Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Friday, April 04, 2014

Chisholm Trail Outdoor Museum, Cleburne Texas

Where are we today ?
         Cooler this morning and really enjoyed my walkabout the trails by the rivers, so peaceful and quiet here, before the weekend.
        About 10 am we made a short trip (with Rob and Pat) to the Chisholm Trail Museum in Cleburne Texas to check out the interesting history from this area. Early pioneers drove cattle through this area, you can read about it HERE . It was very a informative and fun outdoor history lesson of the area.
hoofs for a hat rack
Sawed off shotgun used by Steve McQueen in
Wanted dead or alive, tv series
Pat entering the TeePee
     Now we had this small rope bridge to cross, this is a fun experience, shaking, rocking a rolling.
Pat making her way across
Thats me getting there too
interesting to see how it was done years ago
         Now a bit further along the trail we saw the  sign "Watch for Turkey". And guess what?
We found the TURKEY!!   We called him Rob or Bob if you prefer.
     Next to the school house.
Teacher Bob has the strap handy
looks like hostile students here
       Did I mention this outdoor museum has no admission charge (like free) or donations if you like. We do like free.
      After class we headed in to town (Cleburne) to check out this outdoor Mural, one block from the courthouse. To check out this hand painted mural 216 feet long and  30 feet high. Over 10,000 painted bricks and great review of the history here. It took over three years to complete.
Courthouse in the town square
       Now back home we can relax for a while, enjoy our books in the shade then a catfish meal, including fries, hushpuppies, coleslaw and beverage, at the restaurant right here in the park. Only a few sites away.
       Love catfish, fried in a light coating of cornmeal, and it was made to order less than ten dollars each, we had a feast and did not have to leave the resort. Love these kind of deals.
      Back to Rob and Pats for a bit then call it a night. Cooling down a bit, so time for us old folks to call it a day. The local weekend campers are arriving, with energy filled children and campfires to be had.
Lady Girl says hi too!
the best sunset we can get her where we are,
still not too bad
        Just another fun day with nice weather, much cooler than yesterday but still in the low 70's.
        Thanks for stopping by again, anytime you like is good for us.

Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. I agree that would be a fun museum. Looks like you're still enjoying the nice warm weather. Hope it lasts a long time for you.

    1. Still nice enough weather that we can play outside.

  2. What a wonderful museum. Paul and I would really enjoy this one.

    Now for my disagreement of the day...I would never call a rope I would cross it but ONLY if it were the only way over that water.

    1. Ok, it was an interesting experience, it was only about 5 feet above a dry river bed. It was pretty shaky.

  3. Guess we might have to take a day trip up to Cleburne... never been to that museum. Looks interesting....

    1. It was a nice outing, nothing fancy but some interesting history there.

  4. Love to see that special shade of green in your photos, it is spring for certain.

  5. I love those outdoor history lessons!
    That catfish sure looked good! I haven't had catfish since we left Georgia!

    1. The catfish was excellent something we really enjoy.

  6. Vada in dublin Tx...Loved your post about things close to my home that I didn't know about. Is the restaurant open to public or do you have to be staying there?

    1. Thanks for stopping in for a visit.
      I don't believe that it is open to the public, but the Bayou in Glen Rose has excellent catfish as well and very good Cajun food. This just happened to be right here.

  7. Boy could I ever use those 'cool' low 70's right now !!! I had to go and buy another heater today because it's so COLD that my one heater wasn't enough !!


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