Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Always things to do to keep me busy, where did the day go?

Where are we today ?
       Great sleep again last night and slept in until 5 am, now thats's amazing for me! Got the computing done, pot of coffee consumed with Suzie then off to Pettigrew's garage in Plattsville for an oil change on our car at 8 am. 
       Nice to chat with the guys here and a few locals that stop by then back to New Hamburg. 
interesting morning skies on the way back
         Made lunch for Suzie and her dad toasted western sandwichs. An omelette for her mom's lunch and some left over chicken pot pie for her supper. Yesterday I put together a simple hot dog that she was craving, heat up in the microwave. It is nice that she is actually eating some food again.
         Got to puttering around a bit and Suzie called me to come to the Thrift store now please!  Ok hopped in the car 2 blocks down and she was there withe her Dad, they bought the perfect table for the home, a small drop leaf kitchen table, 15 bucks, the perfect size for the space they have in their new apartment.
         I took that home and some empty boxes then proceeded to whip up a cherry pie, They had a whole pail of frozen cherries in the freezer and her Dad loves cherry pie. 
        I have not baked a pie since I closed my restaurant way back in 1999 when I did 3-4 every day for 10 years. We don't normally eat pie or desert for that matter. It was for my customers or company.
ready for the oven
smells so good
        Pie baked then a visit our coach, picked up a couple things, make sure everything is ok, and stop by the grocery store and back home.
afternoon sunset from the dinning room window, lovely ! 
               I went out a few more empty boxes for packing then fired up our Weber  Q. Right outside the Kitchen door in the garage.  Grilling a nice pork loin roast, and this smells so good too.
         While thats cooking, boiled up some taters to mash, made a salad and some pork gravy to add to the mess. Oh yeah we some apple sauce too. And a meal for Suzie's mom too pork, taters and gravy, piece of cherry pie too.
sure did the trick
      Then of course I had to try the cherry pie, was actually pretty good with the ice cream. Like I said I am not a desert eater, but did want to try it.  These meals are not in my healthy eating plan and my tummy is giving me a hard time with this stuff. But does taste good.
cherry pie and cherry ice cream
think her Dad enjoyed it
       There ya go the day whipped on by and did not even have time to do some stuff that I had planned, maybe tomorrow right?
       Thanks for stopping in again and enjoying a meal with us. Still have some pie left if ya'll wanna come back.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle. 
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  1. Glad that Suzie's Mom is perking up and that her appetite is getting better that is always a good sign.

    That cherry pie looks delicious!

    1. At least she is eating a bit .
      Thanks Ruth the pie was very tasty.

  2. Give me, give me some, cherry, cherry pie :-)

    1. Come on over Larry glad to have you, but its kinda cold here right now, you may not like the weather at all.

  3. Sure wish you were here in Quartzsite with us. We're going to miss both of you!!

    1. Sure wish we were there too. Hope to see lotsa pictures please !

  4. It is nice that organizing Suzie's folks is working out. Keeping busy with kitchen (baking) duties is a nice way to pass the time......and get the freezer emptied out.

    1. Cleaning up the food supplies, I can be inventive and enjoy the cooking to so it works out pretty well.


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