few people
and got cards stamped from various vendors
for a draw on a $100. gift certificate at Walmart
looks like cabbage or cauliflower
         We did not win any prizes, but had a nice outing not far from home dirt
         Full tummies after breaky, we read in the shade as it's still pretty warm but thats why we are here. Puttered around a bit and a couple walkabouts. Had our daily visitor stop by for a visit with Suzie, think she will miss us when we leave tomorrow, Suzie miss her too.
Nina comes for a visit
She is quite comfy here
         Then shortly after 2:30 we head out to the "Ranch" this afternoon for more fun and food, with a bunch from here. Don and Aline have known the family for years.
         The " Eldorado Ranch" is owned by a local family in town that like to have celebrations. So they invite lots of people, cook up a mess of meat, rice, beans and tortillas, supply the place and entertainment. This celebration is for Enrique's 67 birthday party. We brought  a dish (macaroni salad I made yesterday, Sorry Lea its all gone) and our own beverages. A hand written sign was posted on the BLM bulletin board inviting everyone to attend.
         I took many pictures but narrowed it to a few, still too many but you get the idea. It was an experience like no other. Very special that we were able to attend. Mexican Music some Mexican and American food. We were greeted and made very welcome by the host and hostess. 
Wandered around listened to the music and singing, enjoyed the sites and conversation. Then time to enjoy the food, so many tasty dishes, and deserts it was awesome!
        The hospitality was overwhelming.
Enrique with the hat
The barnyard is cool too

Cute baby
our Table
Aline and Don warming up the dance floor
Enrique's wife singing at the bar
got treats mister?
around 4 o'clock was time to eat,
and we did no need to go hungry here
yep it was all good
excellent deserts too
snow machine for those that need it
piñata for another event I believe 
Enrique's wife stopping to chat
nice lighted dance floor with a live band
           So there, what an awesome day we had, too much fun all in one day. So much that I think we will just have to leave here and go hide in Quartzsite tomorrow for a couple weeks.
          A special thanks to our friends here at the Hotsprings, most from Northern Ontario. And keeping us informed of all these fun, free things to do here. Will most likely see them in Quarztsite too, along with a few other people we know.
          Thanks for the visit and hope you had a wonderful Saturday too. In the morning we secure our rig and travel through the Sand Dunes to the Q.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle. 
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  1. two sure hit the jackpot today. Looks like a wonderful day with beautiful weather to match.

  2. Nina will miss Suezie and I will be on the run looking for her again. Had a blast you two see you in Q until then happy trails to you

    1. For sure thanks so much for all the good times again, will see you guys again soon, in Q and Maybe even back here for a few days.

  3. Definitely a full day. Looks like fun.

  4. Love the Mexican people, they know how to party and everyone is always welcome. This is very much like the get togethers that we attend in Mexico. Now I am really missing Mexico!

    1. You hit the nail on the head, they made us feel like family. Soon you be back in Mexico.

  5. Looks like another fun filled day under the sunshine. However, not so sure I'd stand in such a long line even if the pancakes were free. See you in "Q".

    1. The long line was only about 5 minutes to get thru and social time as well, good music playing. All part of the atmosphere.
      Yep looking forward to meeting you guys.

  6. George. I agree, that qualifies as an awesome day.

  7. What a fun spot....a good time had by all!

  8. Two wonderful events in one day. Very special for sure. Glad you were able to attend both. The party at the ranch looks very awesome indeed. I would have been up there dancing.

    1. We got on the dance floor too, a great time was had by all!

  9. Free is my favorite four letter word!


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