Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Back Home, Ontario

Wed.April 25

Have been in Ontario for 22 days now, after some cold and snow are now getting some nicer weather. We enjoyed the hospitality of the farm and all of the friends and relatives that we have visited.

On Sunday we had my daughter Jessie, Jay and Grandson Noah out to the farm for supper and a great visit.

We are now at Rock Glen resort in Arkona Ontario across from Rock Glen Falls. It is nice to renew old acquaintances (meet new ones too) and catch up with fellow rvers to exchange stories about our winter travels. The water was turned on here Monday so we are back to full hookups again, including wifi at our site. We now have a chance to do a spring cleaning on our coach. And enjoy the indoor pool and hot tub.

On May 1st we plan on moving to Lazy Lakes Resort in Niagara Falls New York for a couple of weeks. To meet up with more fellow rvers

Tues. May 1 st.

We decided to stay 2 more days at Rock Glen, having renewed old acquaintances and enjoyed their company and also hi speed wifi at our campsite. Cleaning up the coach from the dusty winter in the desert and enjoying some on the nice weather that is beginning to happen with a few campfires. There was a going away party for Mike (going to Fort MacMurray Alberta) last week and one for Bill (wed.night) who is leaving to spend more time with his family by working closer to home. both will be missed by many of the campers here. Then off we go to Lazy Lakes on thursday.

Rock Glen pics

Thurs. May 3rd

Went to Niagara’s Lazy Lakes Resort near Lewiston New York to enjoy some good US deals and meet up again with fellow RVers, some we have not seen for quite a while. The weather was good allowing us to enjoy many campfires and sharing many dinners together, cabbage roll casserole, pig tails, ribs, homemade soups etc…. We also did enjoy a bit of sightseeing in the area

Lazy Lakes pics.

Tues. May 15th

Time to move again up to Galvin Bay Resort,(just south of Buckhorn Ontario) It was a nice drive about 4 hours and arriving on opening day of the park, we had our choice of sites. In time to beat the crowds coming for the Victoria Day Weekend. Enjoy company with more friends and celebrate my birthday with my kids and grandkids too.

Galvin Bay pics

Tues May 29th Left Galvin Bay and stopped by daughter Kim's for the night ( parked in driveway) had a great dinner and visit with her and the Grandkids Son-in Law Brian was in Mexico on business (poor Brian). pics at KIM's Wed. May 30th Travelled to friend Jim & Christine (long time friend from school) in Schomberg for a visit and parked overnight, we had nice BBQ supper and played cards. Nice visit. He recently retired also. Thurs. May 31. We arrived back at the farm just after noon welcomed by all there, we enjoyed their company and great hospitality. I even got to cut the grass for a couple of hours on saturday afternoon. Saturday night went to Tavistock for Reid & Chrissy's buck and doe, another great social time. New Hamburg Pics Tues. June 2nd We left the farm and travelled to Rock Glen Resort about 2 hrs west. We will be here for 2 weeks enjoying the warm weather, internet at our site and socialize with more fellow rvers.

Tues. June 5

We are at Rock Glen Resort in Arkona Ontario. The weather is awesome, clear sunny, and hot.85 f ( 31c). Here we enjoy playing darts, swimming and campfires with the other campers. And sightseeing into Grand Bend and the Flea Market, Always bargains to be had there.

Tues. June 19

We headed east to visit our friends Chris and Bill near Norwich, here we supplied a nice roast beef dinner and enjoyed their company for the evening. Catching up on each others lives.

Wed; June 20

Heading towards Kitchener we stopped in Drumbo for a lovely visit daughter Jessie and Grandson Noah, boy how they grow. From there we went camping at Bingemen Park in Kitchener and spent the next 2 days with doctors appointments and shopping.

Sat June 23

We had a surprise 80th Birthday Party for my mother at her house in Waterloo. All had a good time with neighbors, friends and family present and a fieast of KFC and salads. Boy was Mother surprised!!!

Birthday pics

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  1. Hi there, lookining forward to Rock Lake in July! Had our first outing this past weekend over to Presquil, and off to Sandbanks in June. Headed to Rock Lake June 25th, see you then!


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