Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A bit warmer and SUNSHINE yeah !!!!!

Where are we today ?
        Still cool here but we have SUNSHINE! And boy do we like the sun, sure makes you feel good after a quite few days without it. 
        Got a few walkabouts this morning, other than the cool breeze all was good here. Then we decided a good day for a trip Granbury Texas (20 minutes) pick up a few items we cannot find here. Check out a couple book exchanges but no deals to be had here. Checked out the historic downtown but a little cool for a walkabout and we did this area the last time we were here. And as you know Suzie hates shopping.
         So gassed up the car, and stopped at the H.E.B grocery store to check it out. This a huge store that has everything we needed and more, puts the Walmart to shame. So picked up some good deals here and then to Spirits of Granbury for some "adult beverages".
        Back home a bite to eat for lunch, walkabout then we can sit outside in the sun (out of the wind) and enjoy our books for a couple hours, we love reading our books out side.
a beautiful sunny day
walking trails by the river, right beside us
a nice sunny spot here
         As the sun went behind the trees time to retreat inside and think about supper. Easy one tonight, same as last night. Left over meat pie and a fresh made caesar salad.
our sunshine is going away
         Supper done and even better than last night, the rest of our meat pie is going in the freezer for another meal on the road in a week or so.  For the meat pie recipe you can click here it is so easy.
hit the spot
        That was it for another fun day here in Texas, sunshine, fresh air, exercise, some wonderful reading time and another tasty meal.
        Thanks for stopping by again, tomorrow we are having an early pot luck Thanksgiving meal here at the resort.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle
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  1. Egads...glad you are having sunshine. It rained again all day and was very cold here in Houston.

    We love HEB. They have the best soup!

    1. Last winter was our last trip into an HEB love going there too.

  2. Sunshine just seems to make everything right. It even helps the cold weather feel not so bad. It also gives all of us an attitude adjustment. I'm hoping you'll have many more sunny days.

    1. More sunshine is in the forecast and does really make everything better.

  3. Looks like warmer temps on the way for you too! Send the sun!

  4. We finally found sun and heat here in Gold Canyon, AZ. What a nice change following so many wet and dreary days. As you suggest though, we don't control weather....we merely live with it. Just being on the road is fun enough!

    1. You said it we love being on the road and find it hard to imagine living any other way.

  5. Never been to an HEB store. Sun is good, heats the bones and the spirit.


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