Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Saturday, October 04, 2008

October 2008

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Fri. Oct. 31st

Beautiful sunny morning and getting warm about 78f (25C). I had to locate a UPS store to return the wireless remote for Brake Buddy system in our Towed. It will be repaired under warranty and sent by courier wherever we may be. In town there is a local brewery Abita Springs Brewery that offers free tours and there is one at 2.00pm today. So off we went (6 of us) to sample some of their offerings and learn about the art and history of making beer with unlimited free samples. We had been there 2 years ago and they have been refurbished and expanding, very impressive. After this we decided to take in a local authentic Mexican Restaurant " Julio's". This place was small and family run, we had to wait about 15 minutes for a table. Very good choice of well prepared Mexican food. They did not serve beer or wine , but were told we could bring our own! When we arrived they offered to put it in their fridge for us and even supplied wine glasses, no charge. Our dinner was delicious and only about $16.00 for the 2 of us. To add to the fun Julio's children and wife came in with their Halloween costumes on and he took them out while his wife took over. Back to camp with lotsa of trick or treaters on the streets, ( slow drive) then a very nice campfire to end another lovely day

Fri. pics

Thurs. Oct 30th

314 miles today

We left the Flying J in Bessemer Alabama at 7.15 am and had an awesome day of travels, good roads, sunshine, warmer weather etc. Stopped at the Mississippi visitor center very nice southern hospitality even free coffee. The roads are good and scenic so goos we had 2 park model homes pass us on the Hwy at 70 mph!! These are 14 foot wide trailers. Lots of hwy crews cutting grass, oh the smell of fresh cut grass and warm weather. Driving into Abita Springs the familiar over grown roads and trees. We arrived at the campground at 1.30pm today (78f) and were welcomed back by the managers Renea and Lamar and the other familar staff. We camped across from Jon and Angelo that we met last year and met their friends Rich and Judy. Chatted thru happy hour and right into a fantastic spaghetti dinner prepare by Angelo with meat ball surprise!! ( Meatballs with a hard boiled egg inside) and a salad prepared by Judy. This all said and done it was about 9.00pm and getting chilly so time to retire for the evening , another good day.

more pics

Wed. Oct 29th

only 240 miles today

We left the Flying J at 8.45 am to miss Rush hour in Nashville only 30 minutes away. Love the Batman building in Nashville. Nice day driving thru Tennesee and Alabama. We followed a mobile house travelleing at 70 mph for a while but slowed down a bit, no hurry. The Alabama Welcome centre looked nice with a US Space Shuttle posing at the side of the road. We arrived at the Flying J in Bessemer Alabama at 1.30pm and fuelled up at $2. 53 gal (.83 cents a litre @ 25 %) exchange still not too bad. We parked by the side and got the internet and did some more research. Our Brake Buddy wireless notifier quit working so I contacted them and arranged to return it and have it fixed under warranty. They will call when it is repaired and ship it to wherever we will be. Supper tonight will be the leftover casseroles yummy!!!

few pics

Tues. Oct. 28th

360 miles today

We had a good sleep at the Flying J , so up early have coffee we hit the road at 6.30am to avoid morning rush hour in Columbus Ohio, but went thru Cincinnati at 8.30am still a bit of rush hour. Then into the beautiful rolling hills of Kentucky. To Bowling Green where we stopped at Camping World to see what was new. We went right to the old store and found it closed, but directions to the new one, A nice tour of downtown Bowling Green with the coach and car in tow. From here a leisurely drive to the Flying J at Franklin Kentucky, just North of Nashville about 2.00pm. Here we fueled up $2.39 gal but exchange today is 26 % so still about .79 cents a litre. Relax a bit, check email and cook a porkchop/rice caserole in the oven, then watch some tv after supper before retiring for the night.

few pics

Mon. Oct. 27th

Woke up to a cold and rainy morning. So we packed up and on the road by 9.00am. It was a windy drive for most of the day with a bit of sunshine and rain even a few snow fluffies!! At 4:00pm after 320 miles we stopped at the Flying J in Berkshire Ohio fueled up (only $2.27 gal = .79 cents litre at 30 % exchange still cheaper), made ourselves comfortable had a tuna casserole for supper and watch a bit of TV. Another 2 days and warmer weather. Oh we did pass a trucker that had a coffin strapped to his flatbed trailer with a skeleton hanging out and under it, Suzie got a bit of a picture!!

Sun. Oct. 26th

A little warmer today but very windy. Our friends packed up and headed back home as did the majority of the campground this morning. We said goodbye to them and wished all a good winter and made plans to see everyone again in the spring. I did a bit last minute grocery shopping as we will be on the road 4 days on our way to Abita Springs ( New Orleans) by 9.00am tomorrow. Traveling thru Cleveland and Cincinnati Ohio, Lexington and Bowling Green Kentucky, Nashville Tennessee, and Birmingham Alabama. Staying overnight in the Flying J Travel Plazas in the free secure overnight parking areas.

