Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Thursday enjoying this weather and having too much fun. Clean some windows for SIL too.

Where are we today ?
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     This morning the day starts off with a very  nice sunrise and the temps getting warm very quickly.
     Nice walkabout town at 7 am for an hour get in a couple miles and chat with a few people at Pettigrew's Garage that I have not seen for a while.

nice sunrise out our dinning room window
John has some nice tulips in his garden

      Back home to putter around for a bit and an early lunch, Decided to go over to help SIL Sandy clean some windows in there sunroom just cause it was such a wonderful day and we had no plans. Don't mind doing that at all with the right equipment , which we had picked up for her.
     Got quite a few windows done and all looks good. After a couple hours had enough soon headed  home.  Passed by a sugar bush and noticed the pipeline of the sap for maple syrup.
pipe lines are a blur in the sugar bush
spotted the sugar shack were they boil down the sap
some sap lines through the bush
      Back home just after 2 pm still very warm and sunny here 82f (27c) so we enjoyed some reading time outside, still shorts and sandal weather, here. We are out of the wind where we are parked so was wonderful. Until 4:10 pm, skies clouded over the rains began thunder and lightning., yup time to head inside.
we enjoyed a couple of hours of wonderful  sunny weather outside
        Guess I be cooking supper inside tonight, no problem.
storm coming from the west behind us
            Pan fried tuna steak for me and a catfish fillet of Suzie. We can do that inside as well.
this was feast we both enjoyed
       A comment on yesterday's posting  wanted a picture of my hiking shoes I bought at the thrift store yesterday I thought they were a pretty good deal for 10  bucks but a special made them only 5 Bucks.A decent pair off  Saucony shoes for a  very good price, I don't  do a lot of hiking  so these will work when I need them. actually a very comfortable pair of shoes, great deal.

       These shoes are doing the trick for when I need them in tough terrain.
       Any who we had a wonderful very warm  almost summer day with amazing temperatures, we are  ready for a cold front coming in for the next few days. So we enjoy every minute of sunshine that we can get.
        Thanks for stopping on by .

Where have we been this summer ?


  1. The storm didn't last too long, that is a good thing. It is the winds that we don't like along with a storm.

    1. We are pretty sheltered here from the winds so was not too bad.

  2. Not too shabby, $100 hiking boots for five bucks! :c)

    1. Never know what you will find in a Thrift store.

  3. What a good find, $5 for hiking shoes, hand in the air..."high five".


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