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Our Awesome Travels
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Sunday, February 09, 2020

Getting Things Done and a Post From Daughter #2

Where I am today? 
Stratford, Ontario

I have been keeping myself occupied with getting things done.

The kids and myself have gone through George's clothes. The majority has gone to Goodwill and some to family members who can make use of them. We also went through pictures and other items.

I have been working on several projects for pictures. One was to put more pictures on the viewer, so I can have play it with the most important pictures. But I ran into a snag, that has something to do with FAT system and NTFS system. Not willing to deal with that at the moment.
Displayed in the kitchen where I see it everyday.

In living room, a present from my siblings at our wedding.
One day this past week, I went shopping with my brother and sister-in-law. Some of you know how much I like shopping. I'm really good at going into a store, not finding what I'm looking for and walking out empty handed. George always said that I can be in and out of store in 5-10 minutes. Well this time, I had success. We went to Habitat Restore and I found a lateral file cabinet for $25.00. Minor damages, but mostly not visible. Then we went to Festival Furniture. They sell used office furniture and I found a desk that was suitable for $225.00, delivery included. The file cabinet was put in my brother's vehicle and the desk was delivered the following afternoon. Why buy new when used works just as well. With these 2 purchases, I was able to empty 5 containers and get everything put away. Needless to say, I had a busy afternoon but also productive.
File cabinet and desk in den.
When George and I were living in Plattsville, we got a dining room buffet from my parents and refinished it. When we retired, it went to my brother's place not thinking that I would ever use it again. Well, it is coming back. When it gets here, I should be able to empty the balance of the boxes that are in the den. Not sure what is in them, but I know the boxes contain items that we kept. This will make shopping very easy and I'm sure there will be surprises as to the things we kept.
Buffet, not including the items currently in it.
Thanks for your comments. I continue to take care of myself and will continue to do so, as George would wish. Before you continue reading, you might want to get some Kleenex's.

The following is what daughter #2 posted on Facebook.

Well; took me a while, but I guess I have to start accepting it... missing you Dad.


Well Dad we laid you to rest. Not something I ever pictured doing. Its been almost a month ... it feels like so much more ... I cry every time I edit this, I cry thinking about you not here ... I am the baby so you will have to bare with me ... I think I have put off posting this in ill acceptance that you are gone. Where will I go for that positive don’t give a shit opinion...

I couldn’t stand up and say something at your funeral Dad, but you know that. So I’ll write and post and hope that you’re up there reading it.

My heart has been heavy for months knowing this day was approaching. I’ve cried and cried hoping it wasn’t real. I dreaded the day you would leave us. I cry daily knowing you have ...

I guess I always just took for granted my happy go lucky Dad that would always grace me with his presence and positive advice every spring and leave me with something to think about every winter... the southern bird that you had become .. I was proud and fiercely jealous all at the same time.

Watching you weaken over that short time was one of the hardest things I have ever had to experience but you kept us all in line with your positive thoughts.

Thank you so much for the last Christmas together Dad, I know you struggled to stand and speak from your heart to all of us but it was so beautiful and truly will be something we will cherish beyond years. If only we could all have such courage. You broke my heart ...

Watching you leave us was so hard; I will never forget watching your last tear fall wiping it away and telling you it was ok ...but I was not ok

Your visitation and funeral where absolutely beautiful Dad but you know that. We sent you off in your fedora, your suit, a silly tie; of course your vest just in case. We snuck in some goodies; great scotch and some OV. I know there were probably more tears shed than you wanted but its pretty hard to imagine life without our happy go lucky Dad.

The spring will be unimaginable knowing you will not be returning from the sunny south greeting us with all your stories and little treasures you bring back. And of course every detail of every deal you found; whether it be groceries, outings, gas and of course booze.

We will do our best to continue traditions you have left with us.

It sometimes was hard to know all the events and things you missed during your winter journeys but you made us all realize how important it was to get out and do the things you love and to live life to your own individual dreams.

I have so so many fond memories of the restaurant days with you. You taught me so much. Many may not know but you would keep all my hand written orders so later you could go over all my spelling mistakes with me. Or how you would make me sweep the floor numerous times until I got all the dirt but never would tell me each time where you still saw dirt... an old friend reminded me recently of the big dinners you would put on for everyone after the figure skating carnivals, because you were just that guy!

I’ll never forget how you would drive me to god knows where to get my skates made and sharpened where Elvis Stojko (figure skating enthusiasts would only understand) had his made and sharpened. I cherished those drives with you but probably never showed you the true gratitude I had.

I ‘ll never forget the kind of man you were when I was old enough to pay attention to things like how you would prep dinner before Suzie would get home and tidy up the kitchen just in time for her to walk in the door to the fresh glass of wine you had just perfectly timed for her. And you never stopped being that man for her.

