Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Monday, October 30, 2006

On The Road, Finally

Spent last few days at Rock Glen, Arkona, then 3 days at the Farm, 3 days at Lazy Lakes New York, geting colder.

October 28th, 7:30am on the Road heading to Jeffersonville, Ohio. Arrived at the Flying J at 4:00pm. The drive for the day was uneventful but we had lots of weather. We had Sunshine, clouds, rain, hail, snow and very hi winds. It was nice to stop for the night. Travelled 400 miles.

October 29th, Time change over night, left at 7:30am. Great day for driving, sunshine and getting warmer. Took off jackets, then into shorts and T shirts by 3:00pm, 80 degrees F. Spent the night at the Flying J at Franklin, Kentucky.

October 30th, Heading to Nashville for a couple days and tour about,Weather hot sunny about 80 degrees, and went to Dinner Show at Nashville Nightlife Theatre, Music Valley Dr,. next to campground, Great show with Contry Music , Steve Hall and Shotgun Red. Very Funny..

Another day unfolds Oct 31..
Did Walk about in morning, took tow bar to Camping World next door, gonna take a few days to get part and fix, so will do more Nashville. Went to Opryland Hotel and walked inside for few hours. Absolutely amazing place, so huge all the Gardens, walkways, rivers, waterfalls, restaurants, all under one huge roof.

For supper went to "the Cock of the Walk" for amazing Catfish dinner, deep fried dill pickles, onion rings and fries, Huge servings (1 would have been enough) served family style using tin plates, and cups. Great meal.

Nov. 1
Rainy Day, went to Opry mills (huge new Shopping mall) with new hardwood floors throughout, checked out The Aquarium Restaurant, an amazing restaurant that we were able to walk into and look at the huge tanks and many different fish (sharks, eels, sting rays etc.. and a diver in the tank try to catch some hostile fish), Bass Pro Shops, also Huge Gibson Guitar Shop, sidewalk music Monuments, but it was still a shopping mall. Later we drove about other none tourist areas of Nashville to feel the atmosphere.

Nov. 2,

Beautiful sunny day 58 degrees F
Went to Lane Motor Museum, Very rare cars and 1 of a kind vehicles, quite interesting. We also took quite a few pictures, check the link
From there went to downtown and farmers market, not much going on there, but still interesting.
Then off to The Parthenon, (full size replica of the Original) a very unique, huge structure was originally built for Fair in 1897, the redone more permanent material 1921-1930.

Nov. 3
Morning will be heading south to Natchez Trace Parkway, until Monday then Abita Springs Louisianna, for a couple of weeks (near New Orleans).

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  1. Hope you are enjoying - Mom

  2. Noie and Jess (mom) are looking at some of your new pictures this morning... Hope your having fun! Looks gorgeous in Nashville!! Love Jess and Noah xoxoxoxo

  3. Great photos of Opryland Hotel Geo!

    I stayed there once, the year Susan and I went to Nashville and Memphis. It was in November, and decorated for Xmas - absolutely fantastic!



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