Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Saturday, January 02, 2010

January 1st, Mazatlan

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In Mazatlan Mexico enjoying the winter months

Sat. Jan. 9th
        Today we relax and putter around a bit, do a bit of laundry by hand (we don't need a lot of clothes in this climate), some maintenance on our coach, a walkabout and chat with some neighbours. About 1:30 pm we went to the beach for a bit, a refreshing dip in the ocean and play in the waves. We watched some with wave boards riding in on the waves, a couple of young vendors selling their wares and a few fishing, Joseph came in with 2 long thin fish, with a long snout and lotsa of very sharp teeth, he will clean and eat them.
       A little later I went to the village to see the chicken lady (as the rv'ers here call her). Amazing to watch her cooking  1/2 chickens on a BBQ made of a 45 gallon drum over a charcoal fire. She was flipping the chicken and some beef, tomatoes and potatoes over the coals, even a huge pot of spanish rice. Filling orders for the local people waiting ahead of me. When the chicken is just about done she chops it into small pieces and returns to the coals to make sure it is properly cooked. We ordered (uno) one and she set to work assembling a huge pile of chicken, rice and tortillias for our supper, much more that we could eat for $80.00 pesos ($6.50 Canadian) and it was extremely good.
        We had a bit of a happy hour with some neighbours, then dinner and a movie afterward another great day.        

Old Town
Fri. Jan. 8th
       This morning we will take a trip into Mazatlan, no cruise ships so better prices. We took the expensive water taxi 10 pesos each ($1.62) but will take us closer to the Old Town area that we can walk to.
       We got off by the Baja Ferry and walk by a huge compound with new cars and trucks that were being driven out to dealers. Also some huge semi and double semi trucks waiting to unload their vehicles as well. We took a leisurely walk along Carnaval Street about 20 minutes to Macado Plaza. Here there is art galleries, shops and a town square lined with lovely old restaurants and sidewalk tables. Too early for lunch so we walked a few more blocks past the Cathedral to Central Market (Mercado) to look about some more and we stopped at Panamas for lunch. Very clean, friendly with an artwork of displayed meals, amazing bakery and 2 menus (1 english,1 Spanish) they even sent us an English Speaking waitress.
         After this we continued walking thru Old Town to the Malecon and Olas Atlas the Original Tourist area in Mazatlan. The new tourist area (and more expensive) being further north is the Golden Zone, which will be another day trip for us. Here walked past a few sidewalk cafe's and restaurants, the back thru town for a while to the water taxi, all the while enjoying the many interesting sights and sounds.
          Once back home we sat on the beach for a while and went for a swim to cool off. A few of our neighbours from the campground took their vehicle on the beach so they could listen to music and make pitchers of margaritas, while reading & playing on the beach and in the surf. Afterwards we watched a mild sunset then ordered a mouth watering garlic shrimp pizza from Bengi's for a light evening snack 90 pesos ($7.23), then watch a movie.

Thurs Jan 7th
      We have noticed the last few days that the mornings warm up real quick, it is quite warm and humid until about 2:00pm when you get a bit of a breeze with the sun not quite so intense. This morning we watched the Carnival cruise ship come in the channel down the beach from the campground, very impressive. We relaxed, chatted with people and checked out possibilities of some excursions for ourselves, things to see and do. After all we can't just sit by the beach everyday, can we???  With our toes in the water and ass in the sand. We would like to see a few other things while we are here.
      With a get together for happy hour, we purchased a hand made Mexican fly swatter from the security guard. $24.00 pesos ($1.94 Canadian), exchanged stories and tales. Then to the beach for another amazing sunset and watch the cruise ship leave the channel all lit up. So many impressive sights the pictures don't really do them justice. Then back home for BBQ salmon fillet, broccoli rice and tossed sald for supper.

Wed. Jan. 6th
Happy Birthday to Brother Chris.
      Weather is more of the same, sunny and warm about 25c (75f) by 9 a.m. A walk on the beach reveals 3 fishermen pulling in their nets and with some fresh fish to take home. A few pelicans in the water watching and one lonely, long legged Egret strolling in the surf nearby keeping an eye on things.
       Puttering around today, read, relax and a trip to the village store was a another great day. At 4.00pm we had a get together, Happy Hour to wish Kathy and her son David a safe trip back to Ontario. Most of the campground was there taking over the whole street.

We met Kathy and Roy at 50 Point in Ontario summer 2009 , with Larry & Marylin and all agreed to meet at Tres Amigos, RV resort on Stone Island. Roy had what they thought was a bug bite, but after numerous tests, was flown back to Ontario for more extensive medical treatment. Their son David flew down to drive home with Kathy and are leaving first thing in the morning. After the large gathering and well wishers left, we had a roast beef dinner with them hosted by Marylin and Larry, then relax for the rest of the night.
Wed. Pics.

Tues. Jan. 5th
Happy Birthday today to my daughter Jessica.
     A nice sunrise this morning with a few clouds. But the sky cleared and it warmed up quickly. I went to the store for a few items and found that 3 cruise ships were in port today across the harbour, a very impressive sight. A few fresh veggies from the produce truck then we took the water taxi to town, and hopped on a Pulmonia to check out the Mega Store.
      This is a new store, and has just about anything you need, from fresh fish, meat, produce, appliances, clothing, canned goods, frozen foods, deli counter, beer, wine, alcohol, pharmacy and an impressive bakery department. For the bakery you get a large pizza tray and tongs, walk the isles loading it with fresh baked goods, breads, donuts, pastries and cakes, and amazing selection. Then take it to the bakers where it is weighed, packaged and priced. I enjoyed these stores checking out the items and trying to figure out some of the products (pretty well everything in Spanish), this takes grocery shopping to a new level. A new culture, new products and a new language included with new sights to see.
        We returned back home for lunch in a taxi this time to the water taxi, 50 pesos ($4.00 Canadian). The nice thing about the taxis and Pulmonias around town is that they all take different routes so we really get a nice sightseeing tour at the same time and not have to drive. Its always a flat rate (no meters), but you negotiate the best price with them first, if you like the price get in, if not take another.

    After lunch we chatted with a few neighbours, then grabbed our beach chairs, books and cooler and walked to the beach. First on the agenda was a dip in the ocean, (our first this year) to cool off, it was about 85f (30c) and humid. The water was very warm but refreshing with just enough waves to make it fun, with a beautiful soft sandy bottom. Now to relax, read and watch the sights, next thing we know its 4.15pm, so back home have a quick shower. There was 4 people sitting about so we joined them and chatted, before you know it there was 14 of us there, Happy hour until about 6.00pm. Some people off to watch the World Junior Championship Canada, USA hockey game. We returned home for supper, amazing  BBQ'd smoked pork chops (we bought at the market on sunday), boiled potatoes, cabbage and a fresh garlic bread from todays bakery. Then watch a bit of a movie.
Tues Pics.                 

The internet has been down for a couple of days but is to be working pretty good now thanks to John.

horses grazing under the coconut palms 
Mon. Jan. 4th
         A nice warm sunny day as usual, putter around for a bit, wash the car, and a few walkabouts. An Rv'er in our park (John from Markham Ontario) had volunteered to consult with the park to help resolve the internet problems. After a chat with King David (the owner) he set to work to make a few changes and quickly had a temporary fix for the internet. They contacted a new internet provider and it looks like a new system could be installed.
     With the internet working again everybody happy. It's real amazing how much we have come to rely on the internet for our banking, communications, research, planning and everyday lives.
     Mondays are a day off for a lot of Mexcians even the horses, they are free to roam the coconut palm forest behind the resort, no saddles, no riders, no worries and no fences, free range, you fence your property to keep animals out.
      We enjoyed the day too, walk the neighbours dogs on the beach and read for a bit, chat with people walking by. Sit in the shade. Supper tonight was juicy home made hamburgers on the BBQ and homemade fries. Then another Chuck Norris movie. And fall asleep to the sound of waves on the beach. Life is good. 

Mazatlan Market
Sun. Jan. 3rd
    Beautiful, bright morning today. After a walkabout and some fresh veggies from the vendor that comes thru the park, and replenish our Corona stock we are off to Mazatalan. About 1 KM to the water taxi dock then 5 pesos (.40 cents) each and across the harbour to the fish market, hungry Pelicans, and a Pulmonia to take us to the Market 30 pesos  ($2.40). We wandered in and out and around the market, just amazed by the sights and sounds. So much to see, fresh beef. pork, chicken and fish not much refrigerated? So much fresh produce, and clothing and deals to be had everywhere. Its fun to barter with the Mexicans to get  the best price.
     After a while we checked outside some of the stores on the street and walked about the Cathedral a couple of blocks away. Back to the market upstairs for lunch. Very unique many tiny restaurants with a few tables and they cook right there for you. We had Pollo Frito (fried chicken) a chicken leg and whole wing, rice, lettuce, french fries, beans and a stack of warm tortillas for 30 pesos each ($2.40) a nice tasty lunch.
      From here we walked about 10 blocks to the Malacan (the road that follows the coast all thru Mazatlan. The beaches , fishing boats, the surf, vendors, traffic  and people made for a nice leisurely walk a few kilometers south to where the daring cliff divers do their show. Nobody there at the time, but a nice walk anyway. So we grabbed another pulmonia back to Embarcadero "Isla de la Piedra" (Stone Island water taxi) for 40 pesos ($3.20).
       Now time to relax on the beach with a book for a while and  watching the pelicans diving for fish just a short distance away in the surf.  Back home to read a bit more and have a hotdog wrap and fries for supper. With a banana split desert with  homemade Kaluhua ice cream, cookies, strawberries, pecans and dutch chocolate liquor, decadent for sure.Then a movie to follow.
Sun. Pics

Sat Jan. 2nd
    This morning a bit cooler, overcast and drizzly. We puttered around a bit and relaxed. I went to the store for some groceries and beer. I got the groceries but no Corona ! Sold out. This could have been a disaster, but I do like to keep ahead on our inventory of essential items (eg. coffee and beer) so we are still ok for a bit.
     Putter around a bit and read for a while in the afternoon. Then happy hour in the middle of the road, with a few people joining us, until Debra walked by and invited us all to their water front sight. So we grabbed our chairs and moved over there , instant party! More people and snacks appeared. Munching, chatting and watching another beautiful sunset. After this, home to BBQ some pork chops with boiled potatoes and cabbage for supper.
Sat. Pics

Happy New Year!!!!
¡feliz año nuevo!

Fri. Jan. 1st.
      Well the beginning of a new decade, living on the beach in Mexico and with new adventures on the horizon life is good. After a great New Year's eve beach party we were up a little later this morning, (7:00am) sun shining and warm, another great day.
     At 10:00am we meet on the beach for the Polar Bear Dip,(haha), so they call it. Just the gathering of a bunch of lively seniors (and dogs) on the beach, to go and play in the waves, take some pictures, and toast New Years morning with a glass of champagne. 
      The rest of the day walkabout a bit, relax and read. Then at 4.00 pm "ANOTHER PARTY".  Off we all go to Peggy & Robins for a potluck dinner. She cooked a turkey and everybody brought lotsa food. eg: Ham, salmon, rice, veggies, nachos, dips, deviled eggs, spaghetti, many salads, and deserts a great spread of delicious food.
After all this eating we started a huge campfire on the beach and enjoyed chitchat, Colin with his guitar, a neighbour with a harmonica and singing, lots of good songs. A bit of fireworks and flares in the air and a nice warm night on the beach.
      Then later to go home to relax and try to watch a movie.
Fri Pics      


  1. George and Suzie.....Looks like you had another Nice Day .......enjoyed your Pictures of the trip to -- Mazatlan Market & your walk about town - Thanks again for sharing! Dot
    PS --- I alsp like your links to "Vanstones" & "Kevin & Ruth" --- good stuff

  2. So does that swatter just shoosh the flies away? Or actually do them in???
    Jan. 7 sunset awesome!

  3. it's a swoosher like a horse's tail!! don't want to hurt the poor devils!


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