Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, October 16, 2006

We are ready!!!!!!!!!!!

Green Acre Park in Waterloo for Thanks giving weekend.
Rock Glen Resort in Arkona

We are now ready to take off on our dream adventure any day now.

Saturday toured craft sales Grand Bend & Thedford, then back to Rock Glen for Pot luck dinner and progressive Euchre. Played darts sunday night and Suzie cleaned up, beginners luck I guess. Monday Geo was chippin branches and trimmin trees with Bill and Forest at Rock Glen.

Tuesday Rainy and we both worked on computer, setting up blog and a web page.

Wednesday very mild and did some maintenance and minor repaires on Rv , enjoyed mild weather being outside and BBQ supper. Soon we will not have internet every day, and doing much travelling, can hardly wait....

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  1. Excellent way to let us all know where you are and what's going on! Enjoy your travels, and drive safely!


  2. Keep up the postings, it's fun to at least know what you're up to!


  3. Great way to let us know what you're up to. Travel safe and talk soon.


  4. Hey Dad & Suzie,

    This is a perfect way to keep us in the loop! Happy Travels and we'll blog soon.

    Kim, Brian, Alex & Andrew

  5. Sue and George - This is Great! I will enjoy this adventure with you. Love the Pictures. Sue, My Bob found my Moms missing Book to-day "The Pennsylvania German Dialect - Old Order Mennonite by her uncle Allan M Buehler. I will scan the Family Tree part and send you a copy.
    Safe and happy travels
    from Dot

  6. Hey Bro & Suzie!!!Happy Tuesday!!!Pretty cool stuff.Keep sending pics of WARM places!!!Just listening to Jimmy Buffett's song
    " Boat Drinks ",& one of the lines in the song is" I've gotta go where it's warm!" Type to ya later.
    Chris,Sheri,Ozzy & Randi

  7. Sue and George, fulfill your dream guys. All the best and I'll keep checking in here for updates.

    Dave and Kirsti

  8. Happy Wednesday - what a great way to make contact & advise of those happy times. All the best & safe driving. Love - Mom


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