Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Its all about food, fundraising and a $42,000.00 Quilt !

Where are we today ?
        Friday night we wandered over the the Relief sale for a bit about 7 pm. Main reason Suzie wanted a Tea Ball. And to watch our nephew auction some furniture.
       I took a lot of pictures and posted to many but they do tell a story of this great day.
Tea Balls, fried cake balls with sugar
some entertainment too
had to try a Rollkuchen
viewing the quilts, some 200 donated to be sold
our Nephew is one of the Auctioneers
Suzie and her Aunt (her mom's sister)
      Then this morning back to the sale shortly after 9 am. Started off hot, humid and sunny, but did not quite last long enough.
Mennonite 9 passenger wagon
 doing the yard sales in town
         Came to the lights in New Hamburg but decided to take the back way into the fairgrounds, look at all the traffic.
Traffic lined up on the highway 9 am
        So Suzie dropped me off and I walked over the bridge a short jaunt and avoid all the traffic.
Playground for kids
more kids stuff
I tasted an Empanda 
very tasty
Korean Mennonites making spring rolls 
fresh baked breads and buns 
Candy floss
Sausage and Pansake breakfast
Menno Cafe,
 the last picture shows the flooded floor
lamb sausage on a bun 
making Donuts
Glazing the donuts
making the apple fritters
fresh cut fries
I had some apple cider and a small jar
of apple butter for Suzie's mom
lots of pies for sale
Maple Syrup and canning
Russian Mennonites

Out door Auction
Making the strawberry pies
we shared this huge pice of strawberry pie $3.00
       The 2 pics below taken from the grandstand of the fairgrounds.
even a whole row of Rv's parked here for the weekend
       Suzie got back from visiting her Mom at 11:30 and met me for lunch, a favorite of ours is the Pork on a Bun, BBQ'd back bacon with BBQ sauce very tasty.
our pork on a bun, yummy
       Then we went back in side the arena to watch a bit more of the auction waiting for quilt 125 to be auctioned off. This happened about 12:20 pm this is the featured quilt this year of the 200 to be auctioned off.  The arena was pretty full and people bidding on the quilts. So far the highest price paid this morning was $6,500.00.
       Then the featured quilt came up a one of kind very beautiful the auctioneer began at $10,000.00 but did not start the bidding until it got to $3,000.00 then quickly just kept climbing, $20,000.00 then $30,000.00 . Clapping from the crowd and it just kept going finally it was sold for $42,000.00, absolutely amazing!
this is it being displayed.
    Threads of Africa Featured quilt for 2015
This years featured quilt "Threads of Africa"
 sold for $42,000.00 !
Read the story behind it  HERE
        That exciting experience over we decided to head out about 12:30 just in time for the rain to start. Stopped by her Dad's tent to chat for a minute and then the skies opened up. We were carrying our fold up umbrellas and was just laughed at in the arena by this lady about us not needing them. Well the laugh is on her, I am sure she got soaked.
we have our bright umbrellas great for finding each other
        We stood there almost half and hour and did hardly let up at all. But the fairgrounds were getting pretty wet. Tents were flooded and rivers of water every where. People huddled out of the rain. Feet getting wet though. Needless to say this rain ended the day for the visitors and the vendors, usually done but 2 anyway, but with the flooding everybody just packed up and headed on out.
the water here about 4 inches deep
The cafe  with 4-6 inches of water
        Well eventually we waded through the water and made the way to our car and I dropped Suzie back at her moms. Stopped at the grocery store for a few supplies and back  home to whip up a large salad to take to daughter number's 2's for supper tonight. The heavy rains continued all afternoon, so no lawn mowing like I planned.
        Picked Suzie back up at 4 and made our way for supper.  Cedar plank salmon potatoes and  the salad, excellent! Good food, great family time and a nice way to wrap up another awesome day.
         Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed the sale as much as wee did, sorry for all the pics but I did get rid of most of the ones I took.
Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Spring and Summer.


  1. Absolutely amazing that a quilt brought in $42,000. Looks like everyone was busy having a good time until the rains rolled in. What a fun way to spend the day for sure.

    1. It was amazing and the excitement in the crowd was really something else too.
      We can't help the weather was mostly good anyway soon time for everything to shut down anyway.

  2. Wow! That is almost twice as much as we paid for our first house! Wow!

    1. Yes it was more than twice what my first house cost too.

  3. Excellent food much - I hope it all sold. Shame about the rain and that quilt sale sure was an eye opener

    1. Most of the food vendors sell about by about 12:30 anyway, some were sold out by10 am. so no problem there.

  4. Looks like a great place to spend some time, gain a few pounds and go home with a carload of goodies. Someone really wanted that quilt and I'm sure it really helped the fun raiser. Too bad the rains came though.

    1. Nice to sample some different foods, made right there in front you you. I just nibbles a bit but did get 3 hours of walking the fairgrounds a few times, some people di take carloads of goodies home too.
      A few people wanted the quilt that gets the price up pretty high, a lot of money raised to day, hundreds of volunteers to put this event together.

  5. I'm glad the rain held off for most of the day. I've never even heard of some of those kinds of foods... when I saw the title of your post I thought you were heading to a place like Walmart for a tea ball ... one of those little metal holders you put loose tea leaves in (then drop in your cup to steep)... boy! was a in for a surprise!

    1. Most all these foods are mennonite traditions, mostly quite easy to make and very tasty. The biggest lineups were for the tea balls, donuts and spring rolls, some people wait in line more than an hour!

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks it was fun sampling the various different foods, and enjoying the quilt auction.

  7. I loved all the photos - it made me feel like I was there (well, except for tasting the yummy food)! I didn't realize there was such a big Mennonite community in your area...

    1. This area has a very large Mennonite population, great farm country. As you probably know Suzie is Mennonite as well.

  8. So much food. I would want to try it all.

    I had totally forgotten about Roll Kuchen. My German grandmother in Wisconsin used to make it and I could never remember the name of it so I could find a recipe. Now I know.

    As a quilter, I'm happy to see someone appreciated the work that went into the quilts.

  9. The Roll Kuchen was delicious first time I tried it and glad that you can find the recipe.
    Amazing the price that these quilts go for, I know there is so much work that goes into them too.Suzie has made a couple herself all hand made.

  10. Rollkuchen? Had to Google that one.

    Oh my gosh...that quilt is amazing and what a story!


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