Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sat. Apr. 10th Mammoth Caves

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Natural Entrance
      Once the sun came up the frost melted off the car and things warmed up. I took a drive to Cave City for some groceries this morning, then back home for a bite to eat. 

      After this we took the short drive to Mammoth Caves Visitor centre to check things out. The parking lot was huge and full of cars. We went into the information booth to see about taking a cave tour. The tours that we thought about taking were all booked until late in the afternoon, but we could do the self guided Discovery tour for $4.00 each. So this we did, at our own pace with lots of signs explaining things along the way about how these caves were formed millions of years ago. Evidence of people here some 4,000 years ago and the early explorations in the 1700's with tours starting in the early 1800's. There is over 365 miles of charted caves here (the  worlds longest cave system) all formed by water and some still having rivers flow thru them. Rangers along the way explained different areas and items on display, a nice interesting tour.

       A couple of hours later we made our way out back to the surface. We got real lucky, because we passed large lines of people entering the caves as we left, it would have been pretty crowded. We did find out that this is a very popular place and it was also the last weekend of spring break for the school kids. So if we decide to do any more we will wait until a weekday.

      Back home we sat in the sun and shade to read and chat with the campground host and a few other people who stopped by. Then a yummy supper of a roast beef, potatoes and carrots that had been brewing in the slow cooker all day.

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