Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Just getting a few more things done, and running into more people that know us.

Where are we today ?
       Nothing too exciting here today, yep still cold and our car really groaned this morning but did start. I was impressed with this major cold weather. -38c (-34f) this morning. But after a 10 minute warm up did my morning cruise to Plattsville, chat with the guys for a bit.
a local, Freddie took a break for a coffee at the garage
our Mechanic Dale heading our for a morning cruise
on his snow machine
       Back home chat with Suzie and decided we need a sunday morning breakfast we have not had for a very long time. Gotta use up these food stuffs here, and came across some bacon, and frozen hash brown taters. So some toast and wonderful dippy basted eggs, (Thanks Larry you got my cravings going).
yep a rare treat for us
     Then after brunch Suzie took her Dad to the hospital visit her mom and I checked out a defective florescent light in the downstairs kitchen. looks like needs a new ballast about $40.00. I checked on line and found the Lowes in Waterloo has a new fixture for $22.00 and 2 new energy efficient tubes for $6.00. Kind of a no brainer. So whipped into town picked it up and installed the new fixture, now there is light in the downstairs kitchen, really bugged me.
snow drifts here and there, but the roads are pretty good
easy install and very reasonable,
gotta have a kitchen light
        Supper tonight, found some pork ribs in our freezer, and because of the cold weather and because we can, I put them in the slow cooker for the day on low with sauerkraut and some garlic spices for most of the day filling the house with amazing aromas.
       When Suzie leaves the Hospital she sends me a text and my signal to begin supper. So warmed up the oven, transfer the ribs with some tasty BBQ sauce and make a salad. And by the time she gets home we can relax for a bit, compare our day and spend some time together. Then enjoy a tasty meal.
fall off the bone tasty ribs
               Oh meant to mention yesterday at the arena this Lady and her husband stopped by to say hi. Recognized me from when I had my restaurant in town (that was 1989 to 1999). They came in almost every friday for years (loved my hand dipped fish and chips). Chatted for a while and told them that my daughter here at the arena Jessie was who I named the restaurant after "Jessie's Diner". She was only 5 years old back in 1989. Now their sons play hockey with our grandsons. Wow a small world, love small towns.
             That was another busy day for us and we just keep moving right along. Thanks for stopping by and warming up our day with your comments, hope you had a great one too.
Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this past Winter.


  1. Here is hoping some of tonight's pictures will help you warm up.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Nothing like the smells coming from a slow cooker on a cold day. We went with scalloped potatoes and pork schnitzel tonight. I think we'll be eating scalloped potatoes for a couple days too. The recipes are mostly always for more than just two people. Having future meals just sitting there in the fridge works for me though.

    1. Nothing like leftovers, they always seem to taste better the next day.

  3. Oh what a neat story about Jessie 's. Never know who you will run into.

    1. Thats right never know who I will see around town here. After serving a few hundred people a week for 10 years its kinda hard to remember everybody. Especially some of the younger ones , they are all growed up now.

  4. Looks like great meals to begin and end the day - thanks for the shout out. I can't imagine going for a snowmobile ride in -34 degree weather, but then again, I don't live in Canada.

    1. Your welcome Larry.
      We live in Canada , but not really for us either, must be getting too old for this stuff.

  5. With those crazy temps, no wonder you have to keep busy! :c)


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