Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, November 02, 2014

The wind went away, very warm and sunny today, love Georgia!

Where are we today ?
        Was another cold night outside but again we are toasty warm here in our house. The dual pane windows and extra insulation in our coach sure does a superb job. 
       With the time change last night I got up about 5 am like usual but forgot to change our clocks so actually 4 am. No problem the sun still came up and was turning into a wonderful sunny day. No wind made it amazing.
another nice sunrise
         We did have some frost though. Not enough to freeze our water line. Once the sun was shining it went away real quick.
windshield on our car
          Last night I had boiled our turkey carcass for a nice soup base. Once it had cooled I set it in the trunk of the car overnight. So this morning the fat was set and I could skim it off making for a wonderful turkey broth for my soup.
skim the fat off here
            Now almost fat free and got it simmering for a couple hours added a whole mess of veggies and spices, our coach smelled wonderful again. Did I tell ya we love turkey?
       Then time for lunch, how about a turkey sandwich, with cranberries and turkey noodle soup? We both really enjoyed that.
        Then it was such a wonderful, warm sunny day after a few walkabouts we enjoyed reading outside for most of the afternoon. Of course, I putter around every now and then, but we did get some major reading done today. Our favorite pastime.
Perfect, sunny, a bit of shade and temps in the high 60's
almost 80f in the sun
       On my walkabouts I stopped under a few pecan trees in the resort. With the high winds yesterday we had an amazing amount of pecans harvested. Took only a few minutes to get couple pockets full.
lots more to be had here
         With the time change we will start supper a bit earlier. Were gonna to have some left over turkey but it was so nice out gotta fire up our Weber Q again. Grill a couple pork chops, sweet red peppers and carrots and a green salad sure did the trick.
            Still have lots of turkey and soup that we can work on when the spirit moves us in the next day or two.
         Really enjoying this bright sunny weather again. We can handle cold nights as long as it not too windy especially when it's nice and sunny during the day.
        Hope y'all, had a great Sunday too.  Thanks once again for stopping on by.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle. 
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  1. Man, I could almost smell that soup down here! :-) I picked up pecans on the side of the road yesterday and so far I cracked a pound of them but got about four more to go... :-) Enjoy your stay in GA...

    1. Love the pecans, we have collected many pounds of them over the years and share with family back home.

  2. We saw some gorgeous blue skies today too. We think it'll stay that way mostly for the next few months. We're on our way south so it better.

    1. Sunny blue skies all winter would be awesome, thats our plans too.

  3. I can smell your soup here in Texas....Yummmmmmmy!
    Pick all the pecans you can....they are so expensive.

    1. We have picked Pecans a few times here as well as in Arizona

  4. What I consider perfect weather, cool for sleeping and warm to enjoy the day. I also knew it was time change but forgot to change the clock so I got in an extra hour of computer time :)

  5. After the cool weekend, this coming week looks more normal for this time of year. That's a fine looking meal, but I've never grilled carrots - did you cook them some first? Great use for the turkey carcass.

    1. Yes better temps now. Love homemade soup, why waste the carcass?
      The carrots I just cut them up, put a bit of olive in a plastic bag and coat them, set on the hot grill and turn a couple times until tender, works great.

  6. You certainly made that turkey stretch! I've heard of rubber chickens, but it seems you had a rubber turkey... ;c)

  7. I love turkey also - turkey dinner - turkey soup - turkey sandwiches - turkey anything !

    But I DON'T LIKE ice !! LOL


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