Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Family, friends and losta food on our last day here, more fun!

Where are we today ?
         Started off this morning coffees and computing and a short walkabout here, then 8 a.m. made a quick trip to see Ma in Waterloo and enjoy another coffee, see ya in the spring and have a good winter. Its a nice colourful country drive into Waterloo to miss the morning traffic. I made a couple more stops and back home before 10 am.
beautiful sunny fall morning
         Now back home got changed and pick up Suzie's Mom and Dad for a nother nice country drive to Mill Bank. Anna Mae's Bakery and Restaurant to meet her brother, sister and sister in law for a nice tasty lunch with everybody, well seven of us. The last lunch and get together before next spring.
         We got there at 11:30 amd only had a 10 minute wait in line to be seated. Always a busy place even on a Tuesday, 30 minutes from the nearest large town. They have 4 large dining rooms here.
fresh baked pies, awesome!
fresh baked bread and pastries, awesome!
Suzie and her Mom and Dad
        They are known for all their home cooked meals but I bet the number one favourite there is their broasted chicken. Cooked to order hot and juicy and not greasy. Almost every table in our dinning room had everyone with plates of steaming chicken.
Broasted chicken more awesome!
        The meal deal is three pieces of chicken, you choice of potato and veggies, beverage and desert for about $10:50 per person, no wonder this place is packed everyday.
then desert is heavenly
         Well we had a nice gathering and chat for quite a while then a country drive back home. Suzie dusted and vacuumed our house and I packed up some outside stuff and secured our awning while it was dry in the afternoon sun.     
         Next we are off to visit good friends Marc and Erin we have known for many years in town here. Last winter we spent three days with them in Destin Florida when we had replace the fridge in our coach (New Year's Day). Year before we met them in Tombstone Arizona for lunch. We were invited for supper tonight and a visit, they just live around the corner from Camp Awesome. So off we go to catchup with them and have yet another awesome meal.    
         Marc loves to cook too and had an amazing kitchen built to accommodate his passion.
         So a couple hours chatting and a leisurely very tasty meal of a bone in ham, scalloped potatoes and steamed broccoli. Oh so good, but we were did not pig out.
hit the spot
        Now we had two meals in one day, but the portions were reasonable (by our choice) and even the snibble of apple pie for desert just hit the spot. After supper more conversation and discussed their European summer vacation a trip to Newfoundland this past summer, even showed us some great photos they had taken as well.
         But eventually good times come to and end and we need to get back home wind, down a bit and hit the road in the morning all the way to Niagara Falls New York.
you guys leaving yet?
         Glad you could drop by and thanks for all the well wishes and safe travel advice.
Hope you had a great day too and did not eat as much as we did. But boy it was sooo good.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle. 
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  1. If you are crossing at New York then I won't hang off the balcony to wave to you. Kathy and I are wishing you both a Safe and Enjoyable Trip and hopefully we'll get to see you again next summer.

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks guys have a good winter, next summer Canada Day remember?

  2. Here's hoping you have a great trip south. Take your time and watch for all those speed traps along the way too.

    1. Not much speeding for us and yes we do take our time.

  3. Sure hope you didn't loose your food!! :-))

  4. Enjoyed the pic's and the chicken looked so good, luv broasted style chicken for sure. Beautiful morning pic's you took. Hope your border crossing went smooth. Looking forward to your next post. Safe travels to you guy's!

  5. Howdy George,
    Did you LOSTA food?? Looks like Al's 'fumble-fingers' is catching !!! Hope y'all have a safe, wonderful 'wander' down through the States to 'WHEREVER !!!

    1. Yep fumble fingers I have, We in the states now and all is great! heading to Arizona vis lotsa ways,


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