Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Sunday, November 02, 2008

November 2008

Don't forget to check out the interactive map at the bottom of the page, places we have visited

  Sun. Nov. 9th Having our coffee and last minute packing before we head off to the Cruise Terminal in Galveston. Our Ports of Call being Cozumel, Georgetown Grand Caymen and Montego Bay Jamaica. We don't expect much reasonable internet on the ship so will have to update the Blog and our many pictures after we return on Nov.16th. check this link for our itinerary

Sat. Nov. 8th. We had a relaxing day at home, getting things together for the cruise and chatted with our neighbours from Ottawa. Forever enjoying the warm sunny weather. 

Fri. Nov.7th 274 miles today FUEL PRICE !!! $1.83 uS gal @ 25% exchange 0.60.9 cents a litre WOW!!! at the Flying J in Houston We departed Lafayette at 8.45am heading west to Willis Texas and checked into Castaways RV park at about 2.00pm. here we will leave our coach while we go on our Caribbean Cruise on sunday The drive was good, but driving thru Houston is one place that people try to avoid, with the constant construction and an unbelievable maze of interchanges and overpasses. One thing we had forgotten about was the Texas U turns, when exiting the thruway on the ramp the very left lane is not the left turn lane, it takes you right under the overpass and back up onto the thruway in the opposite direction you were travelling, confusing at first but very convenient. We set up once we found a suitable site, aimed our satellite dish then a quick trip to local grocery store for a few items. While checking out the campground we ran into a couple that camped beside us in Abita Springs LA. small world. For supper we enjoyed a roasted cornish hen with Swiss Chalet sauce and fries for supper, yummy. Tomorrow we get ready for our cruise.

Thurs. Nov. 6th Cooler today and a little bit of rain showers. Suzie took Angelo out to get a new computer program and help him set it up. I puttered about the RV making a few adjustments here and there. A relaxing day. The I made supper for our hosts a peameal back bacon roast (not available in the USA), garlic mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli with cheese sauce. 

Wed. Nov.5th Bright and sunny day welcomes us and 22c (74f) by 8.00am. We went to Jon's school where he teaches grade 5-6 students part time to meet his students. They wanted to meet some Canadians and wondered if we really said EH! They were delighted to meet us see our Canadian Flag and some of our colorful money. Later we took a 30 minute drive south to Avery Island home of the one and only Tabasco Pepper Sauce Factory. Here Tabasco Pepper sauce is made much the same way as it was well over 100 years ago, but now they produce 700,000 bottles a day. The Capsicum frutescens pepper plant from which Tabasco is made are hand picked every August and mashed with Avery Island salt, packed in white oak barrels and aged 3 years. Then it is mixed with premium vinegar and stirred for a month strained then bottled. From here it is shipped all over the World with labels printed in 19 non English languages. After the tour we went to the Tabasco Country store just full of everything Tabasco related. From all the many sauces, including A-l Steak sauce , Heinz Ketchup, dill pickles. relishes, dips, popcorn, peanuts, ice cream, soda pop enhanced with Tabasco sauce. Even clothes, decorations, cook books and utensils all available. Later that evening we went to the Bonefish Grill for an amazing dinner of seafood, beginning with Mussels Josephine and Bang Bang Shrimp, very tasty! Imperial Longfin, Sea Scallops and Shrimp, Sea Bass, and Mahi Mahi all very tasty. Wed. Pics 

 Tues. Nov. 4th We left Abita Springs at 9.00 am and onto I-10 west we stopped at Camping World for a couple of RV items then continued on to Lafayette Louisiana. The raised interstate above the swamp for about 18 miles is quite interesting. We arrived at Jon and Angelos about 12:30pm and parked in their driveway. Jon then took us on a very informative narrated tour of Lafayette, the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist, the huge "Live" Oak tree and above ground cemetery. (a live Oak trees is never without leaves, the new ones push the old ones off). We were enlightend as to the Cajun heritage, which is the French (Acadians) that had settled in Nova Scotia in the 1700's and were banished from there by the English , then they made their way down to the Gulf of Mexico and up the Bayou Teche to St Martinville and Lafayette. We toured more of the area and the amazing ships logs, eternal flame and some of the family crests. We returned back to their place and were treated with an amazing cook it yourself meal, called a Gourmet, (dutch) with small personal fry pans and our our meat, beef, chicken, shrimp, mushrooms, onions, spices and sauces to cook our own meal and chat, accompanied by a nice salad, fresh bread and good wine, a delicious social dinner. Lafayette pics

Mon. Nov. 3rd Still awesome weather, do laundry in the morning and a trip to Walmart for a few items. We chatted with our new neighbours from Ottawa Ontario for a bit then BBq some chicken wings for supper. Getting ready to head out Tuesday morning to Lafayette Louisiana and vist with Jon and Angelo for a few nights, they have full hook-ups in their driveway including 50 amp electric, water and sewer. From here we plan to take a day trip to Avery Island to see the Tabasco facility. On friday to campground north of Houston where we our coach while we take our 7 day cruise on sunday. Not sure when we might have internet but will update our blog when we do. 

 Sun. Nov.2 About 75f (25c) again and a nice day to take a drive to New Orleans and visit the French quarter once again. We left about 10.00am and drove about 1 hour across the causeway (40 kms long) and made our way into the French Quarter. Amazing place always changing. A street vendor recommended a few local restaurants for lunch so we checked them out and ended at Cafe Maspero at 601 rue Decatur. Excellent recommendation. Huge portions and very reasonable prices. A large corned beef sandwich and clubhouse for Suzie both with fries and 3 beers only $20.00. Good service, nothing fancy but nice, we could not eat it all. We later walked down Decatur to the French market taking in the sights and sounds of the street entertainers and musicians, then made our way up to the famous Bourbon street with wall to wall clubs , and music overflowing on to the streets. Some of the houses have there stairs right onto the sidewalk and many had their doors open, you were only 10 feet from their living room quite interesting. We checked out a few shops and grabbed a beverage as we walked along for a few hours. About 3 hours later we made our way back to the car and drove the causeway back to the North Shore. Another recommendation was Daiquiris and Cream that we stopped to check out in Mandeville. It is a drive thru like a donut shop but all they serve is beer and Daiquiris and mixed drinks, no coffee or food!!! Back at our campsite to check email relax and have another campfire, no supper too full!! Another great day French Quarter pics 

Sat. Nov. 1st Wow November already and another bright and sunny day 75f (25C) relax and enjoy the weather. Putter about a bit and do some minor maintenance. We had a nice BBQ steak for dinner, baked potato and broccoli and cheese sauce. Then had the neighbours over to enjoy our propane campfire. Only 8 more days until we depart from Galveston for our 7 day Carribean Cruise.

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