Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, February 27, 2015

Good Sam Rally is in Phoenix AZ this weekend.

Where are we today ?

           This weekend is The Rally in Phoenix Arizona. Reading Bill and Jan's Blog reminded me of another event that we had planned on attending this winter but life got in the way, so to enjoy it again I went back to some previous postings.         
          Again looking back are some pictures and warm fun times keeps us cozy here. Was thinking of the Good Sam Rally happening this weekend just known as The Rally  sponsored by Camping World and Good Sam. Had planned on being there, for the Rally, and a couple days early bird camping so we could check out the Phoenix/Mesa area and meet up with some fellow bloggers and rver's. 
          We have been to 4 previous Good Sam Rally's over the years. Our first one in Hutchinson Kansas 2004, our first Daytona Rally Feb. 2006 (just before we went fulltime), Perry Georgia 2008 and Daytona 2012. We enjoy visiting the areas, the seminars, viewing the many rv's on display and the great entertainment at nighttime, as well as meeting some like minded rv'ers. Usually about 3000 or more rv's have attended these Rallys.

        The 4 pictures below are from the Rally in Perry Georgia March 2008. Here we met up with two other couples from Ontario and ran into another couple from one of our home parks near Buckhorn Ontario, Galvin Bay Resort.
we had a nice site at the edge
this was behind and beside us
here we are on the dance floor doing the foxtrot
we were all given lessons first
           Every couple on the floor each got a copy of this photo too.
1,178 couples on the dance floor doing the foxtrot for 5 minutes
Another World Record
       Then the next Rally was at Daytona Speedway (Daytona Beach Florida) Nov. 2012.  We travelled with another couple to attend this Rally and had a ball. Love being on the infield at Daytona Speedway. Again the seminars, fun things, entertainment and great weather.
Lake Lloyd in the infield
we were parked by turn 4 backing up against the track
       Of course we had to cruise the beach here at Daytona. And the Daytona Fleamarket a fun place we enjoy.
        Nightly entertainment was great as well, Kenny Rogers friday and Reba McIntyre on saturday.
Kenny Rogers was excellent
        So looking back at these postings and following other bloggers that will fill us in on what we are missing in Phoenix this year and we can virtually enjoy another Rally.
         Now just a little blurb around here. Showing on the house went well twice yesterday, no offers yet but we are confident it will be an easy sell. It is all about location, location. On a nice quiet court, about 25 years old, 1650 square foot bungalow. Finished basement with gas fireplace walk out to the back yard that over looks green space, the Nith River and the town of NewHamburg. Three bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, two kitchens, lovely sunken living room, wood fired fireplace, with vaulted ceiling and formal dining room. Double garage, and interlocking driveway. Large deck off the dining room as well overlooking the green space.  Needless to say we are lost in this place compared to our RV.
looking to the rear of the house 
view from the living room and deck
looking towards the front door
        Got three plus more miles done on the indoor track today, and washed some salt off the car at the self serve car wash. Then whip up supper when Suzie gets home from the hospital with her Dad.
        Tonight a simple easy meal. A breaded chicken breast was in our freezer for a quick meal on the road, with Broccoli and cheese, bake in the oven and serve. Yes its a prepared item not something we normally we do but moderation and we gotta eat it up. The three main ingredients are what we like Chicken, Broccoli and cheese, the rest hmm. Of course the salads I made and know whats in them so much better for us. The fresh asparagus, and a couple strawberries is wonderful too. All in all was a very tasty meal and did the trick.  Go to a restaurant never know what you gonna get, can taste good but?  I know I had my own for 10 years. 
tasty quick supper
        It was another busy day with blue skies and sunshine, still cold but gonna have a heat wave on the weekend according to the weather guessers.
        Thanks again for stopping by and taking a peak, we always manage to get something done during the day.  Hope ya'll had a good one too!
Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this past Winter.


  1. What great pics of past enjoyment. More reason to look forward to doing it all again. ..remember "it won't happen overnight, but it will happen"...I live by that saying - cheers

    1. Yes Leslie it will happen again all we have to do is make it happen.

  2. We have been traveling since 2009 and have never attended a rally. Are we strange? lol

    1. Not strange at all, that is the only Rallies we have ever gone to and originally to research rv's and take in some interesting seminars, and a reason to check out a new area. We have no desire to do group Rallies.

  3. we have never been to a rally and thought we might make the Escapee Rally in Tucson but it looks like we will be gone before it starts...

    1. We enjoy these rallies because of the entertainment, seminars and a great place to browse new Rv's, With over 1,000 on display.

  4. Been on the road 14 years.... no rallys yet. Crowds like those are just too much for the likes of me.... We have been to a couple RV shows and one time to Quartzite about the time of their big show. Guess we're real party poopers.

    1. Nope each to their own, one thing we like about these is you can be all by yourself in the large crowds and not have to socialize.

  5. We will be doing our first rally in Tucson in a couple weeks. It's an Escapade Rally so at least we'll have a little exposure to seminars and lots of close neighbors.

    1. We visited an Escapade Rally once with some friends and was not really what we expected, We like the Good Sam Rally because we don't feel obligated to participate in the group activities.

  6. Gosh we haven't foxtrotted in years. That would have been fun.

  7. You will make it the next Good Sam rally.

    Good luck with the house sale. The photos look good.

  8. I wonder how many toes were squashed while setting that world record dance??? :c)


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