Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Another day outside just enjoying the weather, and dinner with a relative.

Where are we today ?
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         Pretty good weather again a bit cooler but nice and sunny. Nice morning walkabout town then to New Hamburg. Visitation for a dear friend who passed away, (much too young) after a lengthy illness. Have known him for years Suzie grew up with the family, next farm to theirs and is best friends with his sister.
       Then we stopped by her Dad's to get his email working again and he seems wound up to get out and about. Yup he is doing much better now! Maybe we can take off for a few days and visit with more family, keeping our fingers crossed.
        Home for lunch then puttered around, installing a nice piece of 1/4in x 6 in piece of oak in our bathroom hallway. I had cut, trimmed and varathaned yesterday. The flooring had split from a join in the flooring underneath and do really not want to replace that flooring. I attempted to secure where the seam but was not satisfied with that. New flooring would only split again. So this works for us, a custom made transition piece, that blends in with our interior woodwork.
this was a nice fix to an ongoing problem
       Chatted with the next door neighbors for a while, they were doing some yard cleanup. There was a smaller tree that needed to come down, crowding out 2 others. So Barry got his truck and a rope and pulled it down. Perfect! 
Barry's Redneck tree removal
here is comes
that's it, now just cut it up
       Enjoyed the warm sunny afternoon, got some quality reading time done.
         The head down the street to the Trail's Edge Tavern in Town. Wing night and I love good chicken wings. We met there with Suzie's sister and husband. Catch up, great conversation and an excellent meal. So nice to get together, just the 4 of us again.
Always busy here 
we started with some escargot while waiting for them
then some adult refreshment
Hockey on a the tv's here, first Beeriod (period)
My feast of wings extra suicide plus
 my extra hot sauce to spice it up
took some home
Suzie's schnitzel with mushroom
 cream sauce, excellent 
       That was it for another fun day mostly outside in the sun. Even though we have nothing to do, we always find something to keep us occupied every day/
       Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed your day as well.
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  1. Crikey those chicken wings sure look good. I have mine raw but I'd tuck into those if I was allowed.

    1. The wings were excellent, I would share with ya Charley

  2. Glad to read that dad is doing so very well.
    I have never had escargot. That one looks delicious. Also, my mouth in on fire just reading about those extra suicide wings.

    1. I got used to the hot stuff after many years of conditioning, and love it !

  3. Great news that Suzie's dad is feeling better and yearning to get out and get going.
    I am not a fan of escargot. I love good chicken wings but not hot ones!

    1. He is doing great now.
      These are excellent huge wings done just right.
      And the escargot are wonderful with the garlic, butter and cheese.

  4. I like the way you fixed the floor. Perfect!!

  5. After all those low carb dinners you deserve a night out like that!

    1. It was a nice treat, for a change. Another one tonight too.

  6. Pat here, commenting again on Bill's laptop today.
    Well so I've discovered that Bill's way of pulling stumps and trees and bushes out by the roots is practiced all over. :) I laugh whenever there is something to be pulled out, he gets this little twinkle in his eye. ha ha I would pass on over the wings, not something we have ever enjoyed but we'd double on the is our favourite!

    1. I have done a few times over the years too, kinda fun :<).....

  7. I love chicken wings, not so much the hot sauce, but the best part of a chicken is the wing. Escargot, love it, but it has been a while since I have had some good ones. Those look excellent. Isn't retirement wonderful? Doing what you want to do, not what someone else thinks you should do.

    1. The wings are wonderful no matter how you like them.
      The escargot were amazing too.
      Now retirement, if done right is the only way to live. Love it !


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