Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Mexico fun with friends, and Lin's buffet for lunch.

Where are we today ?
Pilot Knob Resort
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     Cooler today only up to the high 70's. After the heat almost feels cold. But we survived, lol. Got a couple miles walkabouts this morning then at 10:30 John and Barb picked us up and we wandered down the road to Los Algodones Mexico, just cause we could. It's been a couple years so we were due.
       Not real Mexico but we still enjoy it for a couple hours. We know the vendors and how to avoid them ( shut off my hearing aid, lol). Checked out a few things. 
       They have everything there that you don't need and even stuff that you do need mostly at great prices too. Dental, eyeglasses drugs etc.. all excellent prices.
Love watching these guys painting
they are amazing
lots of t shirts with sayings
love them
        Picked up 3 lbs of very nice asparagus for $3.00, good deal.    
        Then we stopped at the purple store, sampled some Tequilas and picked up a 1 litre bottle of nice Brandy for $6.85 another good deal
        11:45 a very short line back to the USA 12 minutes to  wait , gotta love it!
nice short lineups before noon
       Now to our very favorite Chinese Buffet that we all love and crave for lunch at Lin's. $8.35 each for seniors at lunch during the week.
       This place is always busy and food always hot and fresh, selections here for everyone.
       Excellent salads, seafood, desserts, sushi, soups, mongolian grill all is very good.
       We choose to come for lunch for 2 reasons, less expensive and we always overeat. So for today this was our breakfast, lunch and supper.
Breakfast, sample a bit of salad
 Lunch, love the Hot and sour soup
        I have never tried the Mongolian grill before so gave it a try, pick what you want and grilled right there in front of you, I choose chicken,  pork, veggies, bean sprouts, jalapeno peppers and asked for it extra spicy , very good!
choices for the grill
cooked so quickly to perfection
        Good thing they have small plates cause I wanted to try more stuff.
 Supper, this my Mongolian grill plate
       Now every one else done and John is into dessert, bananas with a red sweet sauce he loves.
this my dessert
       So we came back from Mexico with the brandy and 3 lbs of asparagus for under $10.00. And very full tummies, cravings satisfied at Lins's.
our haul across the border
      Home by 1:30 time for some reading in the shade a few walkabouts, just enjoying this wonderful weather that we are here for.
       Spent a fun day with our good friends John and Barb, they are leaving in the morning and we will probably not see them until this summer in Ontario
       Needless to say no supper tonight we are still quite comfortable now, not too full anymore. and even still sitting outside reading and posting this blog at 8:20 pm it is that nice out!
and another nice sunset
to end a wonderful day
        Thanks for taking a peek and if you in the area drop by and say hi!

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  1. You are right. There is just about everything you need or don't need in Mexico but it's still fun.

  2. Ah...brings back memories of our stay there a couple of years ago. I loved all the color in Algondones as we walked the streets!

    We also ate at Lins a couple of times...awesome buffet!

    1. Our 2 favorite things to do in the area. Fun and Tasty...

  3. A good booze run, great deal on asparagus, and a full belly! I call that a 10!

  4. And once again your blog left me hungry. Eating is my favorite past time.

  5. Fun day for you, we always like going to Algodones, and Lins too.

  6. I saw the asparagus but wasn't sure we could take it across the border. Sorry we didn't get to visit with you this time, but I'm sure we'll see you again in the future. We've got some family obligations and need to get to CG.

    1. No problem with the asparagus and it was so good.
      Safe travels and see you on down the road.


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