Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tues. Aug. 10th To Rock Glen Resort in Arkona Ontario

Join us as we travel North America in our Holiday Rambler Vacationer, since August. 2006

Mac Attack!!!!!!

My Mac
      My Mac is back! Computing is now more fun again. I was told before I bought it that they either work great or not at all. Well having experienced this I can appreciate that statement. It was under warranty and took two trips to the shop to fix it. But when I returned Monday for the second time I had said that we were on the road Tuesday and would not be back in this area for a month, so a rush was put on it and was called Tuesday morning with the good news.

      In the meantime I finished the painting at Kobbler's Kitchen in Drumbo, drove to Kitchener picked up my computer, out to the farm in New Hamburg, we packed up the coach and were on the road by 3:15pm. Taking the shortest route possible we were at Rock Glen Resort in Arkona by 4:35pm and completely set up (including our satellite dish) and sitting in the shade with a cold one by 5:15pm. I even started to restore my Mac to its original state with my backup external hard drive. We went for supper (wings and fries of course) at Arkona Fairways next door and when we returned, my Mac was completely the way it was before. All my programs and settings reinstalled, all my data and pictures, everything! Just like it was before I had the problems. With an Apple program called Time Machine.

      We relaxed outside for a bit then, time to put our feet up and watch a bit of TV. Now I have a small neck pillow that the cover finally wore out after about 15 years and unable to find another one like it had asked Sandy to repair it. While I was running about today Sandy cut out some denim then her and Suzie drove to her Mother's in New Hamburg where it was quickly sewn up and made like new for me. Thank you ladies for my new neck pillow cover, not sure why it took 3 Mennonite women to do it thou, other than the fun of fellowship and team effort.
my new pillow!

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  1. A neck pillow and a MAC!!! Ain't life grand!!! I know what separation anxiety is without my favorite laptop.
    Tim and Ellen


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