Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Saturday, November 09, 2013

Har-Ber Village, Grove, Oklahoma two postings today.

Where are we today ?

        We are having a perfect warm sunny day and our plan is to visit Har Ber Village and Museum in Grove Oklahoma with our friends Emile and Monique. This is our third visit here but it is constantly changing and improving.
         This museum was built as a gift to the public from Bernice and Harvey Jones of JTL (Jones Truck Lines) on Sept. 20th 1968 and is still growing today.
        We chose today as it was nice weather and the last day of Pioneer Days. A great time we had with live demonstrations, and some music and lots of interesting period costume people here.
        We walked the grounds for about three hours very hilly a good exercise for the day.
This fellow making a banjo
played us a little tune
some of his work
this couple played few tunes
hopefully the 7 second video below will
work for you, very nice.
checkers anyone ?
        There is so much to see actually 102 buildings with endless displays of collections of all kinds.
        Now this was Sister Elizabeth wanting to deworm everybody here today at the Drug Store promoting her Worm Destroyer. We listened to her interesting sales pitch and were given the cure so that we would not contaminate anyone else here.
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This be De Worm Elixer
Making Lye soap
cooking chicken, sausage and beans
operating Water wheel
Village Church and Statue
need to go?
washing machines
Uncle Neds cabin
uncle Ned
more restrooms
trophy displays
general store
old telephones
weaving demonstration
making linen
making linen

some oil lamps
scout badges
bedroom heater
bedroom heater
carnival glass displays
the Gallows for me, but no rope
       That was it for todays expedition, we had fun and enjoyed the decent weather and got a good workout at the same time. Then back home a little bite to eat and enjoy our books in the afternoon sun.
        Check out my other posting of the rest of our day click HERE. if you like.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle. 
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  1. Wow, nice pictures, we have some of that stuff in our house!

  2. We used to have a lot of it too when we had a house.

  3. What a cool day at Pioneer Days. It looks like it would take several visits to see everything. I love to watch reenactments. I am not sure I would have done very well back then.

    1. It was really a lot of fun. Even for our third visit.

  4. What a cool spot...our neighbors from OK here digging through coastal sands on the Gulf! What fun you had at pioneer days...LIKE!

    1. It is a fun place to visit and the beach is fun too in a different way. Enjoy !

  5. Thanks for sharing your visit to pioneer days ... looks like you had a full day. Reminds me a bit of Sturbridge Village in MA


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