Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Wrap up Sunday and a cold, rainy day for a Motorcycle tribute ride.

Where are we today ?
        Last night visited daughter number 2 and had an excellent meal. Cedar plank salmon, taters with spices and cheese, my usual salad that she loves what a wonderful meal it was.!
Cedar plank salmon, baked taters 
and a salad ,so very tasty
         Then after chatting for a while a tasty desert, raspberry cheese cake sure hit the spot!
yummy cheesecake
        Now I  did catch grandson number 4 on his I-pad. he is a real devil and you can see it in his eyes! Love him to pieces! As we do all our grands.
grandson  number 4, love his red hair!
        Today is a motorcycle ride from Plattsville  in memory of Tyler Todd, you can read about him below in the next paragraph. 
        Tyler Todd was a local young boy who served in with the Canadian Forces in Afghanistan and was killed there over 6 years ago. A very active local boy in his younger years, hockey and a motorcycle rider as well. I did a posting April 4th this year for the hockey tournament done in his honour back in March this year if you like you can read the posting HERE.
all the Canadian Flags lined the street here
     Now the weather today is terrible to say the least, cold (highs 42 f= 8c) overcast and strong winds. But still over 70 bikes arrived today and participated in this ride.
This be the group that was here today
        At 1 pm they lined up (in the rain and cold) and headed on out for the ride. Bikers from many miles around this area.
ready to go

          Now 90 minutes later they were back and parked their bikes and under the pavilion in the park to for a bit to socialize . Cold and wet but we all had a  great time!
ride done time for more fun
Music, refreshments and lotsa food
pulled pork, salads and hot dogs
BBQ going with hot dogs
salads, beans pulled pork and hot dogs
      Then the MC Jed made a few speeches welcomed everyone here and and soon began the draws for the raffle prizes.
Tyler's Mom thanking everyone
pretty good turn out even with the cold wet weather
Raffle table
      I bought a few tickets for the raffle but failed grab a prize. Its all about a donation anyway.

     All the bikers were there and  a few motorcycle club members we all had an awesome time!
love this guy's camo rain suit, perfect
for the memory of Tyler Todd
     I waited for the draw tickets to be all drawn and had no luck, back home by 4 pm,. Cold and damp need to warm up in our house. Thank goodness for our Mr, Heater, sure keeps us toasty warm and dry. Suzie did not go today, she sprained her ankle last night so taking care of that with ice packs and stuff. Sure missed her but she would not have enjoyed the cold day anyway.
our Mr. Heater is awesome
     So with the much cooler weather we took advantage of it and a spaghetti meal for supper tonight. Thawed out some spaghetti sauce and cooked a pot of noodles, add to a salad with garlic bread. We had a feast!
 yep did the trick tonight
            That was our great day and hope yours was a good one too.
            Thanks again for stopping in!
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  1. #4 looks like a dickens...hehe

    What a wonderful celebration of Tyler Todd's life.

  2. Take care of that ankle Suzi!

  3. You definitely could use some of our heat. I think it's wonderful that so many folks turned out for the tribute even with the lousy weather. That is really neat. Hope Susie's ankle is much better today.

    1. I knew I spelled Suzie's name wrong. Sorry about that.

    2. Yes the heat we could use for sure.
      You are not the first to spell her name wrong, no problem though appreciate the comment anyway.

  4. What a wonderful tribute to a brave soldier who made such a sacrifice. It's nice to see he is not forgotten.

    1. It is very nice and small town living does things that way, thats why we enjoy the small communities.


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