Sat. Oct. 25th

Was raining all morning so we did some more research. Our neighbour's satellite dish fell over last night in the wind and he lost his reception. So once it stopped raining we attempted to set it up. No luck!! Another rv'er came to help us, who has been doing this for years and after about 2 hours and many tests still no satellite tv. A very frustrating afternoon. Maybe try again tomorrow. At about 4.15pm the sky cleared up and the sun came out. Just in time for the kids in the campground to trick or treat from 4.30 to 6.00pm. We had about 150 kids come by then packed it in and had supper. Then John got a huge campfire going and we sat out trying to burn up all his wood for the last campfire of the season.

a few pics

Fri. Oct. 24th

" On the Road Again" we left New Hamburg at 9.00am, our first stop was in Ayr and filled up our propane, the first time since July 17th and very reasonable only $23.00. From there we headed to Sicards Rv to pick up some special RV wash. Our dash heater quit working so I stopped and checked it out, was just a wire that came disconnected to the fan, I plugged it in and heat again!! At the duty free shop we parked beside an Amphibius car that I have not seen for years, they were made in the late 50's I belive and could drive on land or in the water. While waiting in line at the border crossing was a very long trailer with 2 blades of the huge windmills (or wind generators0 that we have seen around the country side, amazing to see up close! After just over an hour wait at the Lewiston Border crossing we proceeded to fill up the RV with gas ( only $3.02 a gallon) then to Lazy Lakes Resort. Barb and Bill where there and set up as was John and Wendy's trailer so we parked right next to them. A bonus here is the free wireless internet service along with the free camping.

After a bit of shopping we chatted in the afternoon with Barb and Bill. And received a gift of Bill's awesome chowder (12 quarts) enough to do us the winter and then some. Later we enjoyed a huge feast of pizza and wings when John, Wendy , Kim and Todd got there and a large camp fire for the evening.

Tues. Oct 21st

Back at the farm, very cold and windy day (29f -1 c) but we are able to keep warm and cozy. Picking up few last minute items that we can only get in Canada like our 4yr old cheddar and coffee that we like. As well a couple doctors appointments top up prescriptions , grandson’s birthday cake, lunch with my mother and supper with Suzie’s family. Then head off to Lazy Lakes ( Lewiston NY) for the weekend and meet up with a few of our camping friends before heading south.

Mon. Oct. 2oth. A cool overcast day with some sunshine. Laundry day and catch up with internet information and research. I scrubbed our outdoor mat and allowed it to dry before storing. Most of the seasonal trailers in the park have been winterized with the exception of a few who will be here all winter and some who are heading south in the next few weeks. Getting anxious to get going. Off to New Hamburg tomorrow for a few last minute things, Sat. Oct.18th Cooler weather now frost at night and only a few campers in the park. But still enough for 2 boards of darts on thursday night. At least it is sunny during the day giving us a chance to do some more inside cleaning and research on the internet and try and learn some Spanish. Still not sure if our cruise is leaving from Galveston or Houston on Nov. 9th. Tues. Oct 14th Back at Rock Glen for a week, getting ready to head south on the 24th. Mon. Oct 13th A thanksgiving breakfast today at the farm with sister-in-laws family, more good food and socializing. Another awesome day outside about 80 degrees F. And I enjoyed the nice weather by cleaning nephew Greg's new pickup truck. some pics Sun. Oct 12th Another big dinner today with Suzie's family and get together, awesome meal. Sat. Oct 11th We were at the farm in New Hamburg and had all my family out for some Turkey, and all the delicious potluck dishes everyone brought. The weather was perfect for our outdoor event, and the Grand kids enjoyed the slide, sandbox, swings, toys and carving the pumpkins. Nice to get together. Wed. Oct. 8th At the farm and arranged to have service done on our coach and car and even managed a couple of doctor's appoinment while here. Tues. Oct. 7th We left Rock Glen and visited friends Chris and Bill near Norwich had a lovely meatloaf dinner caught up with each others lives and checked out some of the dog's in her kennel. Chris's Kennel Sat. Oct 4th Another nice dry day and quite warm when the sun came out. We were advised that Forest's wife Elsie was having a birthday today and a surprise party was in order.While the women were at Bingo from 2-3pm some of the guys cut up some cheese and kielbosa and made a nice campfire. When Elsie returned from Bingo there were many people there around the fire to help celebrate her ?th birthday, With yummy snacks,drinks, a huge cake, lots of people and conversation we enjoyed a warm campfire and partied, well into the evening. Some went to play cards at 7.00pm while a few still hung out by the fire. More good times at Rock Glen. Elsie's Pictures Thurs. Oct. 2nd The weather has cooled down a bit as can be expected for this time of year, but most days are sunny allowing some outside activities and indoor cleaning. Darts again tonight is always a fun time to socialize. Another birthday cake tonight to share Dusty's 75th birthday. It was quite yummy made by Mary. Dusty's pics

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