To be honest I thought the blog was silly at the start but it turned out to be quite the idea after all dad. I read it much more than I ever let on to you. More to keep an eye on you or see what you were cooking. Now we all have this special place to always go and read your words.

When asking my oldest what they thought of when thinking of Grand Dad of course they said beer and laughed, which you probably laughed too, they then quickly moved on to memories made;

They wanted to make sure it was said that:
Our kids will always remember your determination to make sure that the last thing you did with them every year was carve pumpkins with them at Thanksgiving, before you heading south, the eldest of the grands as dad would say will have over a decade of these memories. I will never forget your sadness this past year over not being able to do this with them.

They specifically stated they will always remember Grandad making as many hockey games as he could before heading south and taking soo many pictures while on the ice. They would always ask which pics made the blog. Oh and of course breaking quartz rocks open that you would bring back.

All of your grandchildren are going to miss their silly happy GrandDad sooo much.

Words cannot describe the pain I feel knowing you are actually not coming home this spring Dad...

And oh Charlize the love you showed to her. I toted her along to the hospice most days always found it hilarious that even in your last days you made sure we knew, that you knew she was there; even with your hearing aides out. I never realized how much of an impact this was on her until after you were gone as we got in the car and she said “let’s go I gotta visit my grandma Sue and Grandad.... I am just so happy we had the visits we had. She knew you were sick and something was happening; I know you smile when she said “shhh that’s grandpa he’s sleeping” ; as she stood by your casket.

I remember you saying once to me not too long ago “looks like the third really is a charm” and then later remembering you always said that about Suzie. I took that as your approval Dad. I knew you liked him.

I will never forget very near to your last day you shaking Robs hand and saying, I am doing great and smiling your big smile at him. You broke both our hearts. But left us shaking our heads a smiling later. But that’s you.

Your last text to me Dad when I knew you were still 100% you ; you said to me; after I had had a rough day; “ you made it this far kid, keep on going..” and those words will be with me as I move into this life without you.

There are so many things I wanted to say over the years and recently though didn’t because usually I only had to look at you and you would just know.

I will never forget how you taught me how to drive stick up an icy dirt road... constantly throwing it out of gear while up hill saying ooops what do you do now... over and over... you taught me so much.. I thought you were such an ass ...

I will miss your check in’s to see if I was ok. You would always tell me when you would see I wasn’t happy and wanted to discuss how I should change something so I was. I was usually determined to deny what you were seeing, but now wish I would have welcomed those discussions more with you.

I will cherish all those last kisses when 1 was never enough..

I will continue to use hot sauce on everything but now will think of you every time...

I could go on forever... I will miss you so much more than all those words above can ever express. I just cannot believe you are gone...

Cheers Dad , till we meet again

I am sure you’re making it awesome up there.

Love You Always, letting you go has been so hard ... but I know you are with me...

Your youngest
Daughter #2

My reply to her posting:
Jessie, Always remember your Father's positive attitude and the way he lived his life. He would want you to carry on as he would have if he was here. He appreciated each and every visit with you, your siblings and grandchildren. Thanks to the 3 of you and family for helping me with packing up our belongings from the RV, moving to the apartment and unpacking. Your Father wanted to make sure that I had a place to live, (he knew his time was short). Thanks for helping me through this difficult time and willing to travel to Stratford when I needed you 3 to help. Your father got his wish to spend quality time with family, friends, Christmas with both sides of the family and New Year's with me. Thanks Jessie for your posting.

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  1. Thank you Suzie for the update, your new furniture looks great and good to see that you are getting everything organized. Also it was so nice to have had the phone conversation a few Days ago.
    To Jessie, what touching words about your Dad, we here in the RV world remember him for many of the same things. There have been a few gatherings of friends here in Arizona and California that your Dad and Suzie would have been at, where a toast to him has been given. Everyone of us would not have met or been to some of the places we have, if not for him. Keep him in your memories and your heart as I know so many of us will. And every time we visit Pilot Knob, Quartzsite, Lins, Rock Glen and many more places he will be with us.

    1. The only thing I can add to Bill's comment above is that through tears, I laughed at Jessie's memory of stick shift driving. "I thought you were such an ass". I can hear George laughing at those words!

  2. I'm speechless.What a loving tribute.

  3. A lovely post from Daughter #2. I love the memories & life lessons she shared. I'm sure George & you are very proud of her. Your George really made an impression on lots of folks! And congratulations on your progress in making your new place "home," as difficult as it must be at times.

