Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Friday, December 11, 2009

Dec. 10th San Carlos Mexcio

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On the Road Again, south to Mazatlan!!!!

We are in San Carlos Mexico 
Wed. Dec. 16th
We have no water!!!
Got up this morning and found no water pressure. No problem turned on our pump and used water in our holding tank. I checked with office at 9.00 am and found out main water line was broken, so whole town had no water. A few minutes later some pickup trucks showed up with workers and the water commision. They set to work with shovels, picks, sledge hammers and a bit of machinery and lots of supervisors. Hanging about, reading papers and a bucket brigade to move water out of the hole some progress was made throughout the day. It was warm about 90f (30c) and many rest breaks were needed, but by mid afternoon we had some water, about 5 lbs pressure so we were able to fill our fresh water tank again(1-1/2 hours). No laundry today at the laundramat. We were able to shower, do dishes, pick up a few supplies and relax outside,  in the shade for a while. Later afternoon we had our water delivery guy show up with 5 gallons of reverse osmosis purified drinking water, delivered to your site daily for 12 pesos.($1.00 Canadian) good deal.

Today we packed up a bit as we will be on the road early thursday morning heading towards Mazatlan.
A simple supper tonight grilled cheese and tomato soup to ease a queasy stomach, then relax for the evening.
Wed. Pics.   

Tues. Dec. 15th
More sunny and warm up to around 85f (26C) most of the day with a nice breeze. At 10:30 am there was free beginner Spanish lessons put on by Maria, the park managers mother, for an hour. About five of us there and we learned some phrases, words and even some information about the area, quite interesting.
After lunch was Spanish cooking class, again free and done by Maria. There was supposed to be 5 students for their last class, but nobody showed, just me. Rver's tend to move a lot so hard to do 5 weeks in a class. Well I was tutored  for an hour on lesson one about Mexican chiles, salsa recipes and guacamole and even the different types of Tequila and customs in Senora State.
After this I went for a bike ride, read for a while then prepared and cooked supper, to share with our traveling companions, a Canadian Back Bacon roast, Garlic mashed potatoes and a delicious salad supplied by Marilyn and Larry.
Then a nice relaxing evening.  

the Soggy Peso Bar

Mon. Dec. 14th
Another nice sunrise this morning across the bay. And some beautiful colours on the seawall and by Charly's Rock on my early walkabout.

     About 10:00 Suzie and I took a short drive to Santa Rosa Mercado (grocery store) for a few items. Very interesting to try to figure out things here as most the labels are in Spanish. A friendly worker who did not speak English did help us out with a few smiles, our attempt at Spanish and sign language got what we needed. From here to the Bank machine for more colourful pesos, then a stop at the marina and a walkabout looking at the many yachts and the different places that they were from. 
     At noon Larry & Marilyn took us for a short drive to The Soggy Peso Bar (a palapa bar = straw hut) on a dirt road walk thru the sand to this little place of heaven located in a windy cove, with lots of sunshine and an amazing sandy beach. We ordered some very tasty seafood snacks for lunch, crab, shrimp, scallops, and some frosty beverages.
Then we dug our toes in the sand and were entertained by the kite surfers and relaxed on some lounges provided.
Back home we puttered around a bit and read, chatted with our neighbours then BBQ'd porkchops and baked potatoes for supper.  
Most of the day was around 90f (32c) but a nice breeze on the beach) and comfortable at our coach. It sure is nice to have the windows open day and night, the warmth and very little humidity, yet cool enough to get a good nights sleep.     

Mon. Pics.

Sun. Dec. 13th
More of the same weather, sunny, warm 80f (27c). After a morning walkabout we road our bikes  down the main street and checked out the sights and sounds of the beautiful seaside town. On the way back we road thru the Best Western RV park next door, (not nearly as nice as ours) and chatted with a few people we meet the day before at a happy hour.

Puttering around in the afternoon and then reading we enjoyed a happy hour with Larry and Marilyn then BBQ'd some fresh fish, a rice pilaf and a garlic biscuit with cheese for supper.         

  After supper a nice relaxing evening with a movie.

Sat. Dec 12th
This morning I walked about as the sun was rising across water, a beautiful sight, so nice and warm and quiet. This is such a beautiful place and the weather so great we decide another 5 nights here is a really good thing, allowing us 2-3 days to get to Tres Amigos campground in Mazatlan, about 450 miles. 
    Puttering around a bit then we went for a walk on the beach, right in front of the campground. Hurricane Henriette came thru this area in September and did some damage, most of which is all cleaned up except for a damaged boat washed up on the beach, a damaged restaurant and some condos, and the bridge they are replacing in front of the campground. The stair way down to the beach was in rough shape, but we were able to negotiate it. The water here is pretty warm, a beautiful colour and crystal clear. Very quiet and enjoyable as the bad press about Mexico is hurting tourism. We walked the beach collecting some seashells as we went. And seeing the Condos and hotels from the beach side. This is known as Playa San Francisco about 3 miles long. 
Back home we relaxed in the shade enjoying a book and chatting with some neighbours. Then BBQ a cornish hen, french fries and a tossed salad for supper. Afterwards we enjoyed a nice campfire on a warm evening. 
Sat Pics     

Fri. Dec. 11th
A beautiful day today, sunny and warm mostly a comfortable 78f (25c).  Larry and Marilyn were nice enough to invite us on a tour with them driving around San Carlos and saw some fancinating sights. At the harbour were fishing charters and shops, a Breakfast Special for $30.00 ($2.46 canadian). Harbours and coves just full of sailboats and yachts, small communities nestled in the hills on the ocean, and so many pristine beaches, how do you choose? 
We followed another back road out of town winding our way along the coast for a short distance thru a small village and into the city of Guaymas. Quite interesting to see the way a lot of the people live and how they work. We even saw Burger Kings and Macdonalds they are everywhere.  
Before heading back we stopped for a few items at "Mercado Soriana" a huge store just like our Walmarts with groceries, fresh fruit, vegetables, meats, bakery, clothes toys, gifts you name it. While waiting in the parking lot for Mar a vendor selling fresh fish stopped by and we purchased 1 kg of fresh shrimp (50) and Larry 1 kg fresh fish fillets for 80 pesos ($6.58 Canadian) each. So we packed our stuff in the cooler and headed back home, dropped off the dogs and went down to JJ's for delicious shrimp tacos for lunch.
      Back home we puttered around a while, reading and doing stuff, a short happy hour to discuss staying here a while longer and our route to Mazatlan after we leave here. This was followed by a nice supper of fresh shrimp on the BBQ and rice with broccoli. Then a quiet evening.
Fri. Pics.

Thurs. Dec. 10th
91 miles (150 kms) today

Overnight in a nice small new campground in Hermosillo Mexcio. We were up early to putter around for a while and on the road about 9:30 am. Wanting to miss the morning rush hour as we had to drive our 2 coaches thru downtown. This drive went well with good roads to San Carlos arriving at Totonaka RV Park at 11.45 am. 
This is a very nice , clean well run park with cable tv, pool, hot tub, full hookups and free wifi at our site. Then manager Joseph greeted us speaking very good English, we picked out a site and set up, $300.00 pesos a night ($24.00 canadian) for at least 2 nights.

     It was beautiful sunny, warm 80f (26c). So we went for a nice walk to the water (about 200yards) and along the water front into town, passing nice looking buildings, restaurants and stores, enjoying the smell of the salt water, cloudless sky, beautiful aqua blue water and warm temperatures.    

     Back home we relaxed in the shade for a while reading and enjoyed happy hour with Larry and Marilyn then chatted with quite a few other RV'ers also enjoying happy hour. A large majority of these people are from Canada, a very  friendly campground.

     The four of us decided supper in a Mexican Restaurant on the beach was appropriate to celebrate some warmer weather. La Palager Seafood restaurant was about 100 yards from our site with a magnificent view of the water, plus we got 4 free Maragritas as park guests.
     The standard nacos dips and salsa are free, great tasty snacks. Then we shared an appetizer of tender pork ribs, followed by 4 amazing seafood dishes, 5 beer, and 1/2 bottled of wine all for $690.00 pesos ($56.00 canadian) a very good deal. 
     Then we walked across the street to Charley's Rock Restaurant & Bar where we sat at a bar with the water about 2 feet in front of us and 6 feet down and sipped a drink chatting taking in the view of the bay, and watching a few boats and the city lights of Guaymas and the airport across the water, What and awesome day!!!

Thurs. Pics


  1. Oh man it looks great there. I want some of that fish too. Be safe guys.

  2. Hey G & S, that area looks great. Love the water pics. Don' drink the water!

  3. to be the "west coast" -- of are making me miss it very much. Wait until you see those "west coast" SUNSETS..........they are beautiful. It's been very long time since we have seen one. Take care and keep up with your news.......I am enjoying it very much. Thanks for sharing! Dot


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