Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wed. Apr. 20th 2011, Welcome Home

Join us as we travel North America in our Holiday Rambler Vacationer,
 since August 2006

       We are home, back in Canada, Ontario to be exact the land of Tim Hortons Coffee!
Welcome home!
       Over night was windy and rainy again but not too cold, the creek thru the campground was very full as well.
swollen creek
       We are up early as usual and and at the propane place by 8:00 am when they open to fill our tank. Sorry our tanks are empty he runs out to tell us! No problem we are on the road now so about 1/2 hour north is a Flying J travel Plaza, we fill up there. We will fill the rv with gas just before we cross the border at Sarnia.
315 miles today
finally home
       This was one of our longest travel days, but its cold and windy and we have to get home, so taking our time, stop at the rest areas, stretch, and drive thru Detroit about 11:00 am. No traffic and no construction excellent road, best drive ever!
good roads
no traffic
       We headed to Port Huron and stopped 5 miles before the border to fill up with gas. It was $3.99 a gallon, the most we has ever paid this winter that is the same as $1.03 a liter in Canada. The first gas station in Canada we saw the gas $1.35 a litre we put in 151 liters do the math we saved about 50 dollars on this one fill up.
crossing the bridge to Sarnia Ontario
wow, no lineup !
       We crossed the bridge getting ready to sit in line at Canadian customs and, no line. Hmm guess nobody is in a rush to get there. Customs was a breeze 3-4 questions and have a good day! I even told the agent we had 3 extra bottles on wine expecting to pay duty on them.

       After customs two more hours to the farm, mostly back country, paved roads, no traffic and traveling mostly east with the wind pushing us home. Now since the road to the farm was paved last year we can get all the way there without driving the very muddy dirt road, just a bit of the laneway that is well maintained.
coming in the lane
       Now to park our coach in the usual spot beside the driving shed, the lawn is a bit too soft, so we pulled ahead just far enough out of the way but leave out rear drive wheels in the pavement, so we didn't get stuck like last spring.
our spot for now
       All set up, water in our tanks and now try to get warm, our coach is warm I'm just frozen, especially with the brutal NW winds, really not used to this weather. Now we can relax and chat a bit, Dennis is now doing chores, Sandy had put a couple of chickens in the oven so the two of us added some baked potatoes, broccoli, carrot and a salad. Then Suzie's mom and dad arrived later with some fresh baked buns and a nice apple pie both made with spelt flour (Dennis Friendly). A nice meal and chat, even Omer was allowed into the house for a bit to see Suzie.
relaxing after supper
       Well all said and done its nice to be home, visit with with family and friends again, and catch up with our 5 young grandchildren over the summer months.

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  1. Welcome back. Glad you had a good drive and border crossing. Now if only the weather would improve.

    Kevin and Ruth

  2. Kevin and Ruth:
    Yes all is good, like you guys we are impatiently waiting for the warmer weather!

  3. Glad you made it home with now worries. I wonder who happier at the reunion, Suzie or Omar? Try and stay warm....

  4. Contssa:
    Thinks its both of them they have been inseparable since we got here!


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