    Renee (North Ranch AZ / Aztec NM)

  4. Oh Suzie thank you for the update, we look every morning to see if there's one. Glad to hear you are doing well. Your little home is coming together nicely. I love the buffet, it will be beautiful there! I love the holiday rules hanging in your kitchen. Certain it makes you smile when you look at it. On to Jessie's post...Not a dry eye here in Yerington. What a special tribute, Ken laughed over the stick shift driving...I'm sure our boys felt the same way about their dad when learning to drive stick :) Sounds like a very special relationship between you two. None of us will ever forget George and that smile. Just keep him in your heart as you know he's watching out for all of you. I'm glad you're there for Suzie and vice versa. Losing someone you love is never easy, but when he's that special it's even harder. Thank you for the beautiful posting.

  5. Thank you so much for the update on how you are doing Suzie. I am glad to hear that you are doing well and making it through each and every day and that you always try to keep George's positive attitude yourself.

    Jessie's letter was wonderful and says so much about her love for her Dad and the man that he was.

    Please know that we are all thinking of you and sending lots of love your way.

  6. Very touching. We continue to wish you all the very best going forward.

  7. Glad to see you are out and about, doing things Suzie. It looks like you are starting to settle in and make the apartment your home. The furniture looks wonderful.
    Jesse, Daughter #2, such a wonderful tribute to your father. You made me laugh, smile and cry all at the same time. Thank you for sharing. I didn't know your father very well, but he was always an inspiring fellow, happy and cheerful, willing to help or offer advice but never one to push things on a person. He will be missed by many and although I know that doesn't offer you much comfort now, it will in the future, to know that he touched many lives in such a positive way, that he left behind a massive group of people that cared about him. A group that cares about the well being of Suzie and all of you wonderful people that were so dear to our friend George. This blog is a wonderful venue to help us all keep in touch with you folks. Please continue to contribute, we would all like to know how you folks are doing.

  8. Wonderful post of remberance. George's memories are being shared with his love ones and friends. Thank you for your update Suzie and daughter #2 Jessie...Bless you and wishing all the best XOXO
    Dorothy Martin

  9. Just a lovely blog post and wonderful tribute to George. Suzie hang in there, been in your shoes and though overwhelming at first, over time it does become a little easier. Take care.

  10. Suzie - thanks for the update and your strength that it conveys.
    Jessie - like many there is a box of Kleenex on my desk, not enough ... a beach towel would have been more appropriate as I read your heartfelt tribute to your dad.
    Thanks for sharing him with us.

  11. I should have listened to your advice at the beginning of this post. I needed the kleenex.

  12. Darn...I should have followed your advice about getting a kleenex. So wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing. Peter and Bea in NB.

  13. Nice to read that you are slowly settling into the apartment as well as remembering George.
    As for Jesse your father will always be with you and if you have a problem just sit back and talk to him. He'll give you the advice you need.
    Be Safe!

    It's about time to let the Healing Begin.

  14. I’m glad my Kleenex were by my chair. I don’t know if my tears were a reminder of my pain three years ago or yours now. But I certainly have a lot of empathy for you. I love your new to you furniture and your beautiful hutch. I con tiniest to keep you in my prayers.

  15. Suzie, getting things settled is a good thing and yes George would want you to take care of yourself. I love the buffet.
    Daughter #2 Jessie what a beautiful tribute to your dad. Remember he will always be in your heart and next you. My dad has left here 11 yrs ago and I still talk to him every day. I was daddy's girl all the way.

  16. Chris, above, was right. I also needed the Kleenex. What a beautiful tribute to a life well lived but too short. We are cheering for you all, just as George would have wanted. Be awesome.....

  17. Suzie thank you for keeping up with the blog. I am glad you are adding more things to your home to make things more comfortable and manageable.

    Jessie (daughter #2) - What a wonderful and heart felt tribute to your dad. In looking at your baby picture with George, I suddenly realized how much your daughter looks like you. It is no wonder why he loved her so much as well as all his grandchildren.

    While there are no magic words that will lessen your pain at the monent...time does makes it more bearable.

  18. This is a wonderful posting for many reasons. Force of habit has me checking this blog everyday as I did for so many years. Happy you are doing well, Suzie. Jessie’s remembrances of her dad captured so many of the qualities that made his life significant to others. We all continue to miss George albeit in differing ways. Hope you will continue to keep us in the loop.

  19. So nice to hear from you and get an update about how you are doing. It looks like your home is coming together nicely. I am with you why by new if you can find something used that works. Besides a lot of the new furniture is not made to last. What a beautiful buffet.
    Thanks for the warning about the kleenex. What wonderful memories daughter #2 you have of your dad and your time together. Got a kick out the part about learning to drive a stick shift brought back the memories of doing it with my dad. Your dad was such a positive giving man and when we think of him it will always be with a smile. Suzie, thank you for sharing this with us. Continue to take care.

  20. So glad to hear from you. Glad you are doing well. What a great tribute from Daughter #2 and a beautiful response from you. Praying for continued healing for y’all


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