Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sat. Apr. 23rd, 2011 A nice warm day

Join us as we travel North America in our Holiday Rambler Vacationer, 
 since August 2006

       This morning started off foggy and warmer than it has been. Coffees and computing walkabout, then into Plattsville to the garage where a bunch of guys hanging about with coffees and solving all the problems of the world. Comment being George is here it must be summertime! So I chat there for a while, nice to see people I have not seen for quite a while, then back to the farm to putter about.

       It was nice, sunny and warm, about 22c (70f) so in my t-shirt it was nice to play outside, I picked up a few fallen branches, and worked at cleaning up the gravel, mud and sod that somehow was deposited here over the winter outside our door. Somebody said that happens sometimes with snow removal. I vaguely remember a long time ago we had the same problem at our house. I puttered about a bit more servicing the garden tractor, in the shed with Dennis there as well. Then he and I went to grab a Timmies (Tim Hortons coffee) at the drive thru in Tavistock. Sandy and Suzie had gone to her parents to help set up their house for the Easter Sunday get together, its gonna be a large crowd. When they got back Sandy whipped up an apple pie and a cheese cake for tomorrow, all done with spelt flour.

       Tonight after chores they were going to visit some friends for supper, so we were on our own. No problem we will take this opportunity to go into Plattsville, Shakers Restaurant, chicken wings for me, with a tasty hot sauce, and schnitzel for Suzie. Good food, a nice atmosphere and of course more people we have not seen for a while.
tasty wings
yummy schnitzel
       After we finished up, got our bill, (even thou reasonably priced by Canadian standards) we realized that we again are back in Canada, a lot more money than we paid all winter for comparable meals. That's another reason why we don't eat out too much here.

       Then back home to relax and enjoy a lovely sunset thru the trees. It was a huge red ball that the camera did not pickup,(too bright)
nice view
sunset across the creek
       Of course while I was wandering about taking the pictures, Omer needs to see what I am doing and just follows me about the yard, making sure I am up to no good, he does his job well.

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  1. Happy Easter, nice to see you both getting back into the families routines. More gabbing time then reading time right now!! A pleasant change.


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