Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, December 04, 2009

December Benson Arizona

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We are staying at Valley Vista Resort Benson Arizona

Sun. Dec. 6th
Today was mostly sunny and warm but only about 60f (15c). Walkabout the park for a while enjoying the fresh air and I went to town and washed our car at the doit yourself car wash. Its only $2.00 there (and they supply the soap, water and brushes) or $5.00 in the park for a permit. I wanted to wash our coach but supposed to rain monday and tuesday when we are traveling, so not much point, ($10.00 permit in the park). A bit more computing and more Spanish immersion took more of my day. 
Supper tonight was a yummy pot of spaghetti with a thick and chunky sauce and fresh potato buns.       

Sat. Dec. 5th
Last night was a very heavy frost 20f (-5c) and even with our water hose disconnected it was still frozen until about 10.00am. But no problem with water in our holding tank. A clear sunny day we checked out the craft sale at the clubhouse and walkabout for a while.
Then were even able to sit outside and read for a couple of hours in the warm sunshine and chat with our neighbours. One couple full time rv'ers for 8 years the other couple 17 years. Another neighbour looked older said in conversation that he was in the Navy during WW2 over 60 years ago!!!! And they are still going strong.
Then an beautiful Arizona sunset just as we were getting ready for supper of more roast pork, potatoes, carrots and applesauce.

Fri. Dec. 4th
Nice and sunny all day today about 60f (15c). Last night was a heavy freeze about 28f (-3c) disconnect the water lines. We did some shopping today, and another book exchange for Suzie, we found 2 books stores in town. At the Walmart a familiar sight around here is pickup trucks new and old piled high with hay! I wonder if they take it off or just drive around with it.
Then back home a walkabout the campground checking out other peoples rigs. Some with large motorcyles (Harley Davidson) carried on the back and nice coaches. Beautiful views here as well with the warm pool and hot tub. If the air was warmer I would go in.
For supper tonight a nice roast pork, mashed potatoes, broccoli and carrots with cheese sauce, with some applesauce on the side.
Fri. Pics

Thurs. Dec. 3rd.
245 miles today (395kms)
This morning we woke up early after entering another time zone yesterday afternoon. The sun was coming over the mountain beside us by 6.30 am and a nice day ahead of us. We were on the road by 7.30am heading west thru New Mexico to Arizona, A very good road, open spaces and lots of warnings for dust storms, (glad we have never run into one). The interstate runs right beside the main rail lines and constant endless trains heading across the country, nice to see.
We arrived at Valley Vista Resort in Benson at 12.30pm checked in, set up and just went to town to check out a few things. Puttering around and a walkabout in the afternoon we later enjoyed a delicious supper of broasted chicken, fries and coleslaw from the take/out about 6 campsites from us. We look forward to this treat every year after we discovered it 3 years ago.
Thurs . pics


  1. I guess I shouldn't complain about temps in the 30's! Beautiful sunset!!

  2. PS. That should be SUNset! Klutzy fingers.


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