Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Monday, December 07, 2009

Dec.8th Heading to Mexico

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We are finally in Mexico

Wed. Dec. 9th
174 miles (275 km) today
The blind leading the more blind.
Larry and Marilyn had been to Mexico before (not this route thou) and are more familiar with the language, signs and businesses in Mexico, So they were kind enough to lead the way, and we can converse with out CB radios.

After a restless sleep we were up early and both coaches on the road at 8.00 am. Only a few short miles to cross the border and into Mexico. A few standard questions by US customs then right into Mexico. We drove to KM 21 where we pulled into purchase our tourist visas and vehicle permits and attach the vehicle holograms. We were there 1 hr 45 minutes. Then we pulled our vehicles out and ahead to the Mexican customs area where a young lady came into our rig asked a few standard customs questions then we were on the road.

We choose to take mostly the toll roads all the way to Mazatlan as it is a much better road and does pass around most of the major cities. Driving here is a  bit different. When you are in the passing lane you drive with your left turn signal on and as you are passing a car they put their turn signal on to let you know that they saw you, seems to work. One of the most interesting things and very effective things are the "Topes' " . They are speed bumps that effectively control the speed limits.  In a town or village there will be a series of these "tope's" so traffic crawls thru town, Some of these topes' are quite huge and you will find vendors standing in the middle of the road selling their wares as you pretty well need to stop to get over them. Theses topes also work on the highway as well, like approaching a dangerous curve on the road , there will be smaller tope's to warm you of the danger and slow you down.

All of the gas stations are called Pemex with a franchise number next to it. These are government owned and the fuel price is the same everywhere, no need to shop around for cheaper fuel! They also don't take credit cards at the Pemex, cash only pesos. The fuel cost  was $7.76 pesos per liter which equals .66 cents a liter Canadian.  But there are bank machines everywhere. We got some pesos at a machine 5,000. pesos cost us $460.00 Canadian.
We stopped at noon and had a picnic lunch, then carried on to Hemosillo and the Sonora Campground around 2.30 pm , set up and relaxed outside for a while and planed our next days activities, then supper of a spaghetti casserole and relax for the rest of the evening.
Wed. Pics

Tues. Dec.8th
We were up early and it was cold and very windy. Anxious to get going we left the campground at 8.00 am with a couple of beautiful rainbows saying goodbye. Stopping in town to fill our propane and get the oil changed on our coach. On to I-10 before 9:00 am we headed west to Tucson with very strong winds, rain and a bit of wet slushy snow on the windshield. Down I-19 towards Nogales we stopped at exit 12, the Pilot travel centre to fuel up or coach then to exit 8 arriving at the Mia Casa Rv Park? about 11.30am. Well its more of a run down seasonal campground with about a dozen sites for transients like us. Full hook-ups but no internet, $18.00 a night. I was able to wash our coach and car here without a permit, (bonus).

When Larry and Marilyn arrived they set up  beside us and we got to work co-ordinating plans and exchanging ideas, and making copies of the paperwork that we need. We decide to leave in the morning and keep going until we get warmer weather and a beach. Marilyn had made a huge pot of delicious chicken noodle soup for supper which we all shared and before you know it , bedtime.

Mon. Dec. 7th.
buenos días (good morning)

Cool overcast day today and we are wrapping up a few loose ends here before heading out to Nogales Arizona first thing in the morning. We got laundry done, our coach vacuumed, reservations made at Tres Amigos RV park, our cell phone coverage in Mexico arranged, (no guaranties thou), our internet provider put on hold (no coverage in Mexico), and assume we have all our paperwork in order.
First thing in the morning we pull out fill our propane tanks, and get an oil change on the coach and should be in Nogales by around noon. Here we will meet up with Larry and Marilyn Vanstone are prepare our plane of attack. Tapping their minds for their infinite wisdom of border crossings and travel into Mexico. Following mostly the main highway close to 1,000 miles into Mazatlan with a few interesting stops along the way, I am sure. We plan to arrive there Dec. 20th and stay at least a month, internet is available there. 
I am sure we will have some internet access along the way, just not sure yet when and where. 
So the coach is ready, camera is ready, our CB radio is ready, we are ready, so lets have another feast of broasted chicken for supper, and try to get a good nights rest then hit the road in the morning.
The weather here is getting too cold so we are in search of much warmer places and more friendly faces. We will head back north when things warm up.

adiós para ahora (goodbye for now) 
gracias por leer (thanks for reading)



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