Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday and it is beginning to get much quieter here in the Q....

Where are we today ?
           What can I say? Another wonderful sunrise here in the desert. We are having an awesome winter this year in Quartzsite Arizona.
nice sunrise
           Drove by RV glass on Keuhn st. to see when they can redo our dual pane foggy windows that were done here 2 years ago. These guys honored their warranty and came to remove two of the three windows they did two years ago. Two were leaking a bit and made it difficult to see our rear view mirrors on the coach. Two brothers (Craig and Mike) that have been doing this for quite a few years here in Quartzsite. Very busy fellows and do excellent work.
This is their tent
Craig here and Mike on the inside removing the windows
          They will take them back to the shop and take them apart, clean and reseal them make like new.
plastic over the opening, to keep dust out
 while repairs are done
         While driving down Main st, we saw this truck that lost his 5th wheel . OOOPPPPS no body hurt but major vehicle damage done.
           Then a drive by the BIG TENT most of the vendors all gone, getting pretty quiet around here now. Rv's leaving the area in hoardes.
the BIG tent area
vendors gone
        Over by Tyson Wells same thing, vendors leaving here pretty quickly too.
Rice Ranch Vendors and Rv's leaving too
          Soon be very quiet here in Quartzsite, not great for the remaining vendors but we don't mind. No Car show and gem show this year in the tent really drops attendance.
Noticed this BLIMP soaring overhead a nice site it was.
       Our last Happy hour with Rob, Pat, John and Barb and the doggies today, they are heading out in the morning. The dogs were here getting a few last hugs, treats and Suzie getting a few more doggie fixes too.
Lady Girl know whats going on
Piper just a happy puppy on Suzie's lap
       No pic of Hank. He is being Hank, all over the place.
nice afternoon sunset
       Now to fire up our Weber Q to grill 1/2 a chicken, two baked taters, heat up a can of corn and reheat some garlic bread with cheese.
Weber Q hard at work
final result another great chicken dinner
         Fun in the sun here and always something to do.
         Thanks for stopping in and making a comment, if you have not been to Quartzsite check it out. Either you will hate it or love it. Think you know we are the later.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. Wow...that's some beautiful sky...morning and night! I'm sure you are glad to be getting the windows fixed! And I know you will miss all your friends!

    1. Yes it sure was a beautiful day and looking forward to many more.

  2. Too bad about that 5'er coming off the hitch. We have a "bedsaver" ( from Blue Ox. Cheap insurance and saved our bacon once.

  3. Wow...what a way to wreck your truck... Looks like you have had a great time at the Q. Glad to see them fix up your windows for you, nothing worse than a foggy window.

  4. Your sunrise and sunsets have been beautiful while you have been there.

  5. RVs are definitely moving out of town. A lot of our group is gone and one by one everyone will be out of here in the next few days. It seems the attendance at the Big Tent is going down each year. I wonder what the future will hold for this little town.

    1. Yes it does make you wonder. But the big tent is getting more gadgets every year and a lot less rv stuff.
      Moving out real fast from town, soon we be all by ourselves.

  6. I always wonder where the vendors go to, another show somewhere or just back home.

    1. Most vendors that I talked to go to other shows and fleamarkets.

  7. Interesting work on your windows. Hope the fix is permanent this time. Window fogging is a big pain, you'd think by now there would be better windows in RVs that would never leak and draw in moisture.

    1. It sure would be nice, but it is a common problem with rv's.

  8. In your recipe for cooking a whole chicken you suggest cooking on a medium low temp. What temp would that be approximately on my Weber grill? Thanks.

    1. I don't know the temp have no temperature gauge on my Weber Q 100. After preheating the grill about 15 minutes on High, turn down to about 3 bars above the low temperature. Close lid about an hour then check meat temperature 180f should read with an instant read thermometer.

  9. Yep, we were one of the hoard that pulled out Monday morning. It seemed like it was mostly RVs on I-10 heading toward Phoenix. It got much quieter on 85 down to Gila Bend and I-8 was almost bare of traffic. Very peaceful drive to Casa Grande. It was good to chat with you again. We're back in Florence til late March unless we get the wandering bug first.

    1. Was nice to chat with again John, Glad your are all settled we here for another week, nice a quiet the way we like it. Stop by again when you see us.


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