Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Relocating back to Buckhorn Ontario, wonderful cottage country.

Where are we today ?
         This morning is a wonderful summer morning and I am up bright and early. Bunnies playing in the yard right outside my window.
wildlife right here
        After computing for a bit and a couple cups of coffee then I made a quick trip to visit daughter number 2 in Drumbo (my baby) at 7:30 am. Had another coffee with her while she does day care for a million kids. (well actually down to 6 this summer) plus our 2 our grandsons. (sorry no pics, privacy stuff ya know). Picked up a couple towels that we let the boys use when they came for a swim last week.
        Now shortly after 9 am we have our coach secured and on the road to Buckhorn Ontario. Worked our way thru the city of Toronto traffic and arrived at the resort about 12:30. Set up on our site and went for a nice refreshing dip in the pool. Temps about 85f with humidity about 95f. The pool is great to cool down and a nice breeze on our shady site. Maybe later think about turning on our airconditioner, but think it will cool down nicely to sleep by 9 o'clock when we head inside.
when we arrived they were spraying calcium on the road again,
keeps the dust down, awesome!
Suzie floating in the pool
pool is perfect temperature 85 f 
then back home to enjoy our books in the shade for a while
         Now shortly after 4 o'clock Happy hour happened at our house, people just showed up and we were happy for an hour or so. Have not seen these guys for a couple weeks.
another doggie fix for Suzie
        The hour was soon over and we are still happy so fired up our Webber to grill some chicken legs and thighs for supper. A cheese bun with garlic butter to warm up. Oh yeah we love our BBQ'd chicken!
Add some potato salad, coleslaw I picked up at the store and a
fresh tomato slice, perfect for a hot humid day.
       That was it for a nice travel day, relocating back to another home park for 2 weeks. Just love this area of Ontario's Cottage country. Peace and quiet and fantastic weather in the summer.
       Thanks for stopping by again so much great weather here that we are just loving, now about 75f no need for a/c now, have a gentle breeze with out fantastic fan running. Almost too dark to read outside so in we go. Time the Tv to watch me!
         Nite, nite.......
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. That pool sure does look nice. We're lucky right here, since we quite often will get a breeze from the lake.
    And of course, we have our newly installed air conditioning if we need it. I'm trying not to get giddy.

    1. A cool breeze off the lake is nice too. We have two a/c's if we need them as well, but prefer not to use them.

  2. That's funny...the TV watches you! I'm guessing you must sleep!

    Nice to be settled in for awhile! Enjoy....

    1. Thats what tv does to me puts me to sleep.
      Two weeks in one spot them we get the hitch itch.

  3. There's nothing more refreshing on a hot day than a good long float in a cool swimming pool. It looks like you have another great spot.

  4. Suzie looked nice and cool in the pool!

    Great looking dinner again.

    1. You know it warm when Suzie wants to go for a swim.

  5. Please send us some of that gorgeous weather. It is still raining here!

    1. 4th of July there should be stinking hot for you today.


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