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Our Awesome Travels
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Sunday, March 08, 2020

Almost Feels Like Spring

Not exactly sure what I have been doing but I do something everyday.

The other Friday, I throw out supper. I had put a chicken breast in the new slow cooker in the morning with a cream soup (I did this previously in the bigger cooker). But it never got up to temperature of 165 F, according to the internet. I heated up frozen vegetables, fried some potatoes and put that together. I checked the chicken, it still didn't look right, so I added chicken chunks to the fry pan. I attempted to eat what I made, but I didn't trust the chicken, so in the garbage it went. Hate throwing out food, but I wasn't taking the chance on food poisoning. Not sure if it was the slow cooker or the chicken, since the soup was current. That was my first disaster in making a meal. I've been really good at cooking my own meals without using Skip The Dishes. A hot dog was then what I could do quickly.

We had an accumulation of snow the last weekend in February. I had planned for this and got what I needed regarding groceries so I didn't have to travel. I took a couple of pictures of the result. I thought it was rather cool as we had a west wind and looking closely, the drivers side had an area that reminded me of someone surfing, with the way the curve of the snow was. When it stopped, I cleaned the car off. I wanted to avoid having to scrape the windows and the sun did melt the snow remaining on the car.

This past Monday, I planned on putting ties in the duvet cover. When I bought the cover back in October, the cover did not come with ties. The ties help to keep the duvet in place. Over the last couple of weeks I found material (an apron that George used in the restaurant) and cut it up to use for ties. My sister-in-law brought me a portable sewing machine. I started the process of getting the ties sewed into the cover, except the bobbin ran out of thread. Now, I haven't sewn in years and it was a machine I wasn't familiar with. So, to fix this, I packed up the sewing machine, duvet and duvet cover and went to my sister-in-laws. Success, ties sewn in the duvet cover and tied.

I have been working on a list of repairs done on the RV since 2006, sorting through manuals etc to go with the RV and listing some things I know that I will sell. Yes, the RV will be sold. I just need now to take a look at what is in it and decide from there. George knew that I won't keep the RV. Hooking up the car to the RV is beyond my capabilities. He also knew that I would have to create a new life for myself. What a smart man. My brother made a comment a while ago that he thought the RV was empty. Fat chance. I told him, only the top half is empty. He was a tad surprised at that.

I purchased Command hooks that are meant to be used to hang brooms etc. They have been in the corner of the front closet and often times fall, which is a nuisance. Therefore, the hooks. Now, they stay in place and are easily removed.

The other day I saw the garbage truck pick up the garbage. I have seen them before but I was able to take pictures of the process. When we first moved here, I wondered how the garbage and recycle was picked up. What a cool process.

The garbage bin

Near the front of truck, an arm of sorts was raised
The arm lifted the bag out and into the truck
The arm putting the bag back in container.
During the process, the operator loosened the ties, then when the bag was over the truck, pulled and the bag opened. The garbage was now in the truck. I found the process very cool.

Today was a Spring like day (50 F, 10 C). The forecast for the next 14 days, we will have above freezing temperatures. Wonderful. Will see if that happens. Hopefully it does, because I would like to get out to the RV and take a good look at the compartments. See what to keep and what to sell. Of course making a note of everything.

Going forward, day by day.

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  1. Suzie you are a great blogger. Sounds like you are keeping busy. For me RVing was a season and when Joe was gone the RV went to. I have wonderful memories though🤗

  2. Well done Suzie. And thanks for continuing with the blog from time to time.

  3. Glad you are moving on and getting your life organized.
    You might consider a B Class RV, Basically built in a Van. No need to pull a car along.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. A few times I have tried and failed to make anything edible in my slow cooker, so your description of your attempt made me feel better as I smiled with understanding. Being a widow myself, I agree you need to create a new life for yourself. It's a process, some decisions seemed to slowly take shape while others were simpler and easier to make and adjust to. Staying in touch with family, friends and those known via internet (blogs,email,etc.) was a comforting life line. I'm glad you're doing that. You're in my prayers, - Mary

  5. I'm glad we didn't get that pesky snow over here at the east coast.

  6. Our friend Jayne here in our park just lost her husband and is going through the same as you trying to get their motorhome sold so she can get a park model. So much stuff.

    So good to hear from you. I've thrown out more dinners than I care to think about.

  7. Happy to see you maneuvering through your days so well. Your new normal sounds like it’s both interesting and adventurous. George would approve for sure. I too am hoping spring will be here shortly. Love ya Suz.

  8. Yep, I agree. Great blogging skills. I enjoy your writing so please keep it up.

  9. I've never seen a garbage setup like that before. Very interesting.
    Spring is peeking at us!
    Suzie, I lost my husband in 2004. There are still parts of our former life together I've never dealt with in the garage.

  10. Good to see a post from you Suzie, Keeping busy is the key.

    I have never seen that type of garbage set up either pretty cool indeed.
    Take care

  11. So glad you are blogging Suzie, we think about you often and wonder how you are doing. Glad you are keeping busy I am afraid I wouldn't be doing much cooking. That's a pretty slick garbage truck.

  12. Thank you for keeping the blog going and giving us a little peek into your life, it is appreciated because I think of you and your family often.

    I recently got a new doctor and you know how they have to ask you all these questions like if you smoke or if you drink, etc. etc. His nurse asked me if I drank and I answered...Yes, I treat myself to a celebratory beer whenever my San Antonio Spurs win. Maybe not everyone knows that the Spurs are an NBA team.

    I had no idea his nurse had actually typed that into my record. He said to me...I suppose you have not had many instances to celebrate lately (we have not been that good this season) so tell you can drink TWO BEERS when they win but no more than that. I immediately thought of George and how his doctor allowed him two beers and while I smiled at him inside I so wanted to cry!

  13. Oh my ..... I'm laughing with you. I have a HUGE cemetery out back for all of my cooking disasters!! I'm familiar with your pain!! In fact, I'm thinking I should get some hot dogs for my next dinner!! It does get better, especially when I use George's recipes!!

  14. I have an old, old, old slow cooker all stained with years of use when my kids were little and I was a working single mom. The other day, I dragged it out and cooked stew that took 7 hours. Came out delicious. My son bought a stew seasoning package and the instructions said layer veggies at bottom, then stew meat on top and pour stew seasoning over it. Set the slow cooker to low. I checked it at 5 hours and a waft of delicious smells filled the air. It was delish with hard crust bread.

    I also love sewing but admit I am still a beginner after these years. I sewed my kids clothes from remnant material and people often asked where I bought the jumpers or dress. I also made my own clothes and for months my sister in law thought I didn't want to share where I had bought my sailer short jumpers. I never did convenience her I made it. My sister's mother in law worked for a lawyer in Los Angles. The lawyer owned a huge material store. Hence my sister had a lot of quality remnant material, buttons, zippers, thread and such that I occasionally raided her basement to bring home. All I did was buy the pattern. I still have pictures of my kids in their home made clothes and my fav is a sun dress I made to wear on vacation to San Francisco and also my daughter loves pictures of her Easter dresses and vacation rompers. I miss those days of sewing. Somewhere in time, I lost interest.

    Your blog brought back so much memories. Funny how people are alike in habit also. I often look out my window and see odd things going on. One day I looked out and saw a hawk sitting on the street light pole eating his/her lunch. Must have caught a field mouse or something. I'm glad you are doing well and yes keep in tough through your blogs. I've followed you and George for many years.

  15. Thanks for the update once again Suzie! So glad to hear you are doing well and going forward in a positive way with life. :) Your cooking disaster was too funny. The garage was definitely interesting..never seen anything like it. I was wondering too if you plan on getting a small RV of some kind or are you home for good now? Take care and please keep us updated!! Hugs!

  16. A fulltime ready RV might be easier to sell as it will 'come with' a lot of the necessities... just thought I'd mention that. Glad you are keeping busy. Thanks for the Garbage pics it always fascinates me how they remove large quantities in different places... very cool. The house sit we just finished had ties for the footboard, I'd never seen that before and there you are talking about it just as I literally finished unpacking.

  17. Good to get your update. Thanks for keeping us in the loop. You seem busy with several activities. Glad you’re doing well.

  18. Never fear, we ALL have food disasters. Maybe George could have salvaged his but garbage bins are for those failures. Neat system for the garbage pick up there, never seen that set up before.
    Hoping the warmer temperatures melt that white stuff.
    Don't give up on your sewing machine, I love mine even though it is seldom used and I often have disasters there too!! :) Nice to hear from you.

  19. I had to laugh when I read about your chicken disaster...i have never liked cooking at all. i'd rather eat a bowl of cereal than make dinner every night. but with a family to feed, i am stuck with the job! my downfall is meatloaf-oh how I love meatloaf, but I've been trying for 48 years to make a decent one. it's pretty bad when i can't stand eating my own cooking. my husband has made me promise to never make another one! glad you are doing good Suzie. i love to hear from you! Melissa in Albany NY


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