Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Cajun country is addictive.

Where are we today ?
       Great sleep last night windows open and not too cold, we will take this weather here. Morning coffees and a nice walkabout around the block behind the park. So quiet here on the edge of town, a bit of traffic but no big deal.
saw this boat in a fellows front yard,  assuming a
swamp boat of some kind,motor and huge
wheel at the back operated hydraulically
across from the boat right behind our site
a nice looking horse in the yard
         Now we (I) wanted some real Cajun food and there is a lot of choices here in this area, every restaurant serves some Cajun/ creole food of some sort. A recommendation from Croft was to go to Suires in Kaplan about 9 miles away, right in the middle of nowhere.
a nice country drive
this the place
       You know its good when all the locals are here in the country, parking lot full of pickup trucks.
      We arrived about 11:30 and they were very busy, take out and eat in orders. Seems everyone knew every one. Very friendly people here. Once the lady here found out we were new to the area and our first time there she showed us the ropes.
menus on the outside too
          We  already knew what we wanted the Seafood platter to share. Included fried shrimp, fried oysters, fried catfish fillet, crab pattie, shrimp pattie, shrimp etoufee, french fries, shrimp gumbo a fresh bun and lemon cake for desert. $18.49 for the 2 of us and was almost more than we could eat, but we did manage. Suzie found the Gumbo a bit too spicy for her , but then she is only a salt and pepper person. I found the whole meal absolutely amazing. Loved the spices and huge portions.
check out their website HERE
Love the salt and pepper holder an Alligator
wanna play checkers?
the store part
         While waiting for lunch we browsed the store checking the pictures on the wall and newspaper articles, what a great collection.
family picture of the Suire family
newspaper articles from the New York Times
         Not only all this  real good cajun food but fresh baked goodies too.
Pecan pies just out of the oven
everything looks so good
our meal started with the Shrimp gumbo
and home made potato salad.
notice the crawfish tablecloth
           Then came the main course now, such wonderful lightly coated and tasty seafood. All fresh made and hot. Notice the fine china? This place is about good food, reasonable prices and friendly good service.  This is the kind of Ma and Pa place that we would frequent, so many great menu items to choose from all homemade too.
that was a very tasty Cajun fix,
not real healthy but oh so good!
         Then we toured about of the country side a different route on the way back to Betty's, past many acres of Sugar Cane fields, so interesting and different.
           Now back home I took the car to the do it your self carwash around the corner for a real good cleaning, even was in shorts and t'shirt for the afternoon. Back home we took some time to enjoy reading outside for a while until 4:30. Then time for Betty's Happy Hour (s). More new people today and more snacks again. No need for supper when you are here, everybody brings something to to nibble on, enjoy your beverage and the conversation just flows. We all introduce ourselves and it just explodes from there.
         A few pics of some snacks below, plus crackers, cheese, pepperoni, sausage rolls, etc....
chicken wings
boudin and cracklin
more wings, scoops and salsa
      Good conversation,  meeting new people tell stories, a few laughs, just plane old good times and socializing that's what Betty's is all about.
Then  of course this is Betty
             I mentioned some of our fellow rv'ers (bloggers) that have been here and she remembers them all, Mary Pat, Croft, John and Sharon, Larry and Marilyn just to name a few.
            Now we had a wonderful day. Enjoying pretty nice weather, Cajun country, friendly people and some new taste sensations, make for a pretty decent time here.
           Thanks for dropping by again and ya'll come back soon eh?
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
 Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Winter.


  1. Hmmm, we love Cajun foods. It sounds like a truly great time.

  2. I almost couldn't make it through your post George - I'd do almost anything to get a hold of that seafood platter right now! And the pie! So sad that we didn't make it there. May have to head to LA one day just so we can! Super jealous!

    1. You jealous? You are sitting in the shade on the beach in Mexico, that sounds pretty good too. Great seafood there, just not Cajun. It is a wonderful area thats for sure. No luxury resorts for us just real nice people.

  3. Great write up George. The seafood and cajun looks great. RV'ers tell other RV'ers about Betty's and that's why the good places like Betty's will always be busy when you get a good deal and can have fun.

    1. All this cajun food and spices is soo good, I love e'm. Betty's reputation grows by word of mouth, no problem being busy here.

  4. The boat in your picture is probably one of the ones used in the rice fields to fish for crawfish. There are several designs but most have a wheel that pushes the boat.

    I'm glad Suire's is not on my way to town because it's hard not to stop when I pass by there.

    1. Thanks for the information about that boat very interesting design and makes sense.
      Suire's does have some amazingly good food.

  5. So glad you made it to Suires. We did not try all the eateries in the area but this was sure the best of the ones we did try! We also bought a few dishes from the freezer full of treasures as well. It would be hard to be on a diet around Betty's part of Louisiana!

    And yes, Betty's Happy Hours! Everyone brings food and there is always plenty.

    1. Thanks for the tip it was very good food, saved us the bother of eating out all over the place, something we don't do often.
      Lotsa snacks here for the Happy Hours.

  6. You are right that if you just follow the locals you'll end up with great places to eat. The food sounded amazing.

    1. Yes it is really good and interesting flavors. The locals do know the good places to eat and the best deals.

  7. You'll definitely have to not over-indulge or you will be starting your diet all over again. That's my problem.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Moderation is our secret, although we do stray on occasion.

  8. We loved Suires. After our meal, I actually bought some alligator to go. It was fabulous.

    We were there so long ago that I am sure she would never remember us. We were there over our anniversary. She told us the perfect place to hear zydeco music.

    1. Everyone is so friendly, will do anything for you. It sure is a great experience. And wonderful food.
      I have Alligator before in New Orleans and loved it there too.

  9. I made a comment but it disappeared. We hope to check out Betty's and Suires one day. Louisiana is on our bucket list but only until we retire or stop going to Mexico, whichever comes first.

    1. We love Louisiana and Cajun country, just something about it. So much to see and do.

  10. Were there any items on the menu that were gluten free other than just salad? That's the problem now the food always looks so good but it isn't worth our time going when we can't eat it! :-(

    It's nice that Betty is so good a remembering people definitely says something about the place.

    1. I am sure some of the dishes could be gluten free, but that is not a real big deal with us.
      We just want to dive right in and check this out, will suffer a bit but sure enjoyed the taste sensations thats for sure.
      Some places do grilled dishes and have seen some signs for gluten free, instead of fried and that could be an option.


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