Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, March 07, 2016

From Aurora to Tavistock, more walkabouts and a hockey game in Plattsville.

Where are we today ?
clic a pic to enlarge it
        Much milder today, not the bitter cold it has been for the last few days, and mostly sunshine. I was up before everyone in the house (not unusual). Got some coffee and cereal and computing done before the morning rush begins.
        Chat with the adults for a bit, hug the 3 grands here as they get ready for work and school. I remember the busy times like this so many years ago.
        At 7:30 I am ready for a morning walkabout so over to the Aurora Family Leisure Complex to check out the indoor walking track. I found the parking lots and driveway there all snow removed and dry so walked about mostly outside enjoying the fresh air. Then inside to check out this complex, got about 1 mile done here. This is one huge complex with just about everything the family needs.
Indoor soccer dome too
Basket ball court
Nice pool
hockey rink
      Plus exercise rooms and weight rooms as well just about everything you could want in this cold Canadian winter.
Daughter number one's
lovely older home
Our 2 grand daughters, I took
late last night, so cute
The boys ready to go catch the school bus
hair is done, ready for school
Mom and daughter,  walking to catch
her school bus
Grands off to school,
now mom can go to work
              Everyone off for the day and we can head on back to Tavistock just before 9 am.
nce mural in town
        Passing by Milton another water tower for Patsy.
          Stopped to visit Suzie's Dad for a few minutes as we drove by then back to Tavi in time for a light lunch.
         The sunshine is wonderful and snow melting fast.
Outdoor Kitty (Gus)
was checking out the fish
          After lunch into Tavistock for another walkabout on this mild sunny day. Love the fresh air and exercise. And a few more pictures of  some lovely older homes in town. Love small towns!
        Just a nice way to spend a couple hours get in another 4 miles or so and take a few pics of some interesting buildings in town
Tavistock Vet
        Now if I have this right the house below is where Al of the Bayfield Bunch spent his teenage years.
This the place Al?
interesting shape of this building
at the 5 points intersection
One of a few feed mills in town
this is one huge old house
love the porch
         Walkabouts done for now, read a bit then whip up supper on this huge Weber grill they have here. Sure could cook up a mess of food on this, 6 bottom burners plus a back burner and a smoker box.  Need to have a big party here!
         Supper tonight gonna cook up that Turkey Garlic sausage we picked up at the St. Jacobs Market on Saturday, one of our favorites, oh so tasty. Add to a salad and we good to go.
snow almost gone, yippee ! 
Gus is supervising the grill
tasty?you betcha
      Where we going?  To Plattsville tonight, Grandson number one has a last minute  playoff hockey game at 7:30 pm. Gotta catch these while we can.
       So off we go to Plattsville, 20 minutes away.
He is number 7
      The game was fast paced and went until almost 9:30 they were defeated but not badly 4 to 3 a hard fought game.
This is Grandson number 3 we watched play the
other day, mommy kisses, he is a devil.
       Well 9:30 and time to head back home to bed, these late nights are taking a toll on us old folks.
       Another busy fun day, maybe a semi quiet one tomorrow.
       Thanks for dropping by and joining our zoo here, it was fun!

Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Fall and Winter..


  1. Some beautiful old homes there that I don't remember! I'll have to pay more attention next time I'm through town.

    1. There ya go Furry, I did not notice them before, until I took my walkabout, a nice quiet place.

  2. Yep you got the right house George & that's where I lived for about 10 years. The church you took a picture of is where I went as a boy & most of my family is buried in the adjacent cemetery. The brown building saying Tavistock & District Historical Society used to be the Public Utilities Office where my Uncle worked for as long as I knew him. Photo below that is the now remodeled library where I spent many wonderful hours as a young boy reading. I know all the locations of those houses. Another nice trip down memory lane. Thanks:))

    1. Your welcome Al it was a fun walk.
      It is nice to spend some time in places and get out and explore a bit, nice walking when the snow has melted and the sun is shining.

  3. Crikey ..... you're Grandpeeps are beautiful. They wear you out, aye?? I sleep like a log after a day with ours and Mum gets exhausted too. Mum loved the old houses and she couldn't stop looking at that photo of the kids going to school. All those clothes. If our Granpeeps had to put all those clothes on to go to school they'd be late EVERY day. It's hard enough getting them to don a little short dress, knickers and shoes WITH sox. Never a jumper. Not even in winter. They hate shoes. Only wear them if they are made to.

    1. Thanks Charlie they do keep ya busy that's for sure.
      It does get pretty cold here in the winter and the love to play outside in the snow.
      They need to be pushed to get out the door on time some days, but they do manage.

  4. Beautiful old homes, pretty little towns, that's back east only, don't see that much here in the west.

    1. Not many old towns and buildings out there?
      Is everything brand new then.

  5. Loved the pics of the houses... but liked the grandkids pics even more! Say... do you ever see the Northern Lights when up there?

    1. Thanks Sharon.
      We did see the northern lights many years ago from our cottage on Georgian bay.
      Not so much that I have noticed recently, mind you we don't go out much at night either.

  6. Love seeing all those old homes.
    The grand girls are so dang cute.

  7. Old homes have a lot more character than the new ones for sure. It won't be long before you're on that big bird again and heading south!

    1. Yes they do have more character for sure.
      Friday morning we outta here.

  8. Thanks for the Milton tower George! I love the last yellow brick home with the 2 beautiful porches. I'm also very glad someone else owns it, I'm anxious to get out of cleaning our 1100 sq. ft. home as it is! :) Looks like Aurora still has a fair bit of snow compared to us further south where there is only a clump here and there.

    1. Your welcome.
      Our 280 square feet of house is enough for us too.
      Quite a bit more snow, but will all be gone soon.

  9. Don't have too much fun, your MH is missing you! ;c)

    1. Gotta do what w gotta do, we missing the MH too, big time!


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