Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Cooler, but sunny and wandered about the College of the Desert Street fair.

Where are we today ?
      Well heck we having cool weather. Wonderful during the day when the sun is shinning, even though we may wear long pants a sweat shirt. But hey we liking it. Extra blanket at night with no heat on, window open and cool dry fresh air, great for sleeping. About 40f overnight and in the high 60's today and mostly sunny, we will take it. Do we have a choice? Nope still love this area.
      So this is Sunday morning and we can wander on down to the College of the Desert in Palm Desert about 30 minutes away, bright and early 9 am beat the crowds. And beat the crowds we did. No website for the street fair anymore but it's free to wander about.
        We parked right close and got a few miles of walking and looking at things.
the fair is close to where we parked
        This vendor's sign below says it all. "Cool Stuff you didn't know you needed"
this sign says it all
       We looked and we browsed, people watched checking out things we don't need and are always overpriced here. But still a fun outing in the fresh air.
now would this not be a cool towed vehicle?
Suzie said not!
lots of nice entertainment
not too busy yet
jewellery ?
more music
a sail boat?
more music?
over priced food?
how about games?
produce? no great deals
I like black liquorice  so bought a small pack
I also like dates so bought 6 only .50 cents
and of course artwork
       Couple hours wandering about here and heading out as the crowds began to arrive. Don't like crowds. Then down the road 2 blocks to the Mall. Suzie wants to check out Dick's Sporting Goods. She is looking for a deal on a vest! Similar to  mine, can you believe it? Well she found a cheap one for a good price, mission accomplished! Did not get a picture of it but will at some time when she has it on. Then back home for lunch.
you know this is a high end shopping mall when
 they have VALET parking!
         How about this to keep the men occupied while the women shop. A putting green right in the centre of the mall.
putting green in a shopping mall?
        Now home for lunch and puttered around for a while and had wonderful facetime with daughter number 2 and grandsons 1 and 4. So nice to connect again with them again over Christmas. 
        Before we knew it was getting late in the day after reading outside for a while. Really no time for the hot pools today. Really funny how the days just slip on by when you are retired.
nice sunset in Banning pass towards
Los Angeles this evening 4;15 PM
        But with my nightlight turned on fired up our Weber Q 100 grilled a turkey breast and some cauliflower, broccoli and onions in foil for a few minutes.
          While the turkey was cooking I whipped up a batch of fresh cranberrys with orange zest. Really love this, tasty cranberry sauce, you can check out the recipe if you like by clicking here.
turkey breast low and slow about 45 minutes 175f internal temp,
and the veggies in foil about 15 minutes
so moist and tasty, and lots of leftover turkey for sandwiches
       That was our fun day here in the desert, even got quite a few walkabouts done as well.
       Hope you had a great one too. 
       Thanks for stopping by.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
 Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Winter.


  1. You have great taste. I love black liquiorce too!
    You better chase that cold weather away before we get there.

    1. We I am sure the weather will be excellent for you.

  2. Well, I'm waiting for the weather to warm up a bit. It's much nicer than most places but I'd still be pleased if it were just a tad warmer. The swap meets are fun to walk through but after you've been to a few, they all seem to carry the same stuff.

    1. We just enjoy wandering around looking, people watching etc...
      Nothing we need most this stuff was over priced anyway.

  3. I'd have enjoyed that Street Fair.... the colors, the music, the food smells and all... sounds like fun.

    1. Yes always something to see and do with out spending any money.

  4. Been to that same street fair many times and never bought anything either. Glad you enjoyed your day!

  5. Busy catching up on the posts we missed while on the road.
    Glad to see that you are keeping busy passing the time by helping Joe and Betty as well as taking in the fair.
    I can't understand why Suzie wouldn't like that car for a towed. It must get at least 8 miles to the gallon. It would surely turn heads.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yep it sure would look great, no practical but would be fun!

  6. Now that is a mall I likely won't be shopping at. You always find something to see and do.

  7. That car would be a cool toad, but you're wise to listen to Suzie. You'll live much longer that way... :cD

    1. She is here to keep me in line and does a good job of it too.

  8. Looks like a pretty full day for you guys. My ladies love to browse markets like that. We finally made it down to northern Florida and the weather here is 75/60 - pretty hard to beat.

    1. It was a great day. Enjoy the warmer weather there in Florida.


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