Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Monday, January 11, 2010

Jan 11th Mazatlan Mexico

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In Mazatlan Mexico enjoying the winter months. 
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Sun. Jan 17th
      Once again we had nothing to do today and still did not get it all done, not sure where the time goes. Even thou we are up at 6.00am. 

       Today we had planned to go to Mazatlan for lunch and sightsee a bit. Hmm.... by the time we puttered around, talked to a few neighbours, sampled some fresh coconut from Joseph and a short walk on the beach it was lunch time! Well we made lunch, relaxed a bit and went to the beach about 1:30pm. (maybe someday it will rain or be cool and we won't have to go to the beach!) Just as nice as ever, we sat and enjoyed the beach games, chatting with neighbours, checking out some of the vendors a swim and read a book. Before we know it its 4:30, so back home a short happy hour and then BBQ  chicken and mashed potatoes for supper and a movie later on. 

Sat. Jan. 16th

      The day starts off with another nice sunrise. We are planning what we may do today. Let see now, compute from 6:00am to 8:00am, say good bye to neighbours leaving campground, wait for the veggie truck around 9:30am, watch some beach volleyball at 10:00, chat with a few people around the park, go to store for cervasa, have lunch, a walkabout, cut my hair, go sit on beach for a couple hours and read, 4:00pm happy hour, 5:00pm walk down beach to Carmelitas for supper, while watching another beautiful sunset, after supper neighbours from campground arrive, we chat with them dance to the music, play with dogs and children there, (Carmelita is there, her 94th birthday party).

Then walk back down the beach home to watch a bit of a movie then bedtime. 
       And we still did not figure out what to do today. We try again tomorrow. Wish us luck.

Sat. Pics.      

Fri. Jan. 15th

      It seems little cooler today 25c (75f), we must be real used to the heat now. I got a message from the doctor in Mazatlan about my hearing aid and was to call her to authorize repairs. We found someone with a Mexican cell phone to use and called. The receptionist no speak English and we no speak Spanish so we had a problem there. One camper here (Anna) was fluent in Spanish and called again for us. The receptionist told her (in Spanish)the doctor would be in at 11.00am, call back then. So we called back and the doctor did speak pretty good english, told us the quote for repairs , we authorized this and it will be back next week. 
      That took up most of the morning, then a few walkabouts after lunch, I made some deviled eggs for happy hour, again at 4:00pm. Our neighbours Dave & Sharon are beginning their journey back to Alberta Canada saturday morning, so a going away party was in order, we had lots of people, snacks, stories and jokes. Any excuse for a party seems to be the rule here.

       Following this we had BBQ'd home made turkey burgers and fries for dinner then a movie.
Fri. Pics.      

Thurs. Jan. 14th
Pig Roast on the beach

      Another day in paradise. First thing in the morning Joseph and Brent put the prepared, wrapped pig in the pit and buried it with sand over the hot coals. Someone had spend most of the night feeding the firepit with firewood. With the properly marked firepit on the beach we carried on with our daily chores. Like walking and driving on the beach chatting with neighbours, a playing with computer stuff. 
      In the afternoon we sat on the beach for a while and read. Then prepared a hamburg macaroni casserole and set up tables and chairs on the beach for the potluck dinner at 5:00 pm. People arrived with lots a food for our buffet and to see the digging up of the pig. Removed the tin foil, banana leaves and chicken wire. It was done to perfectiom, very moist, tasty and fall off the bone good. We all chatted and observed and then did the buffet line to sample the the roasted pig all the amazing salads, casseroles, appetizers, snacks and deserts. The highest unofficial head count was 74 persons, a pretty good turnout on a lovely evening. At 5:00 pm we watched an impressive cruise ship (Princess Sapphire) leave the harbour then at 6:00 pm another cruise ship (Carnival) leaving all lit up and sailing off into the sunset. Later on was our time to retire for the evening. 
Thurs. Pics.    

Wed. Jan 13th

      A nice sunrise this morning, the waves on the shore, a few playing beach volleyball, and a few more getting a pit ready for the pig roast on thursday. Larry and I went and got a few more rocks for them with his truck. And some others gathered firewood, now all is set for tomorrow.
       We puttered around for a bit and after lunch went to the beach to read and go for a swim, and chat with a few people. Always somebody there, and a few vendors drop by to sell their wares, atvs and horses coming by, dogs playing, people walking in the surf and lotsa bogie boards trying to catch a free ride on a wave. At one point Larry & Marylins daughter was out in the waves and some Mexican fishermen came by in a boat waving at her to get out of the water. They were putting down a huge fishing net and she was in that area, so out she came and we all began to watch. Very exciting as we went down the beach with them all pulling the net onto shore, from both ends. We could see fish jumping in the water and the spectators looking on. After a few minutes the net was in and a nice catch of a few hundred fish either mullet or mackerel. Check this video. There was even a couple of sting rays that were thrown back.
       After this exciting afternoon, Joseph and a few guys got the pig out (purchased from a local farmer) and wrapped him with chicken wire, banana leaves and tin foil to be ready for the pig roast in the morning. Then we had supper of a BBQ'd pork chop, fresh garlic shrimp, boiled potato and cabbage. 
Wed. Pics        

Tues. Jan. 12th

       Where does the time go and what did we do???? When did we ever find time for work?? Get up about 5:30 am checked email, downloaded pictures and updated this BLOG until about 9:00am, I went for a walkabout & chatted with a few neighbours then we vacuumed our coach, Suzie did a bit of laundry by hand and a bit more computing. After lunch to the small library room in RV park 1 and pickup a few books. Then relax on the beach for a couple hours reading and watching the waves. Back home at 4:00pm, happy hour with a few neighbours, then dinner of BBQ'd smoked pork chops, grilled pepper, cabbage, a garlic bun, and a movie, sure wears a person out.

Margarita Mon. Jan 11th

       This morning we are off the Mazatlan to see about getting my hearing aide repaired. Taking the water taxi and pulmonia to a hearing specialist. Here we arranged to have it shipped to the factory for repairs and hopefully returned in a week or so. After this we went to Walmart to purchase a new digital camera, after almost 6 years and over 30,000 digital pics in was acting up and sometimes not working. From here we walked to Auto Zone for a replacement fuse for our car, then returned back to Isla de la Piedra (Stone Island) for the afternoon. 
         At 4.00pm our neighbour George from British Columbia had invited us all to his Margarita Monday Happy hour. With over half the campground there, lots of snacky foods and appetizers we all had a great time. George was kept busy with his amazing Margarita Machine (powered by a small chainsaw gas motor) making pitchers of Margaritas for everyone. This being followed by another magnificent sunset, then home for a later supper of a hamburger casserole.
Mon. Pics     

Sun. Jan. 10th

      More sunshine and warmth today. We had planned to go to Mazatlan, the Golden Zone today, but decided to wait until a weekday when more businesses would be open. So we hung out here enjoyed the shade, the beach a walkabout and chatting with the neighbours. For supper we BBQ'd a back bacon roast (we brought from Ontario) baked potato and some boiled cabbage. Then went for another walk down the beach to find the source of the music. A pavilion just filled with local Mexicans having a great time dancing
and socializing with family and friends. We sat and enjoyed the sights and sounds for a while then strolled the beach back home to relax with a movie.  

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  1. Nice sunset! We have sunsets like that every day! Lou

  2. Yeah Lou, but you have COLD & SNOW with those sunsets!!

  3. Wow, cool video of the fish catch. And then a pig roast! You two are doing it right!
    Tim and Ellen

  4. Have a great safe trip back to Canada guys we really enjoyed following your stay in Paradise. Excellent blog and pictures


  5. George and Suzie......OMG, you are heading north, but still in paradise with another lovely SUNSET - with your feet in the sand ..........and a cold beer in your hand! It looked like a very nice dinner after a long day on the road. - Dot


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