Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, March 24, 2016

A great travel day, another time zone and a minor repair.

Where are we today ?
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        After another great night's sleep, walkabout the rest area, coffee's and computing just waiting for the sunrise . So that we can head east and drive into the morning sun. Hey, got sunglasses and a sun visor they work great !
another wonderful sunrise
       On the road by 7:15 this morning, no wind or rain is good. So let's see how far we can go. Nothing we want to see on this route, 'cause we have seen it before. So a couple longer travel days in then we can have some downtime and take it easy.
a few water towers for me and Patsy
        The speed limit here is 80mph  (128kph) not for us mostly around 63mph (101 kph)  but the roads are good and no traffic feels good. Gas mileage today after 420 miles still not bad at 7.6 mpg still better than normal, can't complain at 22,000 lbs plus towing our car.
too fast for us
80 mph !
      Stopped at this safety rest area in Texas very nice. A tornado shelter in case we need it. decided to make a bite to eat for lunch here, was time.
tornado shelter 
even a play area for the kids,
during a tornado?
        Passing through Midland Texas area lots of oil fields and refineries, not pretty but is needed and creates jobs.
         Below is the Walmart we stopped at on Dec 6th 2013 for a night. Looks much more inviting now then back in 2013.
         If your have followed us for a while do you remember back on Dec 6th 2013 we pulled into this Walmart in Midland Texas, really sunny warm Wednesday afternoon. You can check a posting HERE  if you like, next morning we got up with very cold temps and very bad weather. We ended spending the next 3 nights here with snow, freezing rain and black ice.  Much nicer there now.
yup we here for 3 nights,
not gonna drive on black ice
        Next rest area I checked our coach as usual, and the right rear compartment I fixed a few days ago was having issues.  3 of the 4 new pop rivets I had installed were broken so need another repair.
opps not good
    So I got my drill, rivet gun out replaced the broken ones and installed 3 more in a new place between. gotta keep an eye on this.
got the tools so I can fix
        Now further on down the road was so nice to see GREEN grass in the medion  have not see that since last fall.  Wonderful!
       Finally pulled into the Flying J here in Tye Texas. 3:15 pm (but new time zone AGAIN ! 4:15 pm. Fueled up and snagged a nice parking spot for the night,
        Suzie wanted a snack so a couple of these Tornadoes (2 for 3 bucks) tasty they were.
         Now a few walkabouts the truck stop, check out the trucks and the store, read and compute for a bit then and easy quick supper. The rest of our Turkey chilli, tasty, and a few veggies sure hit the spot for us.
love chilli even more after a few days
all gone now
        That was another fun travel day making good time, tomorrow we heading north east abit and probably stop there for 4 days. Hopefully some back roads to explore.
        Thanks once again for stopping in and hope y'all had a great day too !
416 miles today
longer again thank we like.
it was going good so why not?

Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Fall and Winter..


  1. A bit over 400 miles is a long day! But West Texas is meant for long days. Be safe and find a few fun things along the way to inspire the rest of us. Stay safe and hang on to those basement doors.

    1. We always enjoy just moving on down the road travelling the byways.

  2. We have done a few of those long days as well. Glad you noticed the compartment door!
    Stay safe...and enjoy!

    1. We usually stop at every rest area to get out, stretch and check things over.

  3. Nothing we want to see on this route, 'cause we have seen it before.

    Why not take a different route?

    1. Because we just want to make time, then stop for a few days. Thats the way we like to travel.

  4. Those tornados look interesting. Don't think we get those in the UK

    1. They were tasty, have never had them before, nice tasty treat for a change.

  5. We usually try to cover as much ground as possible when in West Texas too. There's not a lot to see and we've done it numerous times before. I do remember your adventure in 2013 with all the snow. We stopped at that Walmart in 2014 and thought of you then also.

    1. You are right about west Texas, nice to get some miles under our belts.
      It is a nice friendly Walmart.

  6. We're addicted to the Flying J egg rolls. Greasy, but oh so good! ;c)

  7. Glad you are having good travel weather.
    If the pop-rivets continue to break you should check if the compartment door is still square. It might have to be retried. Then install the next size larger diameter rivets to secure the job.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. No problem. That door is taking a beating was the one that was damaged back in Mexico 2010 and again last week, coach bottomed out somewhere.

  8. I'm with you and set my cruise on 63 regardless of how high the limit goes.

  9. Just catching up here, we've been on a bit of a whirlwind so haven't read for a few days. Nice towers again, some are so unique. I'll have to post mine from yesterday we were in Tavistock and Woodstock. :) Enjoy the heat!


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