Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Fri. Apr. 8th 2011, Styx River Resort, looking for water,

Join us as we travel North America in our Holiday Rambler Vacationer, 
 since August 2006

       Well we love the hot weather and we are having it. Drinking lots of water and our 5 gallon jug needs refilling. Almost everywhere we travel there is dispensers for purified water at least in every grocery store or service stations. Not so in Alabama I was heading out for groceries and was told they have a dispenser at Winne Dixie in RobertsDale. So was going for groceries anyway its about 30 minutes way, nice country drive, and I wanted to stop at Camping World again. Well the dispenser was out of order asked where there is another and they said Walmart  in Foley, further away. So I head down there and watching all the signs somehow I missed it and finally pulled over and asked directions just as I am arriving at Gulf Shores. The woman said just two miles to the shore and turn left is the closest. Apparently I missed the one in Foley by a long shot, but she did tell me how to find it, on the left behind a strip mall and a hidden sign, I guess they do that to keep tourists away!
nice drive
       Well I got the water, stopped at Camping World and returned home 3 hours after I left! It was a nice drive, windows down the hot air blowing on my face, but I got the water 69 miles (111kms) later.

       When I got home after noon Suzie had the air conditioner on, it was 90f inside the coach and very humid. So we had lunch and then sat outside in the shade with a slight breeze. Then I did a walkabout to check the pool and clubhouse, very nice.
pool tables
exercise equipment
       Back home we read for a bit in the shade, when suddenly Suzie says,"lets go for a swim". Wow its gotta be hot and humid for her to say that! With the humidity it was about 40c.
94f (35c)
       So off to the pools, the indoor pool was too warm, and the outdoor pool a bit cool and the hot tub just right (hot). So we did them all, cooled down, refreshed, relaxed then back home and to sit in the shade with our books.
Suzie in indoor pool
hot tub
outdoor pool
       Great weather, I always love it when we have to suffer with this weather, just keep hydrated and out of the sun and all is great! Well eventually its time to fire up the Barbie again, a nice light bbq'd summer meal, hamburgers, a salad and potato chips. Then we sat outside with our books until its just too dark to read, about 7:30pm
bbq'd burger
Thanks for the read.

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  1. Lovely resort, how much per night? I see the heart induced a lighter dinner!

  2. Well there is no nightly rate that I know of,private resort resort members only.

  3. contessa not sure, probably it is ROD, Ocean Canyon Resorts have taken it over a couple years ago.


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