Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, July 19, 2013

Moving on down the road another hour, just like to keep on going.

Where are we today ? 
        Friday morning and time to hit the road this morning. Had an awesome visit with Sis and brother in-law. Puttering around, step sister and Karen and her hubby Harry dropped in to. The map below shows where we drove on Wednesday and then again today each time just over and hour, nice days drive.
A to B was Wednesday,
B to C today
        So after coffees and stuff, head on out to Aurora. Gonna visit daughter Kim, son-in law Brian and three grandchildren here.
        Nice country drive thru a few small towns, Uxbridge being one of them.
Main st Uxbridge
        But because of where Kim and Brian live we cannot park our coach and closest campground over 20 miles away. We are lucky to have a solution. I have a cousin Marie and her husband Frank only live a few minutes away and we can park in their driveway. And the bonus is we can visit with them as well while we are in the area.
we just fit in their driveway
its warm inside our coach today, 95f (35c)
       We settled into their kitchen for a bit, in the city here and no breeze so with humidity was well over 100f. We had a little light afternoon snack. Chat and more chat , its been a couple years ya know.
         We had some strong winds and thundershowers for a bit and temperatures sure dropped in a hurry. Then we moved outside to their lower deck, nice out here now.
nice pic of Marie and Frank
         Then a little later we are working on an Italian style meal, start with the anitpasta. So tasty and flavourful.
anti pasta 
followed by a nice tray of lasagne I made
with  fresh baked bread, caesar salad 
the espresso and sambuca style liquor 
         Then as if we did not have enough a little nibble of the chelsea bun that we brought.
          Now did we have fun with about 5 hours of conversation and a very nice leisurely meal, tasty food and great company.
cotton ball clouds.
        Ok enough for today thanks for stopping by and see y'all later.
        Night night.....
 Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
Check out the map below to see where we have been this summer
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  1. We had a rip snorter come through here too. Some folks without power, downed trees etc. Had the flashlights ready but our power stayed on.

  2. Nice that you are able to stay in your cousin's driveway and have a chance to visit. I am sure you will enjoy your time them and with your daughter and her family.


    1. Yes it works out pretty good, visit everybody at once.

  3. No Weber today huh? Well everyone needs a break now and then from the kitchen. You are so close to us, did you know???

    1. No Weber today did not want to set it up in their driveway.
      Do not know where you live.

    2. We're in Ajax George...

    3. We will be in Brooklin on Monday at my brothers place for the night.

  4. You certainly have a lot of great places to go and a lot of wonderful driveways to park in. I'm guessing you let all your relatives know that you're coming and if they buy another house, they have to have room for you too.

    1. We do et them know when we are coming and hope they buy a house that we can park at. Daughter did not the last time thou.

  5. You are sure making your way around this summer George, and not going Hungary!

    1. A great way to visit friends and relatives when we take our own house.

  6. Perfect way to visit friends and family. Just take your house with you. Love the cotton clouds